1 RSA 2000-2002 in binder includes mint/used/min sheets,full sheets etc R300
2 Ireland 1982-1992 mint & used including earlier postage dues R300
3 RSA, 1992-1996 in binder mint & used, full sheets, min sheets, 6th definitives controls includes R20 additional definitive full sheet of 10 , Readers Digest, booklet panes etc etc large face value R1000
4 Rhodesia page of odds , incldes Dual Currency 10c/1/- imprint block of 4 & 6, marginal block of 6 and corner block of 4 with sheet number, 15c/1/6d part imprint block of 6, 20c/2/- corner block of 12, 25c/2/6d part imprint block of 6 and LH marginal block of 6 R400
5 South Africa 2 x pages of odds , with 1925 1d Airmail bottom marginal strip of 5 unmounted few small creases at top, 1925 airmail set of 4 unm mint (R1850), 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 unmounted mint (R2650), 6d with variety ” dots around kings head”, plus various other 1930’s unmounted commemoratives , 2 x booklets inc 1938 3d Razor (R850),etc R600
6 Belgium & Congo small lot of odds including 1849 10c brown x 2 , 4 margins cat £100, 20c blue x 2(SG 2a, cat £70 each), 1c,20c and 40c perf (SG 24,26,27) etc , Belgian Congo 1887 SG 7-10, mint cat £69, etc R300
7 South Africa, Union 1945 Victory full sheets of all three values includes ” barbed wire” variety on 1d R200
8 Commonwealth mint odds , Nyasaland 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4m Southern Rhodesia 1937 set mounted mint, Trinidad nice postage dues, Sierra Leone etc R300
9 South Africa 1937 Coronation , full set all four arrow blocks unmounted mint R200
10 Cook Islands miniature sheets (x22) mint and used, thematic 1960s/70s. (C01000) R100
11 Cyprus mainly mint miniature sheets including unmounted mint scouts 1963 (item trades at R500 plus). Nice grouping 60s period. (C1002) R200
12 Montserrat 30c birds SG659/660 in (x7) progressive imperforated blocks of (x4). (MP1000) R300
13 Sierra Leone, uprated registered letter 2d registration plus 2 x 1d Queen Victoria stamps to London dated 1 Ap 1903 R400
14 SWA, postage dues, 1923 3d block of 12 unmounted mint one stamp with missing T, 14mm between overprint cat R9000 R2000
15 South Africa group of postcards, Edwardian period in the main, 18 x Natal, 16 x Cape/Eastern Cape R400
16 RSA FDCs in album 1990s R1
17 Namibia controls in stockbook R1
18 SWA controls in stockbook R1
19 RSA FDCs in album 1990s R1
20 RSA date stamp cards in binder R1
21 RSA 1970’s controls in stockbook R1
22 Zimbabwe FDCs in binder R1
23 Venda in binder R1
24 Boputhatswana in binder R1
25 Rhodesia odds in stockbook R300
26 Northern Rhodesia censored airmail cover to USA, Luanshya 31/8/1942 to New Orleans. 3/3½d ( 3 x 1/-, 1 x 3d and single½d GVI definitive) with Leopoldville transit markings of 16/9/1942 and New Orleans receiver 10/10/1942.On arrival 10c USA special delivery stamp was added.Of particular interest is the South African anti Nazi propaganda stamp” pas op vir die slang in die gras”, translated as “Watch out for the snake in the grass”, which was applied in Northern Rhodesia(the sender hailed from East Rand, Luanshya and was presumably South African).The label which has some surface abrasions is tied with the New Orleans receiver.Extremely scarce and unusual usage of the wartime label R1500
27 Southern Rhodesia, 1931 Fieldmarshall, 6d bottom LH corner block of 4 perf 14, and imprint strip of 4 , perf 11½ , both unmounted mint and 2 lovely different shades, cat R2600++ R1000
28 Southern Rhodesia, 1931 Fieldmarshall, 9d bottom LH corner block of 4, one stamp hinged , perf 12 & 10d top RH corner block of 4 one hinged and with sheet number in margin , perf 11½, cat R1795+ R800
