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*** Kyalami Stamp Auction ***
Auction at 11.00am
11 November 2017.
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How to get there (From the N1):Take the R51 Allandale Road turn off and drive 4.5km along Allandale Road towards the Kyalami Race Track (west). At the Race Track turn right on the R55 Kyalami Main Road and drive 1.6km north to the M71 road to Bryanston. Turn left on to the M71 and drive 2km to Maple Road. Turn right into Maple Road and drive 1km to the
Kyalami Country Club entrance on the right. Stamp Fair starts at 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of stamps and friends.

We have some great items up for sale this Saturday !!!!

We are looking for Medals, Tokens, Banknotes, coins and
pre 1960 Passports for our Collectable auctions.
We are expanding our International markets and have a number of oversees clients and dealers who buy from us weekly. We aim to deliver quality products at market related prices, we are always on the hunt for unusual and unique items. If you buying or selling contact us for the best placement of your product and a fair price to buyer and seller.

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Clinton Goslin 083 272 9367,
Email /telephone bids are welcome; remember there is no buyer’s commission.

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1 Charity Lot !!! R100
2 Flat box of (x20) collectable cars as received condition looks good (un-boxed). R200-250
3 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
4 Certificate of Registration 10’s rate (2x 5’s arms issue SG ) tied oval canceller Mines Office Gwelo) the document is dated 13 August 1895. It certifies that the Rhodesian Gold Trust Ltd owns a certain number of claims north of Gwelo and North West of King Solomon reef. The certificate is signed by the mining commissioner. R2500-3000
5 Wages register part page dated July 1901. There was a 1d duty required to receipt payment of wages made (8x arms issue 1d stamps pen cancelled). R200-250
6 Claims Inspector payment book part page dated 1901 of note scarce usage of half penny postage stamps to make up the 1d duty required to receipt payment made. R300-400
7 Double Head 1d pen cancelled on receipt from The Rhodesian Prospecting and Developing Syndicate Ltd, the receipt was for £12 for travelling expenses for the Inspection of Emma Claims and 2x visits to Battelfields, dated 8 December 1911. R160-180
8 Rhodesia revenue stamps small selection including £50 Arms issue, 1d George vi stamp hand stamped EXCISE, there is a total of (x26) stamps from 1898-1931, great lot to expand on. R1200-1500
9 British South Africa Company Admiral issue used on cheques and receipts (x4 items) 1921-1923 of note the scarce usage of a one and a half penny stamp for duty. This is the first item of this kind recorded by myself. R700-800
10 British South Africa Company drafts/promissory notes (x3) 1897-1906 different 6d BSAC stamps used on each, one item has a Cape of Good Hope Edward vii stamp. R400-500
11 Southern Rhodesia Quitrent receipt with 7s6d Admiral issue cancelled oval canceller Department of Lands Salisbury 12 January 1925. Estate W.Napier one year’s quitrent on Inyataitzi Victoria from the 1st January 1925-31st December 1925. R1800-2500
12 Southern Rhodesia Proof stamps depicting Victoria Falls, of note is the top proof that is believed to have been a survivor of the German bombing on London with obvious heat damage due to the fire. Another source believes it might of been an attempt to destroy some proofs as evidence and steal the rest. Only (8) of these damaged proofs known. R2500-3500
13 Southern Rhodesia 1933 one and a half penny SACC17a strip of (x3) unmounted mint from booklet catalogue value R4500 scarce. R1000-1200
14 Southern Rhodesia 1954 2s6d booklet 5 complete catalogue value R1700. R250-300
15 Southern Rhodesia 1955, 5’s booklet 6 complete catalogue value R1000. R180-250
16 Reserve Bank of Rhodesia uncirculated $10 bank note Salisbury 2nd January 1979. R180-250
17 Bandelierskop 2s4d rate on part telegraph dated 19/2/1960, Burgersfort 1949 (x4) stamps on piece showing canceller with bottom wording removed. R70-100
18 Burgerspark relief canceller on cover 6d rate registered addressed to Pretoria, dated 10 October 1945. R125-150
