1 Homelands large box of controls R300
2 Homelands large box of controls R300
3 Bechuanaland ex dealers cards in box R500
4 Zimbabwe lot of controls in plastic tub R200
5 RSA , box of 1970s to 90s controls etc R100
6 South Africa, Kings Heads mounted mint to 5/- plus coils etc, cat R5500+ R900
7 Mainly European mix on pages, stockcards etc in box R300
8 South Africa Union collection in Lighthouse hingeless album, comprising Kings Heads mint values to 10/-, of which the 2/6d is unmounted , the 5/- and 10/- possibly the barest trace of hinging (cat R10000), plus additional mounted mint values, again to 10/- (R10000), 1927 Londons set mtd/unm mint, the 10/- being unmounted (R20000), 1930s Rotos mtd mint with both shades of 2/6d, (R5500), 1933-48 Hyphenated mtd mint with shades, thereafter looks complete, then excellent Officials section including 1930-47 2/6d green & brown both 18mm & 21mm (R2500), 1932/33 Recess 1/- & 2/6d, 1935-50, 2d blue & violet (R3000), 5/- and 10/- Official at left mtd mint( R12240 for unm), 1949-50 1½d Official at left, Postage Dues complete until 1961 R1000O
9 Canada stock book 200 plus pre cancels including odd revenues etc about 260 plus items. R250-R300
10 File of odd Commonwealth stamps mainly Queen Elizabeth mint some better Mauritius to 10 Rupees noted. R300
11 Stockbook with South Africa first definitive controls mtd/unmounted with plenty of high/better items noted , the lot also includes1960s commemorative controls R500
12 South West Africa, box of dealers stockcards wide range of material offered at a fraction of marked price R2000
13 Shoebox of accessories R100
14 Shoebox of approx 50 First Flight Covers, mainly 1950s BOAC with some interesting routes R700
15 Canada used collection in album, 1930 set used (£90), 1935 set used, 1937 set used , the $1 with superb CDS strike, 1942 War Effort used, , QEII etc R300
16 South Africa , RSA period, Christmas Stamps, written up in binder, 1961 large pane of 42 with 3 rows upright, 3 rows tete-beche, 1961 4 booklets 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1962 3 booklets 5c, 10c, 20c, plus single stamp with flaw between 6 and 2, 1963, booklets 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1964 booklets 5c, 10c, 20c, 1965 booklets 5c, 10c, 20c, 1966 booklet plus one “small”sheet of 25, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972( including bullet hole on camels body(row 1/4), 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 , 1979, sheetlet of 20, plus some literature R300
17 Great Britain, stockbook crammed full of mainly low value definitives, GV to QEII, many thousands including sideways,inverted watermarks R450
18 South Africa , mint lot on pages, 1935 Silver Jubilee mtd mint, Large Wars unm mint, small wars unm mint, 1954 Animals unm mint,plus COA, plus 1960s definitives etc R400
19 RSA, 1974 2nd definitives low values to 4c nicely presented on approx 80 pages and written up in Afrikaans, comprising full set plus coils on card stamped 20/11/1974 and signed by the designer Ernst de Jong, nice range of control blocks, , Doctor Blade flaws ,1c extended control with additional colours in margin, 2c extended A control with No date, rated very rare , missing letters in margins, block of 6 with nice ink smudge, 3c B control complete bottm 2 rows with scarce date 10 /8/1973, missing perfs, 3c B control with wrong date, 17/6/1976, 3c 542 541 etc with no date, 4c various blocks includes the Cyl A extremely scarce date 2/12/1975 , wonderful lot almost impossible to replicate R3000
20 RSA, 1998 6th definitives redrawn, R10 Bateleur with spectacular perforation shift, stunning item R2000
21 RSA, 1993 6th definitives R2 blue swallow with spectacular perforation shift, stunning item R2000
22 Box of Commonwealth odds including Rhodesia 3d Harrison with shift of colour and missing branches, Southern Rhodesia Independence 10/- marginal block of 4 , one with tailfeather flaw, plus a single with same flaw, various overprint varieties ,broken letters etc, St Lucia QV/EDVII mint selection on stockcard, stockbook crammed full of GVI issues R2000
24 Northern Rhodesia, 1935 Silver Jubilee 1d bottom left hand corner block unmounted mint marginal pair , one with the variety ” Diagonal line by turret”, cat R4000 R1000
25 Zimbabwe nice lot of controls/min sheets, Wildflowers series 2, Aloes series 2 min sheets x 2, 1984 Birds of prey and 1988 Ducks control blocks , 2004 First Sapoa min sheet(cat £45), Endangered medicinal herbs m/s x 2, Big Five min sheet etc R400
26 Rhodesia mainly used duplicated lot in decent stockbook R500
27 Rhodesia/BSAC , bulk lot of used Admirals unchecked for shades/perfs, 2d x 23, 3d x 34, 4d x 18, 5d x 5, 6d x 30,8d x 4,10d x 1, 1/- x 6, 2/- x 7 plus similar lot of Southern Rhodesia, 1/- x 14, 1/6d x 6, 2/- x 9, 2/6d x 8 R1500
28 Southern Rhodesia , commercial cover Aug 1959 ex Ft Victoria to Salisbury,sent without postage and duly taxed 6d , double the 3d local surface mail deficiency and notated in manuscript within circular to pay instructional marking. Tax was collected for 2/10d representing a pool tax in respect of other taxed covers to the same addressee.Tax collected by pair of 1/- postage dues , strip of 3 x 3d and 1d normal QEII Rhodesia & Nyasaland definitive , a practice of the time due to a shortage opf postage due stamps. Scarce and highly attractive. R2500