29 Southern Rhodesia, 1931 Fieldmarshall, 9d unmounted mint block of 6, cat R1680 as singles R600
30 Rhodesia 1977 Christmas full sheet of the 6c value with the middle row showing partial missing broWn colour .Few tone spots around sheet margins not affecting variety R800
31 Northern Rhodesia , 1941 cover to UK , with tied ” We realise in Rhodesia ….British Navy” label , label slightly torn at top right but nevertheless scarce label on cover R600
32 Malawi 2018 Vultures of Africa miniature sheet missing value. There have been 2x items sold on ebay at £125. (MV1000) R1250
33 Rhodesia May 1971 1 unit Petrol Ration Coupon, unusual large block of 16 R200
34 Gold lettered Opening of the first Zimbabwe Parliament cover cancelled Bulawayo 14/5/1980 R200
35 Rhodesia 3rd Anniversary of Independence with 1/3d Churchill Stamp , cover 11/11/1968 R200
36 Rhodesia & Nyasaland , 1954 QEII £1 imprint pair superb unmounted mint R800
37 1975 Victoria Falls Constitutional conference cover cancelled Victoria Falls, 25/8/1975 R200
38 Dissolution of Parliament of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia cover 12/12/1979 R200
39 Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, cover to commemorate 1980 Independence Election, 27-29th Feb R200
40 Rhodesia $2 butterfly issue SG508 pair showing double black on stamps, a normal stamp included for comparison. (RV1000) (RV1001) R200
41 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1960 Kariba set SG32/37 of note all items are marginal singles showing the sheet value, difficult lot to assemble. (RN1000) R450
42 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1960 Kariba 1s SG34 marginal block of (x4) and marginal pair showing proving variety boat on lake row 2/2. (RN1001) (RN1001A) R350
43 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1960 Kariba 5s SG37mint item showing cloud variety. (RN1002) (RN1002A) R350
44 Zimbabwe bird sets SG1146/1155 (x5) sets catalogue value R2000 plus. (ZT1000) R220
45 Southern Rhodesia , GVI 6d definitive with variety large grey vertical line by the side of the Kings Head, unmounted mint R300
46 Southern Rhodesia 1924 Admirals mounted mint set of 14, cat R3660 R900
50 Bechuanaland Protectorate 1888 3d surcharged in black on 3d ,SACC 41 , cat R3700, lightly mounted mint R700
51 Canada, interesting assortment of postal history, compring cards (11)/ covers (5), including 1901 Grand Trunk Railway cards (x4), 1911 uprated postal stationary ex Fort Frances to Orange Free State, Niagara Falls p/card, some nice Queen Vic postcards inc unused Newfoundland, QEII postage due cover, 2 x registered items from 1940s including high value usage ( part scan) R400
52 Tanganyika, GV mint lot on stockcard, 1917 G.E.A. overprints duplicated values to 75c, 1921 multiple script , 12c, 15c, 50c (x2), 1922-25 Giraffes inc 10c orange-yellow(2)15c(4), 25c, 30c blue,30c purple(3), 50c, 10/- sideways watermark (£250), 1927-31 GV issues values to 1/- , total catalogue in ecess of £450 R2000
53 Tristan Da Cunha GVI set of St Helena overprints, full set in unmounted mint imprint blocks of 4 , superb cat £560++ R5000
54 Somaliland, GV selection mounted mint 1912-19 mult crown CA , various including 1Rp,2Rp, & 5Rp( £200), 1921 mult script CA wmk values duplicated to 2Rp, 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4, total cat in excess of £300 R1500
55 Somaliland, QV 1903 India overprints 2½a both top & bottom overprints, values to 12a, Edward VII india overprints full set with duplicates, 1904 Mult CA wmk vals to 2 Rp’s , total cat in excess of £150 R700