19 Dendron 6s18d rate (7s6d) on part telegraph form dated 20/2/1958, Dwarsivier 1s9d rate on part telegraph dated 30/11/1957. R70-100
20 Ganspoort 12d rate strip of (3) 4d stamps dated 4/2/1957, Haenertsburg 2s2d rate on part telegraph dated 1/10/1957. R70-100
21 Izingolweni postmark on cover addressed to a Mr Kidman Izingolweni Box 7 dated 1 May 1959. R150-180
22 Kentani scarce usage on complete telegraph dated 21 April 1976 (60c rate), only complete telegraph form for this period and usage found to date. R150-160
23 Klein-Letaba 2s2d rate on piece part telegraph dated 1/11/1960, Levubu 2s2d rate on part telegraph dated 6/8/1959. R70-100
24 Mogodumo 13s rate on part telegraph dated 2/10/1958, Mopane 2s rate on part telegraph dated 13/2/1960 and Munnik 6d rate on part telegraph dated -/1/1957. R70-100
25 Sibasa 2s rate on part telegraph dated 2/3/1960, Tshipise 2s rate on part telegraph dated 8/2/1960 and Vhufuli 26c rate on part telegraph dated 11/4/1961. R70-100
26 Transkei (x50) stamps on piece with good postmarks. R250-350
26 Union odd postmarks in flat box and Republic postmarks in flat box. R300-350
28 Transvaal 1892 Paul Kruger 1’s condition above average. R120-R150
29 Transvaal 1892 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average. R100-120
30 Transvaal 1893 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average (x2). R180-220
31 Transvaal 1894 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average (x2). R180-220
32 Transvaal 1895 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average (x2). R180-220
33 Transvaal 1896 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average (x8). R700-750
34 Transvaal 1897 Paul Kruger 6d condition above average. R120-R150
35 Transvaal 1898 Paul Kruger 1d condition above average (x2). R120-R150
36 Large flat box mixed coins and odd tokens. R250-300
37 South Africa 1932 farthing/quarter penny graded NGC MS62 BN R350-400
38 South Africa graded coins NGC 1996 R1(S) PF69 Ultra Cameo,2012 R1(S) MS67,2008 R5 Mandela 90th Birthday MS66, R5 Mandela 90th Birthday MS65 (x2), 2000 Nelson Mandela R5 AU58 and United States graded coin NGC 1971 Silver $1 PF67 Cameo. R500-600
39 South Africa 1928 3d graded PCGS VG10, 1929 3d graded PCGS F15, NGC 1936 2’s VF but cleaned/polished, NGC 1960 5’s MS62, NGC 2011 R5 Rand 90th Anniversary, SANGS 1994 Presidential Inauguration AU58 and SANGS 2011 R5 reserve bank MS64. R500-600
40 Rhodesia Forces mail (x7 items) 1976-1980, all boxed type cancellers no stamps Inyanga 3 (Indep) Coy RR, Provincial Commisioner Umtali, BSAC Police Operations Base Camp, School of Infantry Military Police Gwelo, District Instructor Auxiliary Services Que-Que, District Commissioner Mutasa Umtali and South African Police Commanding Officer Plumtree. R180-250
41 South Africa Kingshead 1921 SACC20 2d vertical coil pair mint and lightly mounted showing variety missing horn in watermark. The variety is unmounted mint. Very scarce. R1500-2500
42 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
43 Iceland/Island (x5) cards small accumulation of mint and used material some scarcer items mint and used with some reference notes to this lot included. R450
44 Great Britain Isle of Man (x5) cards double sided, good range of material predominantly sets mint and used some £1, £2 and £5 items noted. References to the items attached. R350
45 1953 Southern Rhodesia 31 August Mint Definitive Issue C.V. R2121-00. R450
46 1954 + 1959 Rhodesia and Rhodesia + Nyasaland Definitive and sets of Control Blocks U.M.** C.V. R 4600-00. R920
47 Rhodesia : from 1935 Southern Rhodesia to 1978 Rhodesia Unmounted Mint and Used, Singles, controls, and F.D.C. in Padded Atlas Binder. C.V. R 2900-00. R600
48 Great Britain , West Germany and Switzerland, assortment of attractive Stamps mounted on pages in a Lighthouse Clip Binder. Attractive sets. R300
49 S.W.A amd Namibia. +- 100 pieces – First Day Covers and Stamps in A3 binder. R300
50 Old Schaubek remainder album. R1200
51 Greece in folder. R450
52 Stock book world postage due and Officials mainly Europe. R1200
53 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
54 Large Blue Metal Trommel Albums and Binders. R150
55 A4 Box Bulk Used Great Britain. R50
56 Red Suitcase filled with the Philatelist Magazines. R50