29 Flat box of commercial mail, mainly QEII period , also Zimbabwe , approx 170 covers R400
30 Rhodesia, small box of slogan mail, over 50 items mainly QEII period, includes interesting postage paid Bulawayo window envelope with purple cachet ” Don’t Waste water” R300
31 British South Africa Company , 2/6d Double Heads scarce vertically used pair,shade is closest to deep brown and brown lake, postmark 21 Mar 1912, few insignificant perf nibbles mentioned for accuracy only R4000
32 Rhodesia, bundle of covers , Trade Fair 1978, Ruwa Park Scouts , 1978 Scweitzer, 1971 Settlement, 1979 Rhod/Zim election, 1970 2nd definitives, 1960 Rhod & Nyasaland Kariba with Royal Tour cancel, 1973 card First Flight Salisbury to Jhb, plus some commercial covers noted 1974 Llewellin Barracks with purple rubber cancel etc ; total of 23 covers R300
33 Southern Rhodesia, group of Royal Tour covers with appropriate cancels,2 Jun 1953, three with Royal Train registered cachet,including use of solo 2/6d Coronation stamp, also includes cover from 1947 Royal Tour , total of 6 covers R120
34 Southern Rhodesia revenue Quitrent receipt 7s6d Admiral revenue stamp tied oval Department of Lands canceller 26 January 1926 Salisbury. R450
35 Southern Rhodesia revenue Quitrent receipt 7s6d Field Marshall revenue stamp tied oval Accountant Agriculture and Lands 3 February 1933. There is also the usage of a two line rubber stamp Principal Revenue Examiner Treasury. R450
36 Southern Rhodesia 3x 1935 Jubilee 1d corner blocks of (4) with sequential sheet numbers 496-498. SACC32 R200
37 Southern Rhodesia Admiral issue selection of x11 revenue documents 4d to £10. Some of the postal stamps used revenue are extremely scarce such as 1s6d pair.. R2600
38 Southern Rhodesia Field Marshall issue selection of x11 revenue documents 1d to £10. Some of the postal stamps used revenue are extremely scarce such as 8d and 1s6d. R3500
39 Southern Rhodesia revenue 1954 arms issue 1d-£50 fine used Barefoot 27-43. Catalogue value R1350. Key value is the £50. R350
40 Rhodesia 1960s-80s Political covers, postage due covers etc useful lot. Ex Jardine collection. R800
41 Rhodesia Incoming Postcard Straits Settlements (Penang) canceller light on postcard which was usual practice 3c rate posted on the 3 December 1910. The postcard depicts Native Junks in the Penang Harbour. Of note is the receiving postmark clear Gadzema – Rhodesia 15 February 1911. Scarce destination item. R300
42 Southern Rhodesia (x2) Independence overprint sets SACC116/130, of note the 5s Churchill overprints showing 2x different shades a white Churchill face and one with a grey shade. Catalogue value R860. R300
43 Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth 2 x part sheets SACC137 1s bottom imprint block of (x30) and top marginal sheet value section (x30). R250
44 Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth part sheet SACC141 2s6d (x42) stamps bottom portion showing shift in the word RHODESIA. R450
45 Rhodesia variety 3c Roan Antelope mint SACC253a “Double printing of black” pair. Catalogue value R700. R150-R160
46 Rhodesia variety 3c Roan Antelope mint SACC253a “Double printing of black” marginal block of (x12). Catalogue value R4200. R800-R900
47 Southern Rhodesia 1935 Jubilee issue George v marginal imperforated block of (x14) with large and small security punch holes, plate and printing details in manuscript on side margins. Small correction marks also shown on stamps. R4500-5000
48 Egypt 1933 Aviation set of (x5) mint items SG214-218. R200
49 Egypt Officials (x3) items fine used inverted overprints. R200
50 Canada, mass of QEII blocks of 4 in stockbook, all unmounted mint including high values , huge face value R500
51 Western Australia great range of Swan issues in very fine mint condition,1883-93 1d(£42),2d bluish grey & grey shades (£32 & £30),4d,5d,6d, 1/- olive green(£35), 1897 1d & 2d (£41),1902 8d & 10d (£53), 1905-12 1d rose-pink, 9d orange, 5d perf 11 (£55), total cat £420+ R1500
52 Tasmania, nice lot of QV issues in very fine mint condition, 1892-99 5d,6d, 10d, 2/6d and 5/- , 1880 3d & 6d Stamp Duty , total catalogue £265+ R900
53 India, 1911 GV definitives 25 Rupees fine used cat £60 R200
54 Bermuda 1906 basic set of 6 with nultiple CA wmk, cat £74 R200
55 Jamaica, GVI 1944 New Constitution set in unmounted mint blocks of 4, 2/- is imprint block, cat £40++ R300
56 Malaya Postal Union, 1936-38 postage dues set of 6, mounted mint cat £160 R400
57 Hong Kong, 1904-06, Edward VII $2 slate & scarlet multiple crown CA watermark, very fine used , cat £140 R600
58 Commonwealth Omnibus, comprising 1935 Jubilee Morocco Agencies duplicated mint lot, 1937 Coronation, 17 FDCs plus various mint sets( not complete) and Niue in blocks of 50 , 1948 RSW duplicated lower values plus Gibraltar,Malta, Gilbert & Ellis,Fiji,St Helena,Shihr & Mukalla high values1949 ,UPU 6 covers, 1953 envelope of mint, R500
59 Mauritius birds thematic, 1965 definitives R1 with variety ” pale orange omitted” , SG 328a, cat £325, unmounted mint R1500
60 Great Britain, Edward VII 1902 set with values mounted mint to 1/-, no 1d or 4d green & brown R500
61 North Borneo 1900-1918 mint selection including Red Cross overprints to $1, cat £150+ R600
62 Nigeria duplicated GV 1936 issue including 5/- x 2, cat £70+ R450