56 Sierra Leone, GV selection 1912-21 mult crown CA values to 1/-, with nice range of shades including 2½d deep blue(£20), 1/- (3); 1921-27 mult script CA vals to 5/- inc 2/-(x2); 1932 vals to 5/-(2), 2/- block of 4, 1933 Centenary vals to 2/-, total cat value £350+ R1250
57 Samoa, 1886-1890 unchecked for perfs so cheapest catalogue given , ½d,1d(2), 3d(5),2½d (4), 4d, 6d(4), 1/-(2), 2/6d plus surcharges , Provisional Govt 1899/1900 set of 8 plus additional 5d shade , total cat in excess of £100 R500
58 Samoa mint selection 1914 Edward VII values to 6d, 1916-19 GV values to 1/-, 1920 Victory values to 1/- inc 3d x 3, 1921 to 1/- , cat £70+ R250
59 Sierra Leone 1884-91 values to 4d, 1896-97 values to 5d(£34), Edward VII wmk CA. vals to 5d(£25), mult CA wmk, values to 1/- inc 4d(2), 5d(2),6d dull purple(3), 1907-12 values to 5/-, inc 1d red(£18), 3d, 5d(£26), 6d(£23), and 5/- (£60), total cat in excess of £260 R1200
60 Sarawak, nice mint lot starting with small lot of surcharges inc SG 27a 1c on 3c with stop after THREE(£55),1888-1897 12c & 32c(£60), 1899 4c on 6c green(£60), 1899-1908 Brooke 3c dull purple (£25),1918 values to $1 & $2 ( £42 each), 1923 surcharges 1c,2c, 1932 values to 20c, 1934 values to $2, total cat £450+ R1400
61 Seychelles great mint lot of Queen Vic inc blocks, extremely fresh colours 1890-92 Die I set exc 4c , few unm ( £160), 1890-92 Die I 3c (£36) & 10c controls pair unm mint (£36 ++), 1892 Die II to 13c, 2c, 4c blocks of 4, 10c unm mint block of 4(£64++) total cat in excess of £330++ R1500
62 Ascension George vi set x16 values lightly mounted mint SG38b/47a catalogue value R5000 plus. (A1000) R800
63 Ascension Royal Naval Crests miniature sheets 1970’s (x4) mint and used. R50
64 Bahamas miniature sheets (x3) 1970s thematic. (BH1000) R50
65 British Solomon Islands £1 mint lightly mounted SG38, catalogue value R5000 plus. (BSI1000) R1000
66 Cyprus George vi mint set of (x19) SG151/163 lightly mounted catalogue value R4000 plus. (C1001) R600
67 Falkland Islands George vi set of (x18) SG146/163 lightly mounted mint catalogue value R8000 plus (F1004) R1500
68 Fiji George vi mint lightly mounted set (x16) values SG249/266b catalogue value R5000 plus. (F1005) R700
69 USA, interesting lot of used Inter revenue/inland exchange stamps , includes U.S. Revenue stamp r84c – $2.50 Inland Exchange issue of 1863, U.S. Revenue stamp scott r78a – $1.50 Inland Exchange issue etc R500
70 Russia card from American Relief Administration ( which was responsible for food parcels to Russia) in Paris but posted in Russia with 2 x 10 k savings stamps , both tied by dumb type cancel , also poscard to Lydenburg,South Africa, 3/4/1924 with scarce usage of 2 x6k imperf Lenin mourning stamps R400
71 France nice lot of highly catalogued stamps but with faults, including 1853 -61 1 Fr with thin and rather grubby appearance(cat € 4200), 1922 5Fr + 1Fr mint with tone spots(€260), 1936 Airs 50Fr used a fair copy (€320), plus 2 x mint copies one with brown gum , the other unmounted with tiny tone spot(can be removed), cat €1200 each.Offered at fraction of catalogue price. R500
72 Germany Berlin 1956-1990 mainly used lot in binder plus some mint & used Saar R400
73 Switzerland Pro Juventute mint & used in binder, very high catalogue R1000
74 Greece 1967-1983 mainly used but with smattering of mint R300
75 Italy page of Express Letter stamps, 1903-1940 mint & used, noted 1917 25c on 40c violet mint (£40), etc R250