57 Blue Suitcase filled with tens of thousands of World Stamps. R500
58 Wunderkartun in Green Laundry Basket. R100
59 Red Stock book filled with High Value stamps. R350
60 Black Stock book filled with High Value Stamps. R350
61 Great Britain 1941 to Jersey (x5) cards double sided interesting sets (mint and used) accumulation includes £1 (x3) and £5 issues reference material included. R350
62 Great Britain, Guernsey/Balliwick 1941 onwards (x8) double sided cards mint and used material (sets noted) at least (4) £1 and (2)£2. Collection dates from 1969 neat lot. R450
63 Union War Effort Bantams one and a half penny airmen, block of (x20), 8 items have slogans. Varieties include ear flap and white sleeve. R225
64 Venda 1986 Reptiles. Complete set on maximum with FD cancellation. Not often seen. R80
65 USA – Guam Guard Mail. Cinderella’s. Issued 1976. Mint, bloc of 4 & 1 single. Interesting. R40
66 Italian Libya. Parcel stamps, 1915-1938. Italian parcel post stamps overprinted “Libya”. 21 pairs and some singles. Mostly ** unmounted mint. Some duplication. Catalogue value R 6400+. On stock card. R600
67 Union 1938. SACC # 78** Voortrekker 3d block of 4, unmounted mint. R100
68 China, Shanghai. Complete set of 12 mint picture postcards of the Yu Gardens in Old Shanghai, as issued by the Shanghai Philatelic Corporation. Complete with holder. In folder. R80
69 USA. 32x FDC’s & some others with interesting cancels. 1945 – 2017. In folder. R160
70 Transvaal small booklet of Transvaal reprints (x64) copies including both £5 stamps, small reference lot. R150-200
71 Basutoland 1948 Silver Wedding unmounted mint catalogue value R904.00. R250-350
72 Union 1910 Opening of Parliament SACC1 on cover cancelled Pretoria 2 December 1910. R100-150
73 South Africa 1977 FDC2.21 Missing DIE on cover. R150-200
74 South West Africa First Airmail Grootfontein to Windhoek cover dated 3 August 1931 (3d pair SACC102). R150-200
75 South Africa SACC63a unmounted mint 10’s pair catalogued R1200. R200-250
76 South Africa SACC58a unmounted mint 2d pair catalogued R1100. R180-250
77 South Africa 1933/48 Hyphenated Pictorials used set (x2) 10’s pairs. Catalogue value R1300 plus. R200-250
78 South Africa 1926/27 London Pictorials set of (3) used stamps plus Pretoria Printing fine used pairs.(items to 6d) R100-150
79 Swaziland 1949 UPU blocks of (x4) SACC47-50. R100-120
80 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
81 Estate Lot South African Christmas Booklets (x30) complete for the following years : 1935 (1’s),1938 (1’s),1939 (1’s) x2,1940 (1’s),1942 (1’s),1943 (2s6d), 1944 (1’s),1945 (1’s),1946 (1’s),1947 (1’s), 1948(1’s),1949(6d),1949(1’s),1950 (1’s),1951 (1’s),1951 (2s6d), 1952(1’s), 1952(5s), 1952(10’s), 1953(1’s), 1954(1’s), 1955(1’s), 1956(1’s),1957(1’s),1957(2s6d),1958(1’s), 1959(1’s),1960(1’s),1961(10c) and 1964(10c). R1500-2000
82 Label collection in stock book worldwide (bulk ). R1000
83 Union Official SACC37 half penny Springbok Diareresis (double dot) on second E of OFFISIEEL overprint left (x2) pairs. Mint at R800 and used at R500. R300
84 Germany divided. 1950-1991. 28 Items, postal history, FDC’s, postal stationery etc. Berlin (8), East. Germany, DDR (13) and West Germany, Bundes Deutsland (7). Some interesting items in folder. R120
85 Russia 18 Covers and cards. Mainly from 2009 to 2012. Icebreakers, Arctic expeditions and Submarines, World War II victories. Plenty of special cachets. Interesting and some scarce items. In folder. R200
86 125+ Genuine used covers sent to South Africa, from all over the world, from 1968 to 1979.Countries Include: Australia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, GB, Germany,(Berlin, East and West),Hungary, India, Iraq, Malta, Nepal, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sweden, Yugoslavia etc.etc. Nice pictorial and thematic issues. In beer box. R250
87 DDR. Special philatelic exchange sticker on back of cover, Also explaining leaflet from 1975. Very scarce. R120
88 Red Cross Censored Cover sent by the French Red Cross from Tunis to the International Red Cross in Geneve, Switerland on 11 November 1944. With Victory slogan postmark. Small tear at top. Very Scarce. R250
89 A4 – 8x page stock book. 570+ Thematic stamps, mostly mint, some used, also 5 miniature sheets Fauna, Flora, Sports and Art. Plenty new issue’s. Catalogue value R 2700+. R300