63 Commonwealth 1948 RSW Omnibus, various countries mounted mint, Aden,Shihr & Mukalla,Seiyun,Antigua,Basutoland,British Honduras,British Solomon Is,Cayman Islands, Cyprus, R500
64 Commonwealth 1948 RSW Omnibus, various countries mounted mint, Kenya, Leewards, Malta,Mauritius,Montserrat,Nyasaland,Selangor,North Borneo,St Helena,St Kitts,St Lucia, Sarawak, Seychelles,Singapore,Somaliland,Trinidad,Turks,Virgin Islands R1500
65 Bermuda mint selection of QV to GV issues on stockcard includes QV 1865 6d dull mauve, 1/- green(p14 x 12.5),1883 1d aniline-carmine,4d orange-brown,1902-1910 both 1d’s,1910-25 values to 1/- with extras(£50),1922-34 values to 6d,1936 set of 9(£32),plus extras, total catalogue in excess of £280 R1000
66 Batum, British Occupation mint selection comprising 1919 set of 6(£55), plus additional shades(£65), 1919 set of 8 colours changed and overprinted(£85), 1920 further colour change values to 25r R800
67 British Solomom Islands, nice range of mint George V issues, 1913 set of 4 with additional 11d, 1914-23 values to 1/-,plus additional 1/- x 2, 2/- & 2/6d which are unmounted,1922-31 values to 2/6d with duplication and many shades not recognised by Gibbons, 1935 Silver Jubilee , total catalogue in excess of £150 R800
68 Bahamas small mintVselection QV to GV on stockcard, includes 1863 1d brown -lake(£100),Edward VII to 1/-( x 2)(£100 for this section), Queens staircase 1901-08 2 x sets to 3/- (£70 each), GV 1912 duplicated rangs to 6d , total cat in excess of £400 R1500
69 Netherlands Indies under Japanese Occupation, Anchor overprint applied in Banjarmasin used in South and East Borneo 10c used on piece (x8). R250-R300
70 France early cover (2x) imperforated 20c stamps tied to cover dated 10 January 1858. R200-R250
71 France early cover (2x) 15 cent. stamps cancelled Paris 6 September 1874 addressed to Brussels. Of note interesting star type cancellations on stamps. R200-R250
72 Switzerland, small selection of earlies comprising Basle dove reprint, Rayons 1850 10Rp, 1851 5Rp, 1851 15Rp, cat €390 R500
73 Switzerland, 1854 sitting Helvetias, set of 7, used/fine used , the 2Rp has some damage , but the key value 1Fr (cat €850) is a decent copy R1000
74 Russia 1934, 10th Anniversary of Soviet Aviation, 5k mint & used ,10k mint & used, 20k , 60k & 80k mint, cat £365 R800
75 Austria mass of 1880s revenues on pages; 12kr x 9, 15kr x 46, 25kr x 60, 36kr x 66, 50kr x 26, 1g x 16,etc R300
76 Russia, 1935 Stratosphere set of 3 unmounted mint, a few tone spots noted on the 5k(cat £315) R800
77 Russia, 1923-30 mint & used selection in binder, includes 1925 Lenin mint & used sets(£50), 1925 Academy mint & used, 1925 Rebellion mint & used duplicated values, 1925 Decembrist uprising mint/used & perf/imperf, 1925 Lenin, used duplicates, 1927 October revolution various mint & used, 1930 Red Army miny & used(£75), 1930 Zeppelin 40k blue both perf 10.5 & 12.5 plus 80k used etc R1000
78 South Africa, Union, 1937 Coronation , study of mint items including blocks, all with identified varieties on 12 pages, mounted/unmounted mint R300
79 South Africa, Union , Voortrekker 1949 issues in blocks, part sheets unm mint/mint and used on 8 pages with all varieties identified R200
80 RSA, Cylinder blocks 1997-2001, includes 6th definitives various ptgs includes R10 ( X 3) including 22/3/2000 Harrison(distinctive creamy colour paper, cat R950)) and R20, 10c on Tullis Russell paper, 27/3/2000 , cat R1750; etc, then 7th definitives control blocks of 6 includes R14, R20 x 2, in stockbook R800
81 RSA, stockbook with 2001 to 2012 issues mint , face in excess of R2000 R1000
82 RSA, 2 x signed FDCs , 1972 Verwoerd Dam , with 3 x signatures including Betsie Verwoerd, plus 1972 interim definitives with 4 signatures R200
83 RSA stockbook with `1988-1997 controls R150
84 RSA, nice bulk lot of modern issues , Forest Birds x 3 full sheets of 10; Grassland birds sheet of 10;Small Wild cats x 3 sheets of 10;Richtersveld x 2 sheets of 10; Railways 150 , 2 x sheets of 10; Smallest sunbirds, 3 x sheets of 5; Butterflies & Moths, 6 full sheets of 10 R300
85 RSA, modern postage 1995-2014 includes 2014 Lighthouses reg small letter sheetlet of 5 x 22; WW1 centenary x 4;etc etc plenty of standard postage , face R2500++ R800
86 RSA, 26/10/2011 Booklet no 84 with bead stamps, 100 x Std postage, cat R700 R300
87 South Africa bundle of covers with special cancels, comprising 1935 Radio Exhibition, 1949/1950 Industrial Exhibition, x4, 1949/1950 Rand Show x 2 ,1954 Durban Stamp Exhibition x 2,1957 Paarl 300, 1957 Durban Medical Congress x 9, 1957 Stamp Exhibition, R300
88 South Africa,RSA 1990s booklets well written up in binder, some varieties noted R500
89 RSA, modern bulk lot of mint, Mandela 1994 cyl block of 10, 2002 Cricket WC x 6 min sheets, African Cup of Nations sheets of 10 x 33, 2002 world summit min sheet, 1999 migratory birds, water birds x 2, Nobel Laureates x 21 sheets , total face value in excess of R2500 R1000
90 RSA Mandela booklets x 6 R200
91 RSA Buildings definitives, 1c imperf pair in unissued darker brown colour, design was engraved this item is surface printed R500
92 Great Britain prestige booklets between period 1982 and 2000.Stanley Gibbons no:- DX3, DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7, DX8, DX10, DX16,DX20 AND DX25. Catalogue value £ 241-11 R500
