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***Kyalami Bonus Auction ***
Auction at 11.00am
11 May 2019.
Email bids in by 11th May latest 6h00 local time.
We gladly accept PayPal.
How to get there (From the N1):Take the R51 Allandale Road turn off and drive 4.5km along Allandale Road towards the Kyalami Race Track (west). At the Race Track turn right on the R55 Kyalami Main Road and drive 1.6km north to the M71 road to Bryanston. Turn left on to the M71 and drive 2km to Maple Road. Turn right into Maple Road and drive 1km to the
Kyalami Country Club entrance on the right. Viewing starts at 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of stamps and friends.
Due to postal issues all items local will be sent via The Courier Guy R100 for orders over R1000 cost R50. Oversees Buyers under 500g $35 under 1000g $75.

Contact details:
Clinton Goslin 083 272 9367,
Kenny Napier 083 444 0249,
Email /telephone bids are welcome; remember there is no buyer’s commission.

Lot No. DESCRIPTION Estimate
1 Charity Lot !!!! R200
2 Large box of special South Africa first day covers. R450
3 First definitive controls 100s possibly a few 1000 too many to describe in (x10) stock books and loose. R1800-2500
4 South West Africa selected better items on cards etc postmarks, varieties etc.. R700-1000
5 China including odd Asia in stock book. R450
6 South Africa mint bulk sheets and controls good lot to expand on. Stamps to R20 noted. R450-750
7 World albums (x10) mainly Mozambique, Portugal, Angola, Colonies etc odd Macau noted etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
8 Commonwealth collection on cards ideal lot for dealer; items include Great Britain George v 2s6d brown SG476 unmounted mint block of (x4) catalogued at R3600. Kenya selection of George vi different perforations etc. Cyprus George vi £1 odd Bermuda, Falklands etc. R1200-1500
9 Box of stamp packets and odd covers good thematics noted. R250-300
10 Union on pages items include; 1s mint block large and small stamps, blocks, controls etc great lot to expand on. R1700-2500
11 South Africa mixed early banknotes circulated in file, includes 1947 £5. R350-400
12 Box of collector’s odds good value. R200-250
13 China and Asia in stock book including sheet of 100 stamps revenue type overprinted for postage use. R450-700
14 Great Britain training stamps each item has (x2) vertical black lines through stamps, values to 9d (x8) values. R100
15 Album with various countries, SWA both large & small wars mint , 1954 definitives mint , Gold Coast 1938-51 GVI to 10/- ,1948 used set, 1948 RSW mounted mint, 1952 QEII set to 10/- used, Kenya , GVI 1938 set to £1, QEII 1954 & 1960 sets used to £1, 1948 RSW unmounted mint, etc R1000
16 Rhodesia , nice lot of useful items in stockbook, includes Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954 defs 2½d unm mint block of 8(cat R800), 1964 3d pair with major blue colour shift, Northern Rhodesia, 1963 set in unm mint pairs(cat R2980), plus a used set(R1470), Rhodesia , Independence £1 in blocks (4 & 6) and strips(x6) plus lovely block of 12 extended control , 1967/8 dual currency unm mint & used , Nyasaland 1963 revenues optd postage set unm mint , etc, great clean lot R3000
17 SWA sparse lot in preprinted album but includes 1931 pictorials with the two airmail stamps (these alone cat R9500) R2500
18 Box of South African aerogrammes duplicated used/unused ex dealers stock, priced at R10000. A varied and interesting lot with much potential. R2000
19 Rhodesia/BSAC Double Heads small selection on stockcard in mixed condition but 2/- VFU noted, should check R500