90 Union booklet panes Kingsheads from 1921 booklet light hinging marginal blocks of (x6) half penny, one penny and one and a half penny mint panes scarce. R300-350
91 Union booklet panes from booklet B8 one half penny pane (x6) stamps and one penny panes (x2) also (x6) stamps. Was catalogued at R5800. R400-500
92 Union booklet panes (x5) 1935 booklet panes with different adverts in the margins, one hinge mark noted half penny panes (x2) and one penny panes (x3). Catalogued at R3650. R250-350
93 Union 1937 and 1938 razor booklets 3d and 6d. R250-300
94 Swaziland Silver Wedding unmounted mint set SACC45-46 catalogue value R807.50. R200-300
95 Union George v Silver Jubilee complete used set in pairs catalogue value R1930. R250-300
96 Union George v Silver Jubilee (x2) marginal sheet blocks half penny and one penny varieties noted grey blob behind Kings head, horizontal green line through Springbok on one stamp and black spot on top of Kings head. R100-120
97 Union Exhibition covers 1948 Exhibition (x3) with miniature sheets and (x1) cover dated 1950 Exhibition Johannesburg. R100-125
98 South Africa War Issue (large format) issue first day covers half penny to one shilling (x8) covers Catalogue value 10x normal used price R11340.00. R600-700
99 Union 1955 Centenary of Pretoria Kruger and Pretorius Maxi cards scarce. R180-250
100 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
101 Union 1947/54 hyphenated and screened pictorials set of (x9) used horizontal pairs to 5’s. Catalogue value R1500. R250-350
102 South Africa Union Air Mails SACC25-28 fine used catalogue value R815. R160-180
103 Union Air Mail covers (x3) 26 Feb.1925 fight Cape Town to Durban, Durban 21 Jan. 1932 flight to England and Cape Town to Pretoria dated 26 August 1929. R200-250
104 Mystery box !!! R150
105 Botswana definitives and commemoratives 1000’s fine used duplicates, incl. higher values, sorted in plastic bags. R500
106 SWA First day covers ±150 in 2x binders. R150
107 USA and Germany used collection in good 22 ring album. R150
108 Indonesia mint and used collection and dupicates in 32p stock book. R300
109 New Zealand 21 First day covers and commercial mail period 1936 – 1963 in folder. R150
110 Contract sheet N.A 402 (Native Affairs) between Employer and Native. The document also refers to a minimum scale of Daily rations. The printing figures of this document is GPS6129 1950-1-10 000. Low printing rate the document has a 1s George revenue stamp pen cancelled 10/2/1954. The worker was given a 6 month contract. The item is signed by the employer, signature of Native (x) and the Assistant Native Commissioner. There is also an oval canceller Native Commissioner Pretoria dated 10/2/1954. Scarce an interesting document. R1000-1200
111 South Africa Officials one and a half penny mine issue overprint upwards English on left SACC39, there is a mint pair at R1600 and a used pair at R1600. R450
112 27x postcards with various censor caches on from the ABW period primarily around King Williamstown. All incoming mail to South Africa in good condition. R800-1000
113 Lighthouse album with stamps (thick one) from KGVI. Union, RSA, SWA, China, Singapore, B.I.O.T. GB & NZ booklets (Complete) condition good. R300-500
114 Large cover file with approximately 109x postal history items (covers and Postcards) SWA, QEII, Bech, Union,OFS, Moz postcards, Gruss Aus German postcards. R800-1000
115 Union and RSA – 66 censored covers from WW2 and border war 1970 / 80’s. R500
116 South African date stamps, meter mail, postage paid labels and slogans in 32p Stock book. R250
117 Bahamas – Correspondence and 7 copies of the Bimini Bugle (the world’s smallest newspaper) of period 1938 – 1941. R250
118 Tonga – Newspaper articles, history and correspondence related to Tin Can Mail, with 6 franked covers c/w numerous cachets, and 8 commercially used covers. R750
119 Malta duplicates in 16p stock book. R150
120 Ethiopia and Italian colonies in Africa, used and mint in 16p stock book. R100
121 Picture postcards ±600 in shoebox, mainly Europe and South Africa. R300
122 Tanganyika / Tanzania fine used duplicates in 32p stock book. R200
123 Early Johannesburg (American style) postcards issued around the 1930s. plus other interesting paper items in a box. R250-300