76 Italy selection of postage dues, earlies in somewhat mixed condition but noted 1870 1c good used, 2c in fine used condition(£30), 5 Lira good used(£37),1934 Fascist issue used to 5 Lira, 1944 overprints mint to 1 Lira, 1947 used to 50 Lira, R300
77 Italy 1875 Officials fine used to 1 Lira, mint to 30c, 1878 surcharges for normal postage including 2c on 2c used(£37), 2c on 5c(£48), total cat in excess of £160 R400
78 Union odd Springbok half penny and 1d Wildebeest strips of coil stamps ideal lot for varieties on pages unchecked as received. R200
79 South Africa, in album , 1913 Kings Heads mint to 1/3d, nice selection 1927 airmails, 1935 Silver Jubilee mint with lower values in blocks of 4, 3d fine used block of 4 ( R1500), excellent selection of Jipex sheetlets, mint & used with few covers (22 pages of these issues alone), pictorials 5/- block of 4 mint, decent range of animals definitives with control pairs to 10/- , etc , plenty to sort through ( part scan) R2000
80 South Africa,Union , nice lot of commercial covers Kings Heads or contemporary postal stationary /wrappers etc , also postage due postcard with halfpenny Springbok, total of 9 items R100
81 South Africa, 1935 First Day Cover with all four values of the Silver Jubilee issue on registered airmail to England, of further interest is the Non European Office cancel, Pretoria plus registration cachet.A scarce combination R1500
82 South Africa lot of postmarks on pages includes Amersfoort skeleton ( x 4 on 1935 Jubilee issue), Amanzimtoti skeleton on 3 Royal Vist covers( 17/2/1947), Buhrmansdrift(on block of 4 1d KH;s & 1945) on 2/6d vertical pair,Makapanstad(1941),Dargle Rail(1933), Oliphants Hoek(1914 1d KH),Mooipan(1916),SAR Immigrant on 1915 1d pair KH’s,N.E.Durban,Lammerkop(1925),TVL Jamborally on 1948 cover(some staining), TrappesValley on 1949 Voortrekker cover, Margate The Seaside pleasure resort(both English & Afrikaans), Stutterheim skeleton cancel on blocks of 4 Royal Vist R500
83 South Africa, small lot of mainly Natal postmarks on 1940s/50s issues, incldes Gollel Rail, Dargle, Idutywa 1949 skeleton (unrecorded?), Acton Homes, Ndwedwe, Sobantu, Mapumulu, Collessie, Tafamasi (1949), Durban Bantu(1949), Nqamakwe,New Brighton Village, Somtseu Road,Durban, Mehlomnyama,, The Duncan Village(1949 skeleton unrecorded and proving opening date?) total of 40 postmarks R500
84 South Africa, SANAE and other related South Atlantic covers, total of 12 covers ( part scan) R200
85 South Africa,Union , 1935 Silver Jubilee blocks of 4 all unmounted mint ; 3d x 3 blocks one with variety ” mark to the front of forehead”, 6d marginal block of 4 misperf R600
86 RSA, First definitives ½c kingfisher marginal block of 6 with additional row of perfs both vertically & horizontally, stunning variety, unmounted mint R800
87 South Africa nice lot of postmarks on cards/covers, includes part Achterberg Rail(1905),Sea Point(1910),Haarlem(1905),Malati (1950), SAR Dannhauser(1913), Viljoensdrift (1914) , total of 7 cards R200
88 RSA, 10c first definitive, large blocks , controls etc, for the specialist( part scan) R500
89 RSA, 10c first definitive pair with large brown blotch and block of 8 with green ink smudge R200
90 South Africa Union , small and large Wars great lot of arrow blocks, blocks, marginal pieces , nice misperf on 2d etc, unmounted mint, great lot R2000
93 Great Britain , 2018 Owls 2 x sheets of 4 x strips of 5 each, beautiful bird thematic, R300
98 RSA , First definitives , bundle of controls, strips etc, unchecked, R300
99 RSA, First definitives nice study of the 9c to 15c , controls, strips etc ( part scan) R400