20 Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959 QEII definitives the 5/-, 10/- and £1 .high values attached to Que Que local cover used on the first day of issue. R500
21 Rhodesia small lot of Admirals , 2/- Die III perf 14 , mtd mint, 4d x 4 mint copies , 2d(SACC 255, 291, 292) and 3d (SACC 215,259,260,293) R400
22 Box of odds noted Voortrekker covers, SA 4d large wars arrow block of 4, SA 4d native kraal selection of blocks/pairs, Rhodesia RAF Bulawayo Induna cover, SWA definitives in blocks/controls inc better, SA Union first stamp with first day cancel, SA 1947-54 screened set unm mint (R1500), 1976 Sports m/s signed by Gary Player etc R800
23 Germany , DDR 1950 Debria Philatelic Exhibition min sheet , superb unm mint , cat £190 R600
24 SWA 1927 6d postage dues pair , one stamp with variety “ missing stop after A”, mounted mint, cat R1100 R400
25 Cape of Good Hope revenue stamps mixed lot mainly Queen Victoria (x116). R150
26 Union official Farm Tax receipts (x2) for a Farm Kromdraai Heidelberg District 1917. R200
27 South Africa MITB forwarding and clearing stamps apparently used at the airport R2 value marginal block of (x19) R750
28 Spanish, Portuguese & Italian colonies. R120
29 French colonies in blue file. R90
30 Mixed Lot !!!!! R120
31 Southern Rhodesia postmarks Turk Mine on 3x registered covers cancelled 12 September 1950, of note attractive red registration labels. R200
32 Rhodesia collection on pages includes odd Double Heads etc….. R1000-1200
33 Commonwealth odds in stock book some better items noted. R400-500
34 Zambia bird varieties in stock book all in blocks and large multiples; varieties include offset on reverse; raised overprints and missing bars on overprints. R400-500
35 Swaziland varieties on cards from Queen Elizabeth varieties to later offsets and perforation shifts. All items are unmounted mint. R400-500
36 South West Africa first definitive mint including coils catalogued at R6000 plus. R300
37 Switzerland revenue stamps 21x different up to 500 Taxmarke fine used 1914-1917 usage catalogue value 1999 stated at $52. There is also a 5FR Canton de Fribourg Affiche permanente revenue handstamped SPECIMEN. Attractive grouping. R300
38 Great Britain in Blue stock book. R50
39 Canada in a brown stock book. R130
40 Union 1d uncut booklet panes with gutters part sheets of (x72) and (x63) with a few loose odds. R400-500
41 Box 1 RSA and world assortment in 12x albums (finds possible). R300
42 Box 2 RSA,Rhodesia,Malawi and SWA control block’s and first day cover’s (high catalogue value) should view. R600
43 Box 3 Collection of Mini sheet’s from around the world (New Zealand alone worth GBP100). R600
44 Box 4 Literature Postage stamps of GB Cracked surcharge and dies etc. R200
45 Box 5 Four albums thematics science and technology and medicine (should be good value). R300
46 Box 6 Five old world albums (finds probable). R800
47 Box 7 Three albums St Kitts,St Lucia,St Helena, Swaziland, Seychelles,Sierra Leone,Tonga etc (should view). R600
48 Box 8 Mixed lot Sheets Nyasaland etc (should view) finds possible. R500
49 Gold Coast in Green stock book. R150
50 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmarks ANTELOPE MINE , 2 examples on 1d Double Heads, firstly part cancel single circle SKELETON CANCEL , dated Jul 1 1911 and 28.5:18 mm double circle full cancel of Dec 19 1912 R1500
51 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmarks, ARCTURUS/ARCTURUS P.O, 2 examples on 1d Double Heads, firstly Arcturus P.O 26;17 mm double circle with crosses between circles and then ARCTURUS SKELETON CANCEL 26 mm single circle cancel of 1 Feb 1913. R1500