93 Great Britain in SG album, noted 1841 2d blue with lines 4 margined copy , 6d and 10d( x 2) embossed cut to shape, 1855-57 no letters in corners 4d medium & large garter wmks, 1/-; 1862-64 small letters in corners 4d & 6d fine used; 1865-67 Large letters in corners 4d,6d & 9d; 1967-80 Rose wmk, 3d VFU wing margin, 6d, 9d, 10d good/fine used, 2/-, 1873-80 3d, 6d grey(VFU), 1/- both green & brown, 1880-83 to 1/-, 1887 Jubilee includes superb full colour 4d, 1902 Edwards sound used to 10/- ( x 2),1913 Seahorses to 10/-, Wembleys used, 1934 2/6d re engraved seahorse mint, 1929 low values UPU mint controls, 1948 RSW mint and used(x2), R2000
94 Great Britain postage dues mint selection on 2 pages, including 1914-23 to 4d(sideways/inverted cat £50), 1924-31 with 1½d, 5d and 2/6d( £200 for these), 1936-37 4d & 1/-(£90), 1951-52 set of 5(£75) R600
95 Great Britain nice selection of Edward VII /few QV used Army Officials ½d x 4, 1d x 4, Admiralty ½d & 1d(£23 the pair), few Govt parcels 1887 Jubilee. Lot also includes 7 GB stamps cancelled in South Africa during AB War(nice Natal Field Force octagonal included R250
96 Great Britain Officials, Board of Education, Edward VII ½d X 2(£40 each), 1d(£40), Govt Parcels, with 1887 Jubilee issue 1½d x 4 plus one with dot to right of T and no dot under T(£75 each), 2d x 3,4½d x 2(£275 each), 6d x 3, 1/- green x 3, 9d x 3(£120 each), 1/- green & carmine(£275), plus 1883 9d green(£1200), usual mixed condition but about average for these issues total catalogue value in excess of £3000 R1000
97 Great Britain, coin covers, x 25 mainly from the 2000’s R500
98 South Africa,Union 1930 2/6d green & brown Roto printing mounted mint, cat R2000 R400
99 South Africa,Union ,Coil Strips 1930-45 ½d Rotos coil strip of 8 mounted on top stamp only(R400), ½d Rotos coil strip of 4 unm mint (SACC 42c, cat R650), 1943 1d coil strip of 22 course screened(SACC 105b, ) R300
100 South Africa , Union 1930 Rotos small study on pages, mounted mint unless stated, 1d; Issue 1 , Block of 4 with A control opposite English stamp with ” black dot in second sunray”, plus vertical pair with control A opposite Afrikaans stamp, Control B opposite English stamp vertical pair, plus block of 4 opposite Afrikaans stamp ( scarce last catalogued R2000); Control D blocks of 4 English/Afrikaans with ” broken mast”,Control E opposite English stamp block of 4 with 2 broken mast” issue 2 with upright wmk, vertical pairs with D control and 2 x E controls one with misplaced sheet number; 2d blue issue 1 , darker clouds, marginal pairs with ” shuttered window” and ” broken R in Africa2 varieties, 3d blue issue 2 with lighter clouds, pair with 2 missing dot in 3rd gable”, block of 4 with blue sheet number (R1100), arrow block of 4 (R1100), 4d issue 2 ” redrawn”, top LH unm mint corner block of 4 including ” monkey in tree”, top marginal arrow block of 4, block of 8 with red sheet number & ” ghost arrow” in margin, then further block of 8 with no sheet number,further handbook varieties on pairs/blocks; 6d issue 1/1a pair with ” white oranges”,and ” tree split at apex”, 1/- issue 2 block of 4 with proving English stamp at row 10/1, superb unmounted mint , cat R7000+.Great lot overall with huge catalogue value R8000
101 South Africa 2nd definitive 50c control block of (x6) SACC373 date 22/8/1975 of note is the light and dark birds showing an interesting shade variety. R150
102 South Africa plastic box full of mainly unused Aerogrammes. R200
103 South Africa, Certified Mail ledger type pages (x4) with receipted portion of label on page and duty paid in stamps for the items sent, this is the bulk sending method followed. The stamps used relate to the rates at the time eg 17 items sent duty 34c, this was the 2c rate per item later usage shows 16 items at 80c showing the new rate of 5c per item. R400
104 Republic of South Africa material in full sheets, controls, loose  stamps and miniature sheets heavy duplications. Face value R 3,398-00 catalogue value R 41,010-00. Period 1976 – 1982, R700
105 Union Officials 2d arrow marginal mint block of (x16) showing the Airship Flaw. The variety is listed in Stanley Gibbons. R5000
106 South Africa George v Jubilee issue half penny variety 2x marginal strips of (x8) SG65 showing variety Row9/4 and Row10/3. Large Doctors Blade flaw and large black dot behind Springboks Head. R180-R250
107 Union variety Postage Dues SACC17 and 17b (Blunt 2 variety) Row3/6 and Row1 position 1-6 shows green marks above the 1 and d. There is a total of (x56) stamps in three blocks. R300-R350
108 Union JIPEX 1936 catalogue with half penny miniature sheet stuck to catalogue. R250
109 Union JIPEX 1936 catalogue with one penny miniature sheet stuck to catalogue. R250
110 Union JIPEX 1936 catalogue with half penny and one penny miniature sheet stuck to catalogue. R3500
111 South Africa first definitives nice selection on varios, includes 2½c block of 15(SACC 291b), 1966 Anniv of Republic, blocks x 5 all with Dr Blade flaws, 50c & R1 controls noted, high catalogue R500
112 South Africa, Union 1927 Pretoria types 1d grey black & carmine fine/very fine mounted/unmounted mint blocks of 24(bottom 2 rows of sheet) x 5 , one is issue 1 plus 3 of issue 3 with corner control blocks and centre pairs,one with wider bottom margin and one with perf shiftted onto the red Jubilee line,also block of 24 margin to margin with missing perf holes between margins and all stamps in the lower row(Uhb 34Ca,CcCd,Cg,Ch, v4,v22,v34) R2500