124 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R2500-3000
125 Commercial mail incl. meter mail, First day covers, mainly RSA, finds possible. R200
126 Thematic odds : Aeroplanes in one stock book, the book shows toning stamps good plus (3x) stock books animals. R300
127 Bulk lot 8x stock books Germany, Italy, Roumania, odd revenues, Commonwealth, world, birds and Europe. R700-900
128 Box of odds including Southern Africa covers. R150-250
129 Airforce and Namibian flight covers & Army covers. R150-250
130 Collection of 35 + Miniature Sheets Africa (No RSA/SWA) UMM & CTO. R120-180
131 Packets of Thematics and other UMM & CTO Various Countries. R150-200
132 Mixed Box Envelopes Full Sheets Interesting. R200-250
133 Ten Sheets Parcel Post slips Portugal. R80-100
134 Three Pkts Leuchtturm Leaves – Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man. R50-80
135 Collection of Union Castle 1958 Stationery – List of Passengers CT Castle. Luncheon Menu – Dinner Menu. Letter written on Warwick Castle Stationery R200-300
136 Box Namibia Kiloware Mainly 1997 with value overprints – Post Marks. R100-10
137 2x Boxes Envelopes (incl Reg) RSA Check for Post Marks. R120-180
138 Box Registered Envelopes Namibia Lesotho Swaziland Botswana RSA. R200-250
139 Namibia Falcons 1999 set in blocks of (x4), catalogue value R370. R100-125
140 Box Envelopes Namibia Only. R120-180
141 Box Envelopes Africa (No RSA No Namibia). R180-250
142 Box TBVC oddments. R50-80
143 Pkt Parcel Post Antwerp. R80-120
144 Collection of 25 Envelopes International Telecom Union 1865 – 1965. R80-120
145 Southern Africa kiloware in large box. R250-300
146 Mandela booklet (faces of Mandela) and Mourning booklet. R100
147 Union SACC49 1’s Gnu mint pair with twisted horn variety also single stamp with variety both mint mounted *. High catalogue value. R500
148 The following 5 lots relate to Union Official varieties specifically the stop after Official : Control block 1d Ship issue SACC13c mounted mint catalogue value R900 plus. R325
149 Official pairs half penny SACC8a (mounted mint) and SACC8b (used). Catalogue value for both R1750. R400
150 Official 6d Orange Tree SACC10b mounted mint catalogue value R1500. R450
151 Official half penny Springbok SACC8a mounted mint 9plus lettering flaw) catalogue value R800. R300
152 Official half penny Springbok SACC11c mounted mint catalogue value R850. R350
153 Northern Rhodesia King George vi Dec. 1952 block of (x12) stamps Coil Issue perf 12.5 x 14. Catalogue value R500 plus. R200
154 BSAC 1898/1908 definitives range of used material SACC67-85 (some shade variety) duplication includes £1 and £ values. Also some blocks with small perforations. Some scarcer items noted. R950
155 Southern Rhodesia 1924-1929 an accumulation of used King George v definitive issues half penny to 2s6d printings. Duplication related to shade varities, aswell as low value blocks and pairs. Collection includes six (2’s) and 3x (2s6d) items. Good value. R1100
156 Japan: stamps, mini sheets, commercial covers etc. in 2 albums. R250
157 Empty photo albums. R100
158 Red stock book: unsorted stamps. R100
159 South Africa collection 1933 – 1975 mint/used, calculated catalogue value R 8122. R750-1000
160 French catalogue: Yvert & Tellier 2005. R150
161 Box of previous stamp catalogues, auction cat.s etc. R150
162 Box of ten albums of South Africa and SWA. R150
163 USA 1928 Albany Air-Meet cover. R250
164 Rhodesia Petrol Coupons 1980 pairs and singles (x7) items. R100-125
165 South West Africa three black stock cards May 1937 set of (x8) Coronation George vi printings bottom strips of (x20) of each sheet, each block having inscription Bradbury Wilkinson catalogue value R1600. R350
166 Small Carton cards with extensive worldwide stamps/variety. R300
167 ITU 1965 selection of Commonwealth issues vendor states value at £65.00. R150-200
168 Transvaal mainly reprints on album page values to £5. R100
169 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth 1968 overprints SG142-160, including additional values SG159 (50c) and SG158 (R2) watermark sideways. R200-300
170 Swaziland variety inverted watermark block of (x8) SG97w catalogue val. R2000+. R450-500
171 South Africa Rivonia booklet and Mourning booklet. R100
172 South Africa Easy Post booklets flight issue all (x10) numbered booklets. R100
