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*** Kyalami Stamp Auction ***
Auction at 11.00am
10 March 2018.
We gladly accept PayPal.
How to get there (From the N1):Take the R51 Allandale Road turn off and drive 4.5km along Allandale Road towards the Kyalami Race Track (west). At the Race Track turn right on the R55 Kyalami Main Road and drive 1.6km north to the M71 road to Bryanston. Turn left on to the M71 and drive 2km to Maple Road. Turn right into Maple Road and drive 1km to the
Kyalami Country Club entrance on the right. Stamp Fair starts at 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of stamps and friends.
I have secured offices in Pretoria and will send further information shortly as I am in the process of unpacking and setting up shop. We have some great items up for sale this Saturday !!!!

We are looking for Medals, Tokens, Banknotes, coins and
pre 1960 Passports for our Collectable auctions.
Contact details: Atlas Auctioneers
Clinton Goslin 083 272 9367,
Email /telephone bids are welcome; remember there is no buyer’s commission.

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1 Charity Lot ! R100
2 Mixed used stamps in shoe box, some better items noted clean lot. R100
3 South Africa revenue stamps mixed lot bulk in stock book 100s mixed ideal for sourcing different dates shifts etc. R1200-1500
4 China mixed lot odd Taiwan Specimens etc. R400-600
5 Hawid Guillotine small type for cutting Hawid strips, useful item. R225
6 Zimbabwe: Covering period +- 2000 to 2002 FDC’s, postally used sets of postage dues, used inflation stamps, Unmounted complete sets covering same period, Catalogue Value R 3000.00 (less than 30% of catalogue). R500
7 Stanley Gibbons Philatelic Binder & slipcase x 3 in good condition plus some pages currently available from Stanley Gibbons at GBP 295.00 per album. R1000
8 Swaziland Hunting (Game) Licence for 1 month issued to a Mr Pieterse of Goedgegun for the period 8/7/1946 to 7/8/1946. The licence was issued at Hlatikulu by The District Commissioner of Southern Swaziland. The one pound duty is made up of (x1) 5’s stamps and (x2) 2s6d stamps. Fine and scarce. R1800-2500
9 Special Post Office booklet Birds of a Feather flock to London 2000, South Africa most beautiful forest bird meets Robin Redbreast. R75
10 Postmark : Official stationery in English and Afrikaans To commemorate the opening of the new post office in Upington by His Worship the Mayor Dr. J.J. du Toit. Item includes a canceller Upington 30/8/1948. R75-125
11 Swaziland 1974 75th Anniversary of King Sobhuza II 2x first day covers the one cover shows the variety F instead of E in the word College. R100
12 Illustrated South Africa Airways cover 12 and a half cent rate cancelled Cape Town 1 February 1970 addressed to London. R100
13 South Africa First Day cover 2.18 (variety) showing green maize bag (x3) covers. R125-160
14 Egypt Semi Postal labels scarce grouping (x15) scarce. R200-300
15 Commonwealth: QEII unmounted sets of Swaziland, Falkland Islands, KUT, Guernsey, Malawi, St Helena, Norfolk Island, All sets complete, total of 37. R600-800
16 South Africa Postal Stationery collection 1950s-1990’s mainly unused in small binder. R150-180
17 South Africa Postage Due controls 1972 issue 1c to 10c includes 8c (x10) Catalogue value R1600 plus. R250-300
18 Israel x50 mint envelopes etc of different DOAR IVRI (coinage issues) and various postmarks over the period early 1950’s. R350
19 Great Britain album Queen Elizabeth II material some Machin issues vast variety of Regional material. R275
20 Montserrat imperforated 55c birds in progressive colours including final state a total of (x127) imperforated proof stamps. R180-250
21 Great Britain small container of cards Queen Elizabeth era mainly mint 1953-1969 includes numerous phosphor band issues. R250
22 Box of odds !!!!! R100
23 Great Britain card selection mainly used Postage Due issues 1914-1936 mixed selection, few scarcer items noted. R150
24 SWA album mixed accumulation of mint controls. R300
25 Album SWA selection of early overprinted issues mainly half penny to one penny blocks/pairs and singles, ideal study lot odd overprint varieties and postmark material. R200