113 Album of RSA definitives, mint /used covers etc R600
114 RSA, 1996 scarce Indaba Booklet R200
115 South Africa Union/RSA, album with oddments, noted 1925 Airs, mounted mint, 1926 London and Pretoria printings ½d , 1d & 6d mounted mint, Rotos 1d type 1 & type 11, 3d blue upright & inverted wmk, small wars in blocks some minor varieties noted, mounted/unmounted, 1935 Silver Jubilee, later noted 10c emerald green pair, etc etc , plenty to sort through R500
116 Lesotho, mint and used mainly 1970s issues ex dealers stock in stockbook R300
117 Australia Essays block of (x4) Waterloo and Sons Wilding full face portrait block of (x4) R600-R800
118 Red loose leaf album of world, Denmark to Kenya R200
119 Australia good selection of material from 1932/5 to1950’s R430
120 Bechuanaland/Botswana bulk lot in box, noted Botswana reg covers, bulk lot of min sheets inc 1978 Okavango & 1981 Insects, Botswana dues, 1885 Bech Protect 1/2d anchor wmk, 1955 QEII mint to 10/-( x 2), 2/6d x 5 etc, 1974 definitives in booklet, GV block cypher 1/- x 3 used etcetc R500
121 Basutoland, postage dues1961 surcharges etc 1c on 1d LH corner block of 4 plus blocks of 4 7 6, 1c on 2c control block of 4, bottom RH stamp has variety “missing serif” due to overinking on the opt plus normal control block of 4, 5c on 2d Type 1 control block of 4 x 2 and top LH corner block of 6. 5c on 2d violet shade three blocks of 4, 1964 1c block of 8 (cat R130 each as singles), 5c pair R500
122 Basutoland, QE II small selection of low values overprints including half penny overprint in marginal imprint block of (x8) overprint shifted left. R120
123 Swaziland 1889 Transvaal overprinted Swaziland showing variety shifted overprint to left SACC1 mint mounted. R100-R125
124 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth 5s and 10s imprint pairs SACC61/62 catalogue value R1300. R700-R800
125 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth selection of overprints set to R2 plus (4x) 1c issues different positions on overprint. Catalogue of mint set R1500 plus. R350
126 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth R2 overprint on £1 type I and II bottom position catalogued R3000. The group catalogues at R3850. R1200-R1500
127 Swaziland, 1961 surcharges , 25c on 2/6d the scarce Type 11 with the overprint in the bottom left hand corner, superb unmounted mint cat R15000 R6500
128 Swaziland, odds in box, noted modern revenues in blocks of 4, 1974 Express cover, postage dues used blocks, mint 1960s issues, 1982 WWF 2 x FDCs R200
129 Swaziland Collection 1938 to 1980, mint/used R800
130 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth 1c overprint on 1d SACC65 , lot includes imprint block of (x10) and marginal block of (x6) showing overprint shifted left. R200
131 Swaziland Queen Elizabeth variety SACC66 2c overprint on 2d imprint block of (x12) showing the overprint shifted down. R1200-R1650
132 Bechuanaland unappropriated dies, 1887 surcharges 1/- on 1/- green & black, superb mint , looks to be unmounted , cat R5500++ R1500
133 Bechuanaland unappropriated dies, 1887 specimen handstamps on 2d,3d,6d,1/-,2/-,2/6d and 10/-, cat approx R2000 R500
134 Pietersburg 2 Pence (x3) blocks of x4 not initialled mint, includes varieties inverted “spray”, 1 instead of 2 and REB instead of REP just to mention a few. R400-R450
135 New Republic and Pietersburg small lot comprising 1d,2d,3d,4d and 2/6d mint , also some Pietersburg 1d x 4 plus 4d, somewhat mixed condition R300
136 Transvaal, group of postmarks mainly on low value Edwardians, noted CSAR Johannesburg on 6dm Darkton (Swaziland, 1897),Begin der Lijn(1898 plus 2 others),Railway Telegraphs, Modderfontein (1912),Rolfontein,Burghershoop,Zwartwater,Bosfansfontein ,Klipplaatdrift, plus some Interprovincials, total of 70 postmarks R600
137 Transvaal, 1869 6d bright ultramarine superb huge 4 margined copy from right pane,position 24, fine used SG54 R400
138 Transvaal small selection, comprising 1/- green VFU pair (177,R240),1d black with extra row of perfs through middle, used, plus range QV R300
139 New Republic 1d dated 26 May 1886 on yellow paper with Arms Inverted, fine mint , not listed as a variety , extremely scarce R1500
140 Angola Charity Tax stamps Povoamento pair showing major perforation shift. R200
141 Canada insurance cheques (x5) 1920s of note the cheque duty of 2c which depicts crown and beaver of note is the inscription below Inland Revenue which reads WAR TAX. R200
142 Natal 1854-1882 revenue selection of x19 items on piece of note combination of embossed revenues and Queen Victoria postal stamps used for revenue purposes items are all manuscript cancelled. Embossings all on white paper values include £1.10s, 4s,5s,2s,4d,10s and 4s. R1500
143 Natal 1857 imperforated revenue stamps in various embossed designs on unwatermarked coloured wove paper. These are from the embossed postal stamps dies values include 1d, 3d, 6d, 9d and 1s pair. These were priced at R4500 plus some time back. R1800
144 Natal Queen Victoria 1888 1s overprinted POSTAGE (x22) stamps postally and revenue usage. Nice study lot, thick and thin overprints. R200-R250