100 RSA and related flight covers Airphilsa 9,10, 37-40,42-45, 47-49,few Namib Air, 1984 UTA Jhb to Paris, 1983 Air Portugal Lisbon to Jhb, 1980 Caspareuthus 50th Anniv flight(signed), , Venda airways, Caprivi no 2, 2 x Air Mauritius, total of 26 covers R400
101 RSA/Boputhatswana/Botswana flight covers , Airphilsa 53(signed),59 to 62, 63,79,84,103, Air Botswana 1989 Jhb to Maun and return , x 2 signed covers, total of 11 covers R180
102 RSA/Swaziland, flight covers, includes Airphiksa 5 to 8,Kempair 45 & 46 proving flights, 1978 Manzini to Blantyre, Malawi & return flight, 1978 Manzini to Mauritius and return flight, etc , total of 11 covers R200
103 First/Second definitives controls in binder R300
104 Nice lot of South African Postal stationary/postcards , mainly GV period, mint and used approx 50 items R800
105 RSA, 2½c Groot Constantia ist definitive marginal block of 15 with stunning misperf through the middle of the right hand row and margins R1500
106 RSA 1977 definitives 6c with missing black , SACC 423b , cat R4500 R1000
107 South Africa Union Officials, 1930 Roto 1d ship Type II SACC 14b with variety ” Double overprint”, unmounted mint , cat R9000 R3000
108 South Africa Union Officials, 1930 Roto ½d Springbok, SACC 11f with variety ” Double overprint”, mounted mint block of 4, cat R18000 R5500
109 South Africa booklet no 15 , 1939 complete 2/6d booklet with usual trimmed perfs cat R15000 R4000
110 RSA First definitives great lot of arrow blocks, strips , large pieces etc in tray, varieties, Dr Blade flaws etc, values to 20c R1000
111 South Africa,Union , 1932-42 roto frames postage dues ½d block of 6 plus corner block of 4 with inverted watermark, block of 4 with sheet number & inverted wmk, 2d block of 4 upright but cut straight at top, 2d pair with value shift to the right, cat R4000, bargain R300
112 South Africa Union Rotos, unhyphenated study of the brown colour frames ranging from pale brown to chocolate and frames ranging from light green through a deeper green to bronze green( 2 x copies with inverted wmks), then greyish green culminating in slate-grey(1 copy). Also noted narrow stamp with UHB V5, and pair with UHBV2, mounted mint throughout with a catalogue value in excess of R30000 R4500
113 Israel Jewish National Fund early label (x10) from booklet usual gum ageing (topicalization) (JNF1001) R200
114 Israel Jewish National Fund early label (x10) from booklet 1937 depicts building usual gum ageing (topicalization) (JNF1003) R300
115 Israel Jewish National Fund early label (x10) from booklet 1937 depicts building usual gum ageing (topicalization) the item is printed out of register giving the impression of perforation shifts (JNF1004) R1250
116 Israel Jewish National Fund early labels (x16) from booklet 1940s depicts Jewish leaders and famous people, no gum. (JNF1002) R300
117 Israel Jewish National Fund early label (x20) from booklet depicts ships usual gum ageing (topicalization) (JNF1005) R250
118 Israel Jewish National Fund early labels (x20) from booklet 1940s depicts Jewish wall and buildings, the second stamp depicts early prophet. (JNF1006) R300
119 Israel Jewish National Fund Yatir Project South Africa 2x different stamp designs in marginal gutter blocks of (x8) circa 1980’s (JNF1000). R200
120 Basutoland/Lesotho in stockbook 1933-1985 , GVI to 5/- mint, strength in 1970s/80s R200
121 Basutoland/Lesotho in binder, includes 1937 GVI set used, 1948 RSW mint & used, 1954 QEII set mounted mint & used, 1961 Decimal currency surcharges mint & used includes R1 Type 1 & 11, 1961 Decimal currency mint set R600
122 British Bechuanaland, Mafeking Siege 6d on 2d green & red SG 8, used cat £120 R400