26 Union 1930 half penny coils 1930 printing irregularity caused by joined paper etching error strips (mint) of eight and six stamps and one strip four used (catalogue value R1600 plus). R350
27 Union 1930 Roto varieties mint blocks of four “’Cob Web”” variety and $ variety. R400
28 Union issue half penny Springbok white tick flaw on ear (Afrikaans) stamp mint. Pair used on cover. R250
29 Union Commemorative 1938 Voortrekker issue December 1938 selection of varieties SACC79a used/mint pairs, includes 3 rivets in wheel variety. R350
30 Union UPU selection controls/arrow blocks SACC129a/b (Blue 3d). Variety Lake in Africa and Serif on C (AFRICA). Catalogue value R2000 plus. R400
31 Small stock book odd revenues about (135) Cape of Good Hope to Bophuthatswana. R350
32 1900 Kamerun “Yacht” type set including the 4 high values!. R300
33 1901 SAMOA “Yacht” type set including the 4 high values ! R300
34 1900 TOGO “Yacht” type set including the 4 high values ! R300
35 An East African journey 129x stamps in stock book. R100
36 S.W.A. 247x stamps plus 14x first day covers. R100
37 A Central African journey 23x first day covers 675x stamps in stock book. R200
38 TBVC first day covers and stamps in a file. R100
39 RSA first day covers 1x 6.3.b and 1x 6.3.c. R150
40 Namibia 1998/2002. On 6 stock book pages, 12 sides.55+ Controls, 1 mini sheet & 2 full sheets all unmounted mint. Cat. Value ± R 2400, 2010 catalogue. All complete sets. R400
41 SWA 1980 Definitive’s. Unmounted mint. Complete set from 1 cent to R 2-00. 17 Control strips of 5 and 41 control blocs of 4 stamps plus a couple of singles. Face value R80-00 plus. Including booklet # 1. Catalogue value according to is R 2300-00+. On 3 stock book pages. R120
42 World War I Censored picture postcard send from Egypt to England. Cancelled “Base Army Post Office” on 28 February 1916. Nice item. R100
43 World War I Censored picture postcard send from Greece to England. Censor # 2769. Undated. R50
44 China 1897 – 2001 281 stamps in stock book. R100
45 RSA and SWA 604x FDCs and date stamp cards. R100
46 Zimbabwe 2x FDCs and 252x stamps in stock book. R100
47 Mystery Box !!!! R50
48 World War I German field postcard send from Welhau (today Znamensk) on the East Front to Ebernhahn in the Rhineland-Palatinate. 11 January 1917. Very interesting postcard with Ukraine’s – Ruthenic ladies. R80
49 Sovereign Military Order of Malta. FDC from 13 March 2017. Face value of Stamps € 9-60 ± R 150-00. R40
50 Commonwealth Collection in stock book mint and used. R4500
51 Postal History Persia early period (x50) items. R5000
52 Truimph school boy type collection. R380
53 New Zealand revenue stamps catalogue value R900 plus. R150
54 170+ Genuine used covers sent to South Africa, from all over the world, from 1990 to 1999. Countries include: Australia, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Estonia, France, GB, Greece, Germany (East & West), Hungary, Ireland, Israel. Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Malta, Nederland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Spain etc. etc. Nice pictorials, thematic issue’s and miniature sheets. Plus some First Day Covers and others. In beer box. R300
55 Romanians in Exile Cinderella’s. Complete set of 1959 overprinted ” 15 years since the crucifixion of Romania 23 August 1959″. Printed in Madrid, Spain. Interesting. R40
56 German Third Reich. 6 Different genuinely postally used items, Including 3 postal stationery. 1935 – 1944. R100
57 Liquidation lot in apple box. Odds and ends. Plenty of material. Postcards, Stamps, FDC’s etc. R50
58 Italy, World War II. Censored postcard send from Naples, Italy to Hamburg, Germany, in Oct 1941. With 2 stamps from the Roma-Berlin Axis (Hitler-Mussolini) issue. Scarce. Nice. R100
59 Red Cross. Austria. February 1946, British censored cover send to Red Cross in Genève, Switzerland. R100
60 Red Cross. Official cover send to the Red Cross in Genève from the Military Internment camp in Estavayer-le- , Switzerland. Cancelled with a Guards field post cachet. R100
61 Serbia, World War I Pink 10p postcard, unused, for Army use. R40
62 Falkland Islands, 1964. 50th Anniversary of the battle of the Falkland Islands 1914. FDC & mint** set. R50