145 South Africa Petrol Ration coupons mixed lot 1942-1946 (x5) items. R120
146 Coronation labels 1937 Harrison and Sons (x30) labels. R200
147 Large accumulation of worldwide labels and odd revenues anything different was placed in this album useful lot. R3500
148 South West Africa 2/6d Kings Heads Type IIIa, thinner overprints in superb unmounted mint block of 4, cat R6000 as singles R1800
149 South West Africa, selection of odd Officials stamps,blocks and pairs, mint R300
150 South West Africa, group of postal history; Airmail to London with 3 x ½d Pictorials and Swakopmund Health & Esort cancel, 3 x censor covers with 1½d Airmail stamp to South Africa , plus 2 further censor covers, Gobabis to Pretoria and Luderitz to Brussels, 1/- Airmail to Germany 1935, total of 7 covers R100
151 1966 Vedder 3c with very scarce Swiss paper block of 45 with corner block showing no control number, extremely rare multiple, cat R31500 as singles R8000
152 SWA, 1st definitives controls, unchecked for watermarks, but noted 50c and R1 x 2 from first ptg( these alone at R1500), , total of 35 controls R600
153 SWA collection in hingeless Lindner album, includes some lower value GSWA unmounted mint inc 1898 50pf(R1100), Yachts 3M marginal(R1600), then Kings Heads Type 1, values to 1/3d mtd mint, Type III, unmounted mint selection including 2/6d x 2(R3000 each), 5/- thinner overprint,Type VI, unmounted mint values to 10/-, 1927 £1 unmounted mint, 1926/27 pictorials 10/- unm mint(R2800), then S.W.A. overprint values to 2/6d unmounted(R2700), thereafter reasonably complete, to Independance. A remarkable ammount of unmounted mint material. R8000
154 SWA , nice selection of varieties, 1947 Royal Visit, 2d 4 x blocks of 4 ( 3 arrow blocks)with variety ” bird on 2″ and 1d Victory with ” barbed wire” flaw, all unmounted mint R300
155 SWA, Officials, May 1929 issue block of 4, mounted/unmounted with variety ” inverted watermark” and ” dropped official”, only 120 pairs possible, cat R25000 R6000
156 SWA, bulk lot of mainly 1960s control blocks, high catalogue R300
157 SWA, Large wars fine used blocks of 4, no 2d, cat R2000++ R400
158 SWA, 1990 18c minerals, corrected spelling complete sheet of 25 R300
159 SWA, Gutter pairs ex Namibian archives, 1983 Discovery of diamonds and 1984 headresses, R300
160 SWA, 10/- Type III Kings Heads, superb unmounted mint with thinner overprint , cat R35000 R8000
161 South West Africa £1 overprinted SWA SACC92 taken as mint as one can not see a hinge however might have been lightly mint. Catalogue value R2300. R1250
162 South West Africa £1 overprinted SWA SACC92 taken as mint as one can not see a hinge however might have been lightly mint. Catalogue value R2300. The overprint on this item is shifted down. R1350
163 South West Africa Kingsheads half penny and one penny marginal pieces small overprint shifts etc. R120
164 South West Africa George v large format revenue stamps of South Africa forerunners used in South West Africa 1s (x2), 5s, 10s, £1 and £5 all used Windhuk of note early Military Magistrates Office canceller 28 October 1915 and later canceller 1919 design changed. Included in this lot George v large format revenue stamps of South Africa overprinted with small SWA overprint values include 3d,6d,1s,5s(x2), 10s and £1. R500
165 South West Africa 1926/27 Triangular issue SACC71 Afrikaans overprint in marginal block of (x18). R180-R250
166 South West Africa 1926/27 Triangular issue SACC70/71 2x marginal items (x4) stamps cut into a triangular shape (attractive). R160-R180
167 South West Africa George vi Coronation issue 5x mint imprint pairs half penny, 2d, 3d (2x pairs) and 6d. Also included in this lot 2d block of (x4) showing vignette shifted down, normal stamp included for comparison. R200
168 South West Africa small wars marginal strips and blocks with advertising in margin x15 items, useful lot. R200
169 South West Africa 1975 bird set SACC279-282 mint including cloud variety in front of 5 of 5c value. There is also a 15c pair with white dot above C of 15c. R100
170 South West 1976 Water Supply exhibit in Lindner album includes, proofs, final artist essay, unattributed artists essays, proofs of postmarks etc. Unique lot ideal to expand on. R20000
171 South West Africa nice range of postmarks , many on piece includes few forerunners, over 100 postmarks in total R300
172 Homelands bundle of commercially used covers, includes Transkei registered items ie ex Butterworth with 6 x 8c definitives, Ciskei ex Peddie reg cover with 3 x 15c, 1 x 3c defs, Venda great 48c franking from ShayaNdima, also uprated Venda postcard (extremely scarce) and 2 x Venda paquebot covers SA Agulhas, lot also includes few date stamp cards R800
173 Bophuthatswana (x2) 2c proving control blocks of (x4) SACC6a 1983/05/27 variety Row2/5 line through second A of Bophuthatswana. R75-R125
174 Transkei variety R2 marginal control strip of (x5) SACC21 variety “Hole in Flag” Row2/1. R160-R180
175 Transkei 2x marginal proving strips of (x5) of the 9c value SACC13, showing 3x consistent varieties R2/1 Dot infront of R of Transkei, R3/1 small heart above G of Agricultural and R5/1 line through Agricultural. R100-R150
176 Transkei 1c marginal strip of x5 variety Row3/1 dot in S of Transkei. R75-R125
177 Postmarks specially produced covers 40x different postmarks on covers. R300-R350