52 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark , BALLA BALLA SKELETON CANCEL , 26mm single circle strike on ½d Double Head dated Ju 17 1911. R500
53 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark, BATTLEFIELDS SKELETON CANCEL , almost complete strike of the 26mm single circle with code letter A postmark dated 9 Aug 1912. R1000
54 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark, CHIN MINE , superb example of the 28:17.5 mm double circle strike dated 21 Jun 1912 on 1d Double Head. Early date as the office was only opened on 27 Apr 1912 and was in operation for less than 5 years. R1500
55 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark, ELDORADO MINE , full strike of the 26:18 mm double circle with crosses between circles postmark on 1d Double Head dated 24 Oct 1912 R200
56 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark, ENTERPRISE , almost complete strike(first E only missing) on 1d small arms with Rhodesia overprint, dated Sep 2 1909, a rare postmark. R500
57 Rhodesia/BSAC, postmark GATOOMA SKELETON CANCEL(single circle 26 mm) on ½d pair of small arms issue, nice full cancel of Oc 10 1905. R500
58 Rhodesia/BSAC , postmark JOKER MINE, 27:17mm double circle , on 1d small arms Rhodesia overprint; part cancel of this extremely scarce postmark showing the KER MINE part of the strike , date looks like 3 Sep 01 or 04 both of which are impossible dates, more than likely the 10 ( from 1910) was revered as 01 R1000
59 Rhodesia/BSAC , postmark selection on 1d Double Heads , all good clear dated strikes , Balla Balla 29 Jul 1911 ; Battlefields 22 Feb 1913 ; Beatrice Mine 6 Jul 1912 ; Bembesi 16 Mar 1913 ; Bindura 14 Mar 1913 ; Bushtick 19 Oct 1912 (a particularly fine cancel) R300
60 Art stamp collection in blue 20p stock book ±350 different stamps plus little duplication. R200
61 SWA / Namibia mint and fine used with good postmarks in red 32p stock book. R200
62 Belgium and Belgian Congo mint and used stamps in green 32p stock book. R250
63 World mixture in blue 32p stock book, many thematics (transport, space, flora & fauna; sport etc. R200
64 World mixture (mainly European) used stamps in blue 48p stock book. R250
65 USA used collection in brown 32p stock book. R250
66 Commonwealth QV -GVI (282) stamps in stock. R50
67 Australia, Canada and New Zealand (864) in stock book. R50
68 Evenleaf album with (2000) plus stamps. R50
69 Black box with thousands of world stamps. R50
70 South Africa 1938 Voortrekker cover Bulkoek. R50
71 Transvaal small selection , 3d pale red(SACC 176, R270), ½d vermillion(SACC 159, R500), 3d dull rose(SACC 161, R450), 1876 6d(SACC 163,Rr250), 2d on 6d(SACC 196, R200), 1d on 6d(SACC 171, R400), fgew minor faults but generally fine R400
72 Transvaal, 1900 VRI overprints , 1/- fine used with inverted overprint, (SACC 239d), cat R800 R300
73 Transvaal, 1900 VRI overprints, 3d fine used with inverted overprint (SACC 236d), cat R1600 R700
74 New Republic 1/6d violet printing on granite paper with embossing , no date.Well centered for this issue, cat R200 R150
75 New Republic small lot of mint , 3d no date on yellow paper(SACC 62), plus a further copy with inverted arms; 1d dated 3/11/1886(SACC 52); 1d with no date(SACC 54), 2d with no date(SACC 55), 3d with no date(SACC 56), total cat R1280 R450
76 Zululand, small lot of 1888 GB overprints, mint 1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d and 9d (small tone spot), then 1894-96 definitives; 2½d(x 2), 3d, 6d and 1/- R400
77 Natal selection of Chalon Heads 3d(SACC 9), 3d x2(SACC 11), 1d (SACC 13), 1d (SACC 17), 1d (SACC 18, great deep bright red shade), 6d x 2(SACC 19),and 1/- (SACC 21) , total cat R4700 R500