123 Lesotho, 1986 Surcharges 16s on 5s on postcard with variety ” double surcharge”, SG 727a cat £32 for mint, with certificate R200
124 British Bechuanaland, 1888 unappropriated dies all fine used with good colours, 1/-,2/- x 2, 2/6d and 5/- , 1/- on 1/- total cat £400+ R1800
125 Swaziland mainly mint sets on pages includes WWF birds good selection. (SW1000) (SW1001) (SW1002) (SW1003) R300
126 Bechuanaland, revenue £5 Transvaal overprint 1904-10 Type C, extremely fine , Barefoot £75 R600
127 Swaziland, 1981-2000 by no means complete but better noted WWF etc R200
128 NO LOT
129 NO LOT
130 NO LOT
131 NO LOT
132 NO LOT
133 NO LOT
134 Germany 1938 Zeppelin set of 2 , unmounted mint, cat 54 Euros. R200
135 Egypt 1965-1989 mint & used plus officials, postage dues , noted 1952 to 50m, also few Palestine R400
136 South Africa, pre Union/Union odds in stockbook, SWA, R200
137 Southern Africa binder of FDCs, mainly Rhodesia 1960s/70s, including 1966 definitives, and Independence overprints R100
138 South Africa protea controls in stockbook R100
139 NO LOT
140 South Africa , nice lot of Christmas/Easter labels tied to covers, Christmas 1938, 1947,1949, 1950, 1957, 1943, plus few Easter and booklet ( part scan) R300
141 South Africa/UK 6/8/1929 flight cover ex Southampton to Johannesburg, with 4 values of PUC issue and signed by Bellin and Miller the pilots, scarce R2000
142 South Africa , cover addressed to Robertson Stamp Company with clear War Train PO cancel of 31 Mar 1941 R300
143 South Africa page of labels R400
144 South Africa uprated pre printed envelope to USA with 1940 Christmas stamp tied , duly censored and Airmail Suspended cachet added, scarce Wartime usage R400
145 South Africa Anglo Boer War ½d vermillion GB stamp overprinted Army Telegraphs, fine mint cat £32 R150
146 South Africa Anglo Boer War , Nov 1900 stampless envelope sent from “Rustenburg” to Durban, with purple two line cachet “Found in Rustenbg by British Forces” and triangular censor markings as well as circular T h/s and 1d instructional markings.Reverse shows transit marks of Pretoria,Durban and Stamford Hill.Great item with few age spots not detracting R6000
147 SWA, 1935 Silver Jubilee 3d gutter block of 4, unmounted mint , lovely item R1000
148 SWA Kings Heads , 10/- , Type 2 overprint spacing 10mm , superb unmounted mint, cat R26000 R8000
149 SWA, Kings Heads used selection 2/6d 2 x Type VI (R1200 each), 2/6d type III (R1500),plus 2/6d type IIIa thinner overprint(R1500), 5/- type III (R2000), £1 type III (R8500) R3000
150 SWA FDCs in binder includes 1973 Jentsch paintings signed by artist R150
151 SWA, 1980s FDCs gold series and silks/maxi silks total of 30 covers R300
152 SWA 1951/52 transposed overprnts on Officials, 1d marginal pair,1½d,2d and 6d pairs in blocks of 4 , all unmounted mint , cat R5600 R600
153 SWA, bulk lot of 1954 definitives on 2 pages, mint(assume mounted) , but noted 5/- x 11, 10/- x x 9 etc, unchecked for watermarks, also includes succulents 20c blocks with S. variety etc R500
154 SWA, 1930 Airs 1/- first printing top marginal block of 4 , 3 stamps are unmounted , cat R5500 R600
155 SWA, used odds on 2 pages , includes Kings Head 2/6d, Airs, some Officials etc, high catalogue R300
156 SWA nice lot of old postcards, Swakopmund,Windhoek 1905, Schutztruppe, Keetmanshoop (1908),Sperlingslust,Windhoek, Berseba church, also includes pic of a soldier whilst not neccesarily SWA was found in amongst related SW items, 5 cards I pic R200
157 SWA, Postage dues 5d violet 1923 14mm issue with missing T (SACC 7a) , mounted mint cat R4500 R800