178 Postal History 150x registered covers mixed selection of towns etc useful lot to expand on. R1500-R1800
179 Complete Transkei:- FDC’s, Collectors sheets, Date stamp cards and Maxi cards in 4 FDC albums    R200
180 Bohemia & Moravia German Occupation WW2, 2 pages of occupation issues ( over 100 postmarks)plus German stamps used in the Protectorate, also includes 1943 TPO cover Prague to Kysperk R400
181 South Africa small but interesting selection , includes Cape Edward 5/- used Pietrmaritzburg(1912), Fourteen Streams on Cape 1d pair,Keimoes Bechuanaland on pair of 1d Kings Heads, then various Kings Heads/Pictorials with Maseru,Teyateyaneng,Quithing cancels R250
182 NO LOT
183 South Africa, WW2 Military Camp, Westlake Camp relief type cancel on cover dated 24 Mar 1943 (great clear cancel, so unusual for relief types).The cover has an RD RD Anti Aircraft regiment, SAAF cachet. Westlake Camp was a transit and repatriation centre for RAF personel. R200
184 South Africa page of postmarks mainly on pictorials, noted Brakpan relief(on 2d pictorial), Frankfort Relief1922 on 1d KH, Round Church, Sea Point on strip of 3 x 1/- pictorials, Nelspoort on block of 4 x 1/- pictorials, Ndwe single ciecle 1924 on 4d KH, ,Innersdale Rail,Elsies River Halt 1924 on 2d KH, , Baziya etc total of 36 postmarks R300
185 New Zealand, in SG album, sparse in earlies but noted 1898-1909 5d mint large part o.g, Edward VII used values to 1/-, 1920 Victory set mint, 1960 definitives high values are mint, 1964 Health min sheets unmounted, etc R250
186 World mix off paper in box R100
187 RSA, bulk modern CTO min sheets Alexandra x 10, Butterflies and moths x 18, Transplant games x 13, Port Elizabeth x 8, Kirstenbosch x 8, Rock formations x 6, Design capital x 10, Cultures x 5, Lighthouses x 16, Post Office acghievements x 9, FPO unit x 25, Music legends x 20, Critically endangered birds x 10 plus 10 strips of 5, Union Buildings x 10 R500
188 RSA Control blocks 1961-1980 , commemoratives R300
189 Box of Southern African FDCs in binders x 8 R300
190 RSA box of preprinted postcards, reg letters etc R200
191 RSA, 3rd definitives in stockbook , duplicated controls to 8c R100
192 Collection of 10 RSA and Homelands FDC varieties R300
193 Union odds in flat box R300
194 RSA cylinder blocks 2001 in stockbook R100
195 SWA 1974-1985 cylinder blocks in stockbook R100
196 Zimbabwe revenue $100, $200, $500, $1000, $50 000 and $200 000 values. R300-R400
197 Zimbabwe revenue variety $2 blocks showing perforation shift (x15) stamps resulting in large and small stamps. R125
198 Zimbabwe revenue 10c blocks showing large and small stamps due to perforation shift/setting 20x stamps. R125-R150
199 Zimbabwe revenue 3c marginal block of (x10) showing shift of bird emblem, normal item has been included for comparison. R150
200 Box of off paper stamps R300
201 Stockbook with worldwide min sheets R100
202 RSA modern period , mass of used, mainly CTO in binder R100
203 Birds thematics, duplicated lot of min sheets from such countries as Bulgaria, Bhutan, Maldives,Cocos, Congo,Belarus,Dominica etc, total of 20 min sheets plus few odd sets R300
204 Australia including states and territories, Collection in 2 new 24 page stock books. Plus catalogue up to 2003 and listings in colour up to 2015. 5 stock books with 1,000’s of stamps and one stock book with South Australia, West Australia, Victoria, Cocos Islands, Christmas Islands and Antarctic Territory etc. High catalogue value. R5000
205 ZZ2 box with RSA stamps off paper           R200
206 ZZ2 box Great Britain off paper       R150
207 Flat box with  World stamps on paper         R100
208 Flat box with Southern Africa off paper          R200
209 Clearing box                              R200
210 ZZ2 box with Southern Africa off paper    R200
211 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight 1783-1983, complete 77 page album with all stamps (including Belize cv £60), Gambia and Lesotho booklets are not split R700
212 A big suitcase full of stamps and covers from a deceased estate, on and off paper, unchecked so finds should be possible for someone with time  R250
213 Paragon Stamp Album ca. 1930, GB 2d blue, Cape, Natal noted        R120
214 Red 8p Pronto stockbook.    Contains some sets and part sets.  R150
215 Red 15p stockbook.   Mint blocks, mainly Lesotho commem. sets in controls or gutter blocks R200
216 Dealers cards etc in storage box. R300
217 Mixed box of odds, stamps, framed share certificates etc. R300
218 Poland in album R75
219 Box of kiloware R75
220 South Africa, group of postmarks, SAR Caernarvon,Content Station, SAR Tugela,Canada Station, SAR & H Commondale, Ceres Road interprovincial cancel on Natal Edward, SAR Northend on parcel stamp,Komatipoort R.O. on 1d GB lilac, 16/12/1901 total of 10 postmarks R300
221 Union Collection of South Africa Railways different Station codes all written up, great lot to expand on many pairs noted, includes Bantams (780) plus stamps. R5000
222 Bechuanaland, nice usage of the circular SAR/SAS Francistown cancel applied to a SAR label with 1d QEII definitive.The label was affixed to the reverse of a Tati Company cheque , drawn 1956.Scarce usage R400
223 NO LOT
224 Rhodesia mint lot one cent overprint on 1d Single Newspaper Railage stamp block of 6 also 5x mint blocks overprinted MUF 1d ,CB 3d and 4d .EP 2d and 3d . R200