78 Natal , Edward VII 1902/03 £1 10/- , used cat R3500 R800
79 Natal small size cover from Pietermaritzburg to Hawkwood(Chistlehurst) with pair of 3d Chalons with red Postage overprint(SACC 66), neat clean cover R400
80 South African Railways , R2 parcel stamps strip of 3 with S/M (Specimen/Monster) mint and gummed plus 10c MUT station code strip of 5 used R150
81 Box with 4x FDC albums with unofficial covers and date stamp cards. R200
82 South Africa Strip of 5 blank virtual stamps. R350
83 Old pre-printed Belgium album with lots of stamps. R300
84 Zumat stamps (flying doctor of Natal)
Large box with 1,000’s of Machin head stamps on en of paper. R250
85 Zumat stamps (flying doctor of Natal) 2x bags of RSA stamps on paper 12kg. R100
86 Large flat box with 1,000;s of Polish stamps. R300
87 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
88 Interesting group of postcards and first day covers. R50
89 Mystery box !!!!!!! R50
90 Austria 1945 local issues under Russian Occupation, Hitler heads overprinted Osterriech, 1Rm, 2Rm & 3Rm( all mounted mint , cat 150 Euros), plus 5Rm superb unmounted mint, cat 600 Euros. R1500
91 Liechtenstein 2FR 1931 Zeppelin issue mounted mint catalogue value 380 Euros. R600
92 Germany ,Third Reich , 7 x postcards all with Nazi Propaganda themes R300
93 Luxembourg 1931 Childrens Fund set of 5 , mounted mint, cat 150 Euros R250
94 The Whales of Greenland , beautifully produced brochure with stamps/min sheets produced by the Greenland Post 1998 R250
95 Germany , Brown Ribbon of Germany 1937 min sheet overprinted with German eagle and ornamental surrounding border with Munchen Reim 1 Aug 1937, superb unmounted mint , cat 200 Euros R800
96 Germany , 1937 Hitler min sheet with Wir ein volk retten will kann nur heroisch denken and 25pf additional surcharge for the Culture Fund, rouletted margins , superb unmounted mint, cat 320 Euros R1200
97 Austria 1950 birds , set of 7, mounted mint cat 380 Euros. R800
98 Surinam 1955 animals min sheet , unmounted mint , cat 80 Euros R300
99 Tray of odds with some better items noted R400
100 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
101 Bird thematics in stock book. R300
102 South Africa signed covers (x25) SADF31 CMDT S.J.Lombard Officer Commanding Vaal Commando. R200
103 Clearance lot in apple box. R150
104 Box of albums. R150
105 Box of binders. R60
106 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
107 Great Britain , group of halfpenny rose/rose red 1870 issue , one mint plus 37 used, unchecked for plate numbers fine to very fine , min cat £28 each R1000
108 Great Britain small lot of line engraved issues , 2 x 1d blacks , both poor , 1841 1d red superb 4 margined copy on entire, plus a pair , 1841 2d blues x4 plus 3 entires with 1854-57 1d reds R1500
109 Great Britain very sparse lot in Lindner hingeless album , but few pickings left, 1948 RSW, Edward VII to 2/6d, few seahorses etc R200
110 Great Britain , plastic tray of FDCs with some 2000’s issues noted, approx 200 covers , bargain R300
111 Great Britain , 1d reds in mixed condition , 1d stars( x 14, perf 16 Die 1 on blue paper(x8), 1d perf 16 , Die II, and perf 14, Die II, plus imperfs , three blocks of 4 with poor margins but nice positional piece, etc R400
112 Transkei nice group of commercially used covers with scarce RELIEF POSTMARKS, Mount Frere (x2), Libode , All Saints( x2), Lusikisiki (x4), plus 2 covers with the rare Butterworth Telegrams cancel. A difficult group to assemble R1500