173 South West Africa first day covers 1954 Animals to 10’s and 1961 Definitive to R1. R150
174 South Africa part sheet (x45) stamps with (x2) gutters which were used for booklets. R300-350
175 German South West Africa 1913 booklet SACC booklet 3c complete under catalogued at R3000. R1500-1700
176 Great Britain Collection of various valuable scarce stamps in Lindner Omnia Folder 1902 – 1967, Used Pre-Decimal Definitive’s ( 3-sets ),1952+1958 Wildings S.G. 139-152. C.V . R 3600-00. R750
177 Great Britain Lighthouse Binder, Pre-printed Album with comprehensive Mint and Used collection from 1948 to 1980, complete. C.V. R29535-30. R7500
178 Southern Rhodesia Postage Due, 3- sets,Mint with 4d grey/green and without and used set. plus sets 1931, 1935, 1937. C.V. R 7000-00. R2500
179 Cape of Good Hope (x16) S.A.CC. 32 used on Card (Attractive). R150
180 Lot of South African Postage Due Stamps from SACC 26 to 68, singles and blocks, used and mint. C.V. R 17600-00. R5000
181 South Africa S>A>C>C 261- 563, Control Blocks in KEK, 20 double page Stock Book. C.V. R 1150-00. R350
182 S.W.A. and Namibia- 1986-1990, and Namibia 1990-1994. Controls in U.E. 20 double page stock book. C.V. R 2100-00. R500
183 South Africa Succulent issue 1988 complete Readers Digest sheet uncut (x100) stamps. Not common. R180-250
184 South Africa Booklet 12 1937 : 6d Razor booklet x3 complete stitched, ideal to research plate etc. R200
185 South Africa Booklet 13 1938 : 3d Razor booklet complete stitched. Catalogue value R850. R200-250
186 South Africa Booklet 19 1941 : 2s6d Dri Foot booklet complete stitched. Catalogue value R4500. Scarce item. R1500-1600
187 South Africa Booklet 21 1951 : 3s6d booklet x4 complete stitched, ideal to research plate etc. R300-400
188 South Africa Booklet 21 1951 : 3s6d booklet x3 complete stitched, ideal to research plate etc. R250-300
189 South Africa (x100) complete booklets including a few Namibia. Face value R3000 plus. R1000
190 Union mint lot in folder blocks various issues many varieties noted, ideal to expand on must clear. R300-400
191 Union mint lot in folder blocks various issues many varieties noted, ideal to expand on must clear. R300-400
192 Union mint lot in folder blocks various issues many varieties noted, ideal to expand on must clear. R300-400
193 Union mint lot in folder blocks various issues many varieties noted, ideal to expand on must clear. R300-400
194 Union mint lot in folder blocks various issues many varieties noted, ideal to expand on must clear. R300-400
195 South Africa Official Air Mail flight cover flown from Cape Town 10 and a half penny rate (1935 Jubilee stamps) via Salisbury to Beira in Portuguese East Africa on the 29th July 1935.The first leg of the flight to Salisbury was flown by Imperial Airways and the second leg via Blantyre to Beira was flown by Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways (Rana) The cover was sent with registered mail and is back stamped with an in transit Salisbury postmark dated 01/08/1935 and has the arrival Beira postmark dated 01/08/1935. A similar cover some years back sold for R3000. R800-1200
196 South Africa Air Mail 1s3d rate Cape Town 31 July 1934 to Madagascar via Broken Hill the reverse states sender C.Wyndham. The item has the Tananariver P roller canceller on the reverse dated 4 August 1934. R160-150
197 South Africa Air Mail 1s rate Johannesburg 27 January 1932 to London. R125-150
198 South Africa Air Mail 1d rate first flight between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth dated Johannesburg 1 January 1935 and receiving postmark Port Elizabeth 3 January 1935. R100-125
199 South Africa Air Mail one and a half penny rate first flight at reduced rate between East London and Victoria West 3 January 1935. R100-125
200 Southern Africa kiloware in box. R250
201 South West Africa R1 SACC265 (x25) two bottom blocks marginal with printers guide markings one block shows out or register giving a double effect great proving blocks showing differences. R250-300
202 Union Christmas stamp collection in (x2) stock books odd booklets noted. R300-350
203 Clearance lot stock cards and odds in box. R100
204 Box of mixed coins odd tokens. R200
205 Estate Lot in (x3) boxes. (Postage R100 Via The Courier Guy). R1500-2000

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