63 Korea miniature sheets 1960s on album page (x9). R100-125
64 South Africa odd stationery used and unused includes 1d seated Hope stationery and a Kingshead Letter Card used Naaupoort. R125-150
65 Botswana Birds SG411-427 values to P5. R200-250
66 Box of Poland mixed lot. R80
67 Union 3x Voortrekker covers includes Danskraal. R160-250
68 Kiloware in flat box…… R100
69 Cigar labels in small tin. R100
70 South Africa on stock cards in box odd Union noted. R300
71 World/Foreign in box mixed lot in box. R300
72 South Africa Railways and Harbours Goods Consignment Note from the National Seed Company Johannesburg to Rusape Rhodesia of note is the Customs Johannesburg canceller dated 21 September 1945. R100-125
73 South Africa Bantam Railway stamps 9d(x5),1’s(x3),2’s(x6) and 2s6d (x2). Scarce grouping. R300-350
74 South Africa Airways waybill to Durban from East London 15th December 1976 with railway stamps overprinted 7934 ( Airways station code for East London). The total value of railway stamps on waybill/air consignment note used R7.29. R280-350
75 South Africa Airways waybill portions with stamps values from 1c to R5 overprinted 7930 Airways station code for Bloemfontein all items used 1964 period (x19) stamps scarce grouping includes 5c block of (x6). R250-350
76 Bayern Railways : lot includes (x3) covers with railway connection Eastern Line cover Munchen 1870’s and a Munchen cover cancelled Bahnhof 1870, there is also a 1913 Bayern cover cancelled Rail (Train) 46. R125-160
77 Cape Government Railways-receipt for goods forwarded from Redbank Station 11 July 1905 to Kimberley 1 case 450lbs Tobacco. R100-125
78 Prospecting Licence issued to F.Spencer for the farm Driefontein later to become Modderfontein Goldmine. The item is signed by Mine Commisioner and cancelled by oval cancellation Mijn Commissaris 20 September 1892 Boksburg. R200-250
79 Transvaal registered letter 6d duty Edward vii stamps (2x 3d) cancelled by boxed registration cachet dated 10 September 1903 Pretoria, of note is the single line circular receiving postmark : Potchefstroom 11 September 1903. R125-160
80 Transvaal Censored cover addressed to Urugasmanhandiya Camp, the cover is postmarked Potchefstroom 1 April 1902 censored in Potchefstroom and in Johannesburg. The cover is addressed Mr D.F.Botes POW camp Urugasmanhandiya, Koskoda Station Prisoner of War Ceylon. The item was in transit Durban and arrival at Urugascamp 29 April 1902. The stamp used is an Edward vii postal adhesive and was used on its first day of issue. Urugasmanhandiya Camp arose out of a movement of some of the Diyatalawa POWs to volunteer for India Service. R5000-10000
81 Transvaal Dead Letter Office item posted Potchefstroom the rate was six and a half pennies cancelled 26 September 1903 to St Louis United States of America the item has receiving cancellers on the reverse New York registered 24 October 1903, there is a arrival canceller St Lois 26 October 1903, there is also Second and third notice rubber stamps noted 29 October and 17 November and a circular Dead Office canceller 5 December 1903. It has a return Letter Office Canceller Johannesburg 8 February 1904. The front of the cover also has a boxed Dead Letter Office cachet D.L.O. Record No 6638 Vol 30. R500-700
82 Stock Savings Certificate form stating that a stock savings certificate had not been redeemed the document is cancelled by an oval canceller Treasury Loans Section 22/7/1952 Pretoria. R200-250
83 The Transvaal Gazette 6d issued Pretoria 12 June 1929, mention of Farm Tax and various other matters of the day. R125-150
84 The Transvaal Gazette 6d issued Pretoria 19 June 1929, mention a publication that the Department of Agriculture has issued Farming in South Africa and various other matters of the day. R125-150
85 Malta Literature : The Postal History and Postage stamps 1576-1960, market related value R1000 plus. R160-180
86 J.C.W.Field Aerial Propaganda Leaflets: A Collector’s Handbook 1954, hardback, 87pp, illustrated. Market value R400 plus. R100-125
87 Literature St. Helena Postal History and Stamps Hardcover – 1979 by Edward Hibbert (Author) Market price R350. This book deals with all the aspects of St. Helena’s postal history and stamps starting with the establishment of the first Post Office in 1815. The handstamps, cancellations and Boer War censor marks are illustrated and classified. R100-125