158 Namibia proofs ex archives, 1992 Olympics, top right hand corner control vertical strip of 3 with large margins at top and right with printers colour strips R300
159 Namibia proofs ex archives,1991 Weather service, bottom right hand corner control vertical strip of 3 with large margins at right with printers colour strips R250
160 Namibia proofs ex archives, 1990 Farming top right hand corner control vertical strip of 3 with large margins at top and right with printers colour strips R250
161 Namibia proofs ex archives, 1993 Childrens Care top right hand corner control vertical strip of 3 with large margins at top and right with printers colour strips R250
162 Namibia proofs ex archives, 1995 Finnish Missionaries top right hand corner control vertical strip of 3 with large margins at top and right with printers colour strips R250
163 SWA, 1930 4d air mounted mint with variety ” inverted overprint” , cat R4000 R1000
164 SWA, 1930 Pictorials, odds on page 2/6d 2 x unm , 1 x mtd mint, 5/- x 2, 10/-, 20/- all unmounted etc cat R9000 + R2000
165 Ceylon , GV mint selection 1921-32 mult script wmk values to 2Rps including 15c(4),25c(4),50c(4, including Die I x 2£60 each), 1Rp Dies I & II, 2rp x 2, plus some War issues and 1935 Silver Jubilee, cat £200+ R700
166 Malta Edward VII selction mint on stockcard 1903 Wmk Crown CA values to 1/- (£100+), 1904-14 MCA inc 1d black & red (x2, £26 each),4½d brown(£40), 5d vermillion(£42), 5/- x2 different shades(£65 each), total cat in excess of £470 R1500
167 British Post Offices in the Levant, 1902-05 40 pa on 2½d, 80 pa on 5d, 1911-13 4pi on 10d dull reddish purple & carmine, 4 pi on 10d dull purple & scarlet (£60), 2pi on 5d dull purple & ultramarine(£30), 5 pi on 1/- green & carmine(x 3, £23 each), GV 1913-14 values to 1/-, Brit POs in Constantinople, 3d bluish violet with Levant opt (Salonica £160), total cat in excess of £500 R2000
168 Malta Queen Vic mint selection 1862 ½d buff very LMM wing margin copy (£120)1885-1890 1d rose(£85), 2½d dull & bright blue (£115), 4d (2), 1/- pale violet(£60), total cat in excess of £400 R1800
169 Australia 1932 GV 3d ultramarine Ash Imprint interpanneau block of 4 hinged only at top of interpanneau includes plate variety ” White flaw below kangaroos paw”” plus Ash imprint pair(plate 8) with slight perforation splitting R800
170 NO LOT
171 NO LOT
172 British South Africa Arms issues 1892, 2s-£2 of note is that this grouping of fiscal usage shows no perfins and all items are on piece with fresh colours usual oxidising on 5s. (x15) items. (BSA1010) R600
173 British South Africa Company £1 (x4) items no perfins probably used at some stage, light or no cancellation visible. Of note one normal stamp and three smaller stamps. Great reference lot. Mint stamps would catalogue at R30 000. (BSA1011). R400
174 British South Africa Company 5s fiscal used no perfins SACC8 (x2). (BSA1013) R150
175 British South Africa Company 4s on piece SACC26 key item fiscal usage. (BSA1012) R100
176 British South Africa Company selection of postally and revenue used arms issue nice selection (x41) items, high catalogue value. (BSA1014) R350
177 Ceylon George vi 10R inscribed REVENUE/REVENUE mint lightly mounted listed in Barefoot as number 8. Attractive priced at £35. (CR1000). R400
178 Ceylon George vi 10R inscribed REVENUE/REVENUE mint lightly mounted listed in Barefoot as number 8. Attractive priced at £35. (CR1001). R400
179 Great Britain 1d George v imperforated vertical strip of (x3) International Stamp Exhibition stamp/cinderella. (GB1000) R200