113 Box of odds noted South African postage dues in blocks/singles and covers (high catalogue), RSA 1st defs R1 controls, GB GVI sideways watermarks selection, 1929 UPU 1d sideways wmk used(£90), QV 1883 2½d mint(cat £95), Union KH 6d with missing Z, 1d with partial offset, Falkland Islands GVI £1 etc R1000
114 Great Britain mass of on/off paper material in shoebox. R50
115 Gibraltar , 1860 envelope to UK endorsed ” as per first steamer” with 6d lilac wing margin copy canc with weak A26 oval obliterator, SG Z42 , cat £42 for stamp alone. R300
116 Luxembourg 1956 Europa , set of 3 , fine used cat £93. R200
117 South Africa £10 Postmus banknote above normal condition circulated fine dated 19 April 1943. R700
118 South Africa 10s banknote 8 April 1947 circulated. R100
119 South Africa £10 banknotes circulated 1950s (x4). R200-250
120 South Africa £5 banknotes circulated 1950s (x4). R200-250
121 South Africa £1 banknotes, plus one 10s circulated 1950s (x4). R200
122 Mozambique early banknotes in file mixed condition 1914-1937 (x10) banknotes. R250
123 Mozambique and Portugal coins in file mixed condition. R150
124 World coins in file mixed condition. R150
125 World coins in file mixed condition. R150
126 United States banknotes $2 x2 and $1 x8 series dates from 1935-1995 useful lot at face. R200
127 Zimbabwe 100 Billion banknotes (x2) uncirculated. R45
128 South Africa banknotes (x80) out of circulation banknotes mixed lot ideal for dealer flea markets etc. R350
129 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
130 Schoolboy album but with some useful noted ie Indian States, Mauritius etc. R200
131 SWA nice lot of aerogrammes unused R150
132 Shoebox crammed full of modern RSA CTO material R200
133 Box of odds , noted RSA modern period full sheetlets, 1994 coin cover etc R300
134 Rhodesia odds on pages includes 1935 Silver Jubilee used blocks of 4, 1966 Harrison 2/- bottom left corner block of 4 with upwards shift of purple colour etc R250
135 SWA 1961-1982 , stamps and covers in pre-printed album R200
136 Transkei box of bulk controls R200
137 Venda bulk lot of controls with some later issues noted R300
138 Bechuanaland Prot, 1914 2/6d Seahorse Waterlow Ptg, mounted mint , SACC 80, Cat R2200 R700
139 Ciskei , bulk lot of 1991 Owls FDCs all signed by the artist Dick Findlay , total of 10 covers R200
140 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
141 Mint Japanese occupation of Malaya. R1800
142 Collection Malaysia in stock book. R1200
143 New Zealand mint in stock book. R950
144 Stanley Gibbons 2018 Commonwealth catalogue. R800
145 Box of South Africa first day covers. R400
146 SWA box of stamps/covers R200
147 SWA 1972 postage dues the 8c value in a block of 4 with perforation shift R200
148 Basutoland 1948 RSW , set of 2 fine used, cat R600 R150
149 SWA large wars blocks of 4 fine used cat R2760 as singles R400
150 SWA Border War correspondence group of coversincludes cachets/markings Air Force Base Ondangwa, Southern Cross card , FPO 70, Lms Grootfontein , FPO 2/21, 1 Mil Area, 101 workshop init, 16 maintenance unit, etc etc total of 35 covers about 20 with different units markings R400
151 Grenada 1938 GVI mint lot with different shades and perfs includes 2/-(SG 161, 161a), 5/- (162a), 10/- (163, 163e, 163f), cat £300 ++ R1000
152 Gibraltar nice lot of mint George VI issues inc some better perfs,1½d(SG 123, £35), 3d(SG 125, £40), 1/- (SG 127, £45),5/-(SG 129b, £42), £1 (£42). R1000
153 SWA , First Flight cover (special Kimberley Flight), Grootfontein to Cape Town with 3d & 4d airmail stamps and pair of , ½d officials, Grootfontein Airmail cancels and date stamp of 1 Dec 1931 R300