225 Rhodesia, Wankie (WK) fine used 5d, 6d, 9d, 1s and 5s fine used. R120
226 Box of Dutch Literature some useful books.
227 The Phillatelic and Postal History of Hong Kong and the treaty ports of China and Japan – F.W.Webb R500
228 The Postal History and Stamps of Bermuda – M.H.Ludington R200
229 Falkland Islands – The black and red postal franks (1869 – 1878) – Robert Barnes R200
230 The Royal Philatelic Society London 1869 – 1969 R200
231 SG Specialised Queen Elizabeth II 12th Edition 2011 (pre-decimal Issues) R100
232 SG Specialised King George VI 8th Edition 2009 R100
233 SG Great Britain Concise 2019 R500
234 The Stg. 5 Orange Dr John Horsey (Signed number ten of fifty leather bound limited edition) R1000
235 Lighthouse stockbook, new 16 pages(white) R100
236 Lighthouse stockbook, new 16 pages(white) R100
237 Cape of Good Hope one page VOC document dated 3 May 1752, of note is the 24 Stuiver embossed duty. Small tear bottom document repaired archival tape and slightly trimmed however very good condition overall R1350
238 Orange Free State embossed revenues 1870s ex David Crocker Barefoot 1, 7, 9, 11, 5, 11 and 19. The values 6d, 4s, 10s, £2, 2s, £2 and 2s pair on green paper other items on white paper priced at R5000 plus. R1200-R1400
239 Orange Free State embossed revenues,11 1870s ex David Crocker Barefoot 17,19,21 and 22. The values as follows 1s,2s,4s(x2) and £1 all on green paper priced at R1700. R600-R700
240 Orange Free State embossed revenues 1870s ex David Crocker Barefoot 31,26,46,33 and 43. The values include 18d (x2), 10s, £4,3s and £1 mixed papers priced at R3600 plus R1000-R1200
241 Orange Free State Bank Draft revenue stamps 1891 issue, 1892 and 1900 issue scarce grouping 11x stamps. R1000
242 Orange Free State 1878-1882 revenue issues showing coat of arms values 6d to £5 includes 3s,4s,6s,7s and 9s values. There is a total of 20x stamps fine used very difficult grouping to put together. R1200
243 Orange Free State Legacy Duty (Farm Tax) selection of 4x values 2s,5s(x2),10s. R700
244 Orange Free State (x4) 1886 Provisionals ZES PENCE overprints on (2x) 8s and (3x) 4s. R700
245 Orange Free State 6d to £5 VRI overprints on (x18) revenue stamps. R700
246 Orange Free State Telegraph stamps 1s (x29) different positions of TF overprint, some thick and thin overprints nice lot to expand on. R180-R250
247 Orange Free State Telegraph stamps 1s (x32) different positions of TF overprint, some thick and thin overprints nice lot to expand on. R180-R250
248 South Africa, Cavalcade which was held at Pietermaritzburg from 12-16 Sep,1944, relief type cancellers applied to the small wars set which was affixed to an envelope dated 15/9/1944 , unusual R400
249 Collection of WW II correspondence between members of the Falke family. About 20 air mail letter cards and letters from and to various destinations (Egypt, Viljoensdrift, Johannesburg, etc), many postmarks and censor marks, must view, R800
250 NO LOT
See also lot no 183
251 Nice group of early postcards, subjects include Lancaster Gold mine company Krugersdorp, Monument Rd Kimberley ( sent to India), Main Street Pietersburg, Zoological Gardens Pta, Causeway, Nahoon River East London, View of Bloemfontein, Adderley Street Cape Town, East Bridge spanning River Mooi Potchefstroom. R250
252 Kimberley real pic postcard(B &W) of the Town Hall during the siege used somewhat later 1911 Beaconsfield to Boshof, with nice Interprovincial usage of 1d Transvaal Edward R150
253 Anglo Boer War French pro Boer propaganda colour postcard unused with pic of Kruger and burning farm with 2 Brits(Roberts & Chamberlain) dragging a Boer woman presumably off to the Concentration Camps. Inscribed “Le Pais en marche” translated as The Country on the March. Published by A.B.,Paris art by Heloure Rins. Fine condition and a scarce card R300
254 Collection of 29 “Bridges and Waterfalls” postcards in album, mint and used, world R600
255 Cape selection of used aluminium postcards 1900s (x8) items scarce various scenes. R450
256 NO LOT
257 RSA 2 x stockbooks of controls R350
258 “Where am I” collection that combines country information via stamps – a good aid to get children interested in stamps. Covers much Africa and some Commonwealth/Europe, R250
259 RSA unserviced First Day Covers  R100
260 RSA and Homelands First Day Covers, Date Stamp Cards and Maxicards  R200
261 2 Drawer steel filing cabinet      R150
262 International Encyclopedia of Stamps, complete 8 volumes, but last 3 photocopied  R150
263 Bophuthatswana mint sets with duplication in good 16p stockbook R150
264 RSA, SWA/Namibia First Day Covers          R200
265 Picture postcards ±200, early 1900’s to modern, mainly Europe  R200
266 Coin catalogues and Coin Atlas, incl. 2 complete sets of Shell  “Man in Flight” tokens R150
267 Lot of catalogues of Southern Africa, incl. Handbooks of Union and Republic, Gibbons Southern Africa 2007 and Michel South and Central Africa 2002 R250
268 Philatelic literature and catalogues, incl. thematic collecting R100
269 Catalogues – Scott USA, Australia, Israel, Sudan, Michel  Germany, SG Great Britain, etc R200
270 Mystery box      R150
271 GB Prestige booklets, 8 different          R500
272 World mixture off paper in icecream tub                  R150
273 SWA FDC collection in 2 binders from no 3 1971 to Namibia 2.15 1996 R200
274 Kiloware mainly world, washed in large box R80
275 Mixed Lot R120
276 South Africa controls including Proteas in red album R90
277 Estate lot, 2 albums plus loose stamps  R100
278 16 returned circuit books [with stamps]      R160
279 17 returned circuit books [with stamps]      R170
280 Estate lot, unsorted in ZZ2 box                  R100
281 Stock books and odds in box old dealers stock. R450
282 Stock books and odds in box old dealers stock. R450
283 Stock books and odds in box old dealers stock. R450
284 Stock books and odds in box old dealers stock. R450
285 Stock books and odds in box old dealers stock. R450
286 Pre-1950 Europe in Capacity album R125
287 Poland in Album R100