180 Southern Rhodesia George vi revenue stamps used on album page 3s-£5 (x23) stamps. (SR1002) R300
181 Southern Rhodesia George vi revenue stamps used in pairs 3s,10s,£1,£2 and £5. (SR1003) R200
182 Natal nice group of revenues mint condition many with gum, includes 1d,4d and 9d overprinted Specimen, 1886 1d dark lilac(Type I), brown lilac(T2), 4d lilac(Type I), 6d (Type II), 9d(Type II control), 1/-(Type I & II),4/- light lilac(Type I), mid lilac(Type II), 5/- (Type I), rarely seen in this condition R2000
183 Transvaal, 1869 1d brown-lake on thin paper mounted mint with original gum , fine roulette , SACC 4, cat R3500 R800
184 Cape of Good Hope, 4d 2 margined triangle on 1858 part entire, Cape Town b/s R300
185 Cape of Good Hope, 4d 3 margined triangle on 1863 envelope with Alexandria back oval cancellation R800
186 Zululand, 2 superb postmarks in purple , both items on small piece , Nongoma Dec 20 1897 and Hlabisa 29 Aug 1897 R500
187 Transvaal , 1895 Railway stamp in pane of 60 cancelled by favour at Pretoria 19 May 1896 includes the cracked plate variety(row 9/3) R400
188 Railway postmark Transvaal , postcard from Johannesburg 1894 to Port Elizabeth with very fine Midland Down cancel of Oc 10 1894 R300
189 South Africa, Orange River Colony nice selection of Edward VII revenues, with better values noted , 6/-, £2 10/- x 2 and £5, cat in excess of £60 R200
190 Cape of Good Hope, 1/- bright green triangle with three good to large margins , fine used SACC 8, cat R8500 R1500
191 Cape of Good Hope, 1855 triangle 1d pale rose with large to huge margins , SACC 5a, cat R8000, a superb copy R1600
192 Cape of Good Hope letter card with clear Robben Island cancel of Jun 1905 and clear BONC 158, scarce R1000
193 Transvaal, 1879 1d surcharge on 6d with major shift of the overprint so that the Y of penny appears on the left hand side.Fine used , SACC 169, cat R950+ R300
194 Transvaal, 1900 VRI overprints 2½d fine used with inverted overprint , SACC 235d, cat R250 R100
195 Transvaal, 1900 VRI overprints set to 1/- unmounted mint blocks of 4 R200
196 Transvaal, VRI overprints ½d , 2d, 2½d and 4d all mounted mint with variety ” very large stop after I ” R300
197 New Republic, 2d dated 2 Dec 1886 , mounted mint cat R200 R150
198 New Republic, 1887 violet ptg on yellow paper 3d with huge margins and variety ” double embossing”, mounted mint R400
199 Zululand, small selection of monted mint , values to 1/-, cat R4000+ R600
200 Natal, parcel tag send from H.J.Brereton,Chemist, Central West Street Durban with 3d Queen Vic stamp on reverse dated Aug 1901, scarce R500
201 Anglo Boer War , letter from St Helena, 12/2/1902 to Mafeking from prisoner CF Neveling , grubby with detached back R150
202 Anglo Boer War part letter card with superb British Army Field Post Office ( no 1)cancel of May 2, 1900 R150
203 Anglo Boer War 2 x real pic postcards one of State Artillery the other of foreign attaches with the Boers, 2 x postcards Boer Commando at the Tugela & Boer Staats Artlillery R400
204 South Africa, postage dues, 1948/49 ½d green & black , unmounted mint block of 60, ( 6 stamps detached from top row), cat R6000 as singles R400
205 Liechtenstein plus few Vatican FDCs in binder R120
206 SAA 60 years of flight binder & covers R50
207 South Africa , Johannesburg postcards mainly Edwardian, over 100 R600
208 South Africa ,Pretoria postcards mainly Edwardian, duplicated, over 100 R600
209 The Anglo Boer Wars by Michael Barthorp R50
210 Scandanavians in the 2nd Anglo Boer War, 2 x volumes , in Afrikaans R100
211 Empty stockbook , Green cover white pages Lighthouse R100