154 SWA 1929 Officials on cover dated Karibib 1/7/1929 , cat R800++ R200
155 RSA , 1971 10th anniversary of Union , FDC with no airmail tag, SACC 17a , cat R2500 R600
156 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
157 South Africa 27x odd circulated banknotes in file.
158 French Colonies mint lot odd thematics noted good catalogue value. R200-250
159 Zimbabwe first definitive sheets to $2 (x18) sheets. R200-250
160 Zimbabwe , 2008 min sheets Rats & Mice, 2 sheets each with totally different shades R500
161 Singapore 1971 Festivals min sheet , unmounted mint ,SG M/S 159, cat £75 R300
162 Australia , GVI definitives , 3d blue block of 4 from Die 11 , bottom LH corner John Ash imprint block of 4, mounted top pair only, fine/very fine cat £260 ++ R700
163 Box of odds. R200
164 Bahamas , George VI selection of 1938-52 issue with values to £1 . mounted mint, min cat £150 R600
165 Swaziland 5/- slate-blue Transvaal overprint , mounted mint , cat R3500 , R800
166 Box of odds. R200
167 Box of odds. R200
168 Mauritius, pre paid entire from Calcutta to Mauritius 1853 with oval Mauritius Packet Letter Feb 8, 1853 cancel and boxed Calcutta GPO Shipletter 18 Jan 1853, clean and fresh R1000
169 Patriotic Boer War postcard with colour pics of De Wet, Botha and De La Rey , the three Boer Generals. Sent from Colombo, Ceylon with 2c stamp to Ragama Camp, Ceylon, 29/9/1902. Nice Ceylonese internal item, few minor faults not detracting. R300
170 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
171 Box with bundles of 100 stamps RSA. R100
172 New 24 page Lindner stock book with Portugal stamps 1918-1977
And plastic pouches with Portugal stamps after 1977. R300
173 4 Official SWA albums issued by Philatelic Services each with
50 blank pages with no name on. R400
174 1x Official RSA album issued by Philately Services preprinted
With cancelled stamps 1961-1978. R75
175 Same as above but 1979-1989. R75
176 RSA 1974 definitives tray of controls/blocks etc R100
177 RSA , ½c Kingfisher definitive, nice study lot of full/half/part sheets/controls , nice lot for further expansion. R400
178 South Africa , Union postage dues 2d 1932-42 issue in bottom marginal block of 4 with upright watermark , mounted mint , cat R3200 R500
179 South Africa/Transvaal , nice lot of Edwardian era postcards with the following themes , Pretoria ; Dopper Church(x3 , 2 different), vignette of Cantonments, Roberts Heights; Johannesburg ; Jeppe Esq house, Wilhelm St bridge, Orange Grove hotel, vignette of various buildings, plus 1 x Howick scenes. R250
180 South Africa postage dues 1950-58 issue 3d hyphenated unmounted mint pair , one with variety SPLIT D , cat R2600 R800
181 South Africa , 15/3/1954 meter mail advertising type registered cover from Lebona L.Molefe & Co, Sengu Herb Specialists, PO Box 22, Bergvleit, Jo’burg. The letter was posted out of course(P.O.O.C markings) and taxed 4d by use of a 4d native kraal pictorial. Covers with native business connections from this period are extremely scarce. R500
182 Chocolate cards x 2 depicting scenes from Transvaal 1), mail carrier plus pic of 1d Tvl stamp(circa 1898, Chocolat Antoine, Brussels), and 2) Boer War pic of General Symonns being killed at Glencoe(Louit Frere & Co, Bordeaux) R300
183 South Africa Union stock card with varieties, 4d large wars with “ smudge above UI” and “ blurred O “(refer UHB V2 & 3); 1/- large wars with “ line in front of tank”(UHB V1), , 2d small wars “ line on cap” variety, a pair and a block of 4(both unm mint, cat R2000 each)etc, R800
184 RSA , mass of controls/full sheets from 2000-2005 , all CTO, huge face R1000
185 Bechuanaland 1888 1/- on 1/- green, SACC 26, fine used, one nibbled perf. Cat R2500 R700
186 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
187 6th Definitive 50c Samango monkey with missing :y: R3C1 And normal block of 15 stamps for comparison. R75
188 Green stock book with “Berlin” stamps. High catalogue value. R1750
189 Transkei:- 4 FDC albums with complete set of FDC’s (110 covers)
Collector sheets (69) all date stamp cards (39) all maxi cards
(133). Altogether 331 items. R450
190 New on the market Catalogues of Homelands in two volumes listing all official Items issues by Philatelic Services a)stamps ) FDC’s, c) First day sheets, d) Maximum cards, e) Date stamp cards and f) Postcards…. All in colour. R1000
191 Flat box of odd stock cards etc, good value. R500
192 Box of odds R200
193 South Africa 1947 Royal Visit set of 6 postcards, unused R220
194 Boer War pic postcard of Henri Hegtkamp, the hero of Spionkop R100
195 Johannesburg 10 pic postcards , Edwardian , depicting the Post Office, The Oval, Belgravia, Kennel Club, Skating Rink, Hotel Bristol, Orange Grove Hotel etc R600
196 Box of odds R250
197 Box of stamps on pages , in packets etc R500
198 Box of packets , cards etc R200
199 Transkei , bulk lot of mint and used issues in stockbook R300
200 Whole table with boxes , albums, stockbooks , huge lot worth checking R2000
201 Union , large wars , 1/8/1941 FDC with pair of 3d with nice Ophirton cancel , cat R5000 R900
202 World albums (x10) etc in box including extra stamps in boxes etc. R700-1000
203 Late Entries box of odds unchecked…….. R200
204 Late Entries box of odds unchecked…….. R200
205 Late Entries box of odds unchecked…….. R200
206 World – Mixed lot. R200
207 South Africa – 1 x Suitcase – Mixed lot. R200
208 Great Britain – 1 x Suitcase – Mixed lot. R200
209 Homelands – Mixed lot. R100
210 South West Africa / Namibia – Mixed lot. R100
211 Canada – Mixed lot. R100
212 Commonwealth – mainly Africa. R100
213 South Africa – Mixed lot. R100
214 3x – blank albums. R100
215 Great Britain – Small container of cards – QE2 era – mainly 1953-1969. Includes phosphor issues & presentation packs. R220
216 Great Britain – Large tan album – stamps from Edward VII to QE2. Incl. Detailed George V, George VI & QE2 Jubilee. George VI varieties noted. Large amount of early QE2 unmounted mint at back of album – incl. phosphor issues. R350
217 Small lot Parker pens. R350
218 Clearance Lot !!!!! R100
219 Clearance Lot !!!!! R100
220 Clearance Lot !!!!! R100
221 South Africa R20 banknotes circulated 1960s (x3). R100
222 South Africa R10 banknotes circulated 1960s (x4). R100
223 South Africa R2 banknotes circulated 1960s (x2). R50
224 South Africa R2 banknotes circulated 1960s (x4). R100
225 South Africa R1 banknotes circulated and uncirculated 1960s-80s (x5). R100
226 South Africa R10 banknotes uncirculated De Jong sequential (x6). R300
227 South Africa R5 banknotes uncirculated Stals sequential (x4). R100
228 Kenya Queen Elizabeth banknote 100 Shillings circulated. R100
229 Lesotho 1973 10th Ann. of O.A.U. marginal block of (x10) showing missing overprints on 2x stamps SG232a. R3500-4000
230 Commonwealth stock cards in flat box. R2000
231 South Africa revenue stamps on pages early Transvaal etc. R1000
232 Commonwealth revenue stamps on pages includes Australia Law Courts to £100 and odd Kenya George v to £10. R1000
233 Great Britain early covers and stamps, in flat box. R3000
234 Box of odds…… R500
235 Box of odds…… R500

Hope you enjoyed this offering if we do not have what you collect please request to be put onto our specialist auction lists. Best regards The Stamp Team !!!!!!