88 The Postmarks of The Orange Free State and The Orange River Colony 1868-1910 By A.G.M.Batten R150-200
89 Indonesia 2015 Catalogue. R75
90 Canada collection in large stock book. R4000
91 New Zealand collection in large stock book. R4000
92 South Africa collection in large stock book. R3000
93 South Africa commemoratives 2013 in stock book. R1000
94 Bophuthatswana Agreement document 50c Revenue stamp showing variety shift in Coat of Arms. Less than 10 stamps with this variety known. R200-250
95 Bophuthatswana Government Gazette Volume 16 22/5/1987. R75-100
96 Bophuthatswana 1986 R2 Bop Bond rubber stamped Bophuthatswana Development Bond Agency : Mmabatho Sun, includes original Bop Bond Brochure, fine and scarce. R180-250
97 Bophuthatswana Newspaper complete 6 March 1987, one can already see political tension Peoples Progressive Party etc, interesting part of the Homeland history. R75-100
98 Bophuthatswana Abridged Marriage Certificate cancelled Magistrate Ga-Rankuwa 3 January 1983. R75-100
99 Bophuthatswana used 16c and 18c stationery/postcards x6 cards towns include Bafokeng (x2),Mogwase,Mmbatho,Taung Station and an item uncacelled sent from Madibogo and taxed in Florida with a T in circle canceller. R100-125
100 Finland duplicates in 16p stock book. R150
101 Indian States mint and used collection in 16p stock book. R200
102 Indian Officials and some revenues in 16p stock book. R200
103 Portugal fine used duplicates in 2 x 32p stock books. R450
104 Angola fine used duplicates in good 16p stock book. R150
105 Canada fine used duplicates in 2 x 32p stock books. R350
106 Monaco mint and used duplicates in 16p stock book. R150
107 Newfoundland duplicates in 8p stock book. R100
108 Mauritius fine used and mint duplicates in 2 x 32 p stock books. R400
109 Persia/Iran used duplicates in 16p A5 stock book. R100
110 Box of odds. R75
111 Northern Rhodesia : 3d Booklets No. 48 1964 complete (x2) catalogue value R500 plus scarce. R125-160
112 Sudan Policeman 15mms issue complete sheet of (x100) overprinted SCHOOL (used for postal training stamps), fine and scarce. R450-600
113 Sweden fine used duplicates in 16p stock book. R150
114 Airmail covers set of 12 for 1971 London to Victoria, British Columbia, Air race. R150
115 Official Venda cover cancelled Tshakhuma 27/9/1978, addressed to Braamfontein. R125-150
116 Registered Air mail cover sent from Shayandima 22/4/1986 to Johannesburg, also back stamped Sibasa 22/4/1986. R100-125
117 Telegraphic Money Order form duty R1.25 with an Urgent Label attached sending R200 from Arnot Coal Mine to Elliotdale Dinizulu Store 29 February 1988. R125-150
118 Telegraphic Money Order form duty R1.25 with an Urgent Label attached sending R200 from Arnot Coal Mine to Umtata 29 February 1988. R125-150
119 Telegraphic Money Order form duty R1.25 with an Urgent Label attached sending R200 from Arnot Coal Mine to Mt Ayliff 29 February 1988. R125-150
120 Jerusalem 1897 certificate of posting stationery (95mm x 58mm) cancelled by Austrian Post Office in Jerusalem black cancellation dated 22/1/1897. Fine and scarce. R280-350
121 Jerusalem 1905 Austrian stationery card cancelled Jaffa 1905 and also cancelled by Austrian Post Office in Jerusalem black cancellation. Item should reward with some research. R250-300
122 Orange River Colony early Brief Kaart Stationery with cancelled 2d hand stamped one and a half penny and coat of arms (x3) items. R125-150
123 Union Red Cross cover SA Military Hospital cancelled S.M.O. Office Potchefstroom 6/12/1940, cancelled by roller canceller Potchefstroom 6 December 1940. R100-125
124 South African colour catalogue 2014 edition, good condition. R50
125 Germany small box with lot of interesting literature / catalogues. R200
126 Box of odds. R200
127 Zimbabwe , 1990s/2000s postmarks , mainly on piece , over 100 including Sanyati, Santatawe, Seki and Sherugwe. R100
128 Nice lot of Edwardian postcards , all depicting actresses of the time ( 25), all excellent condition, includes some wiki articles. R300
129 Air Zimbabwe , flight ticket , 1994 with 2x $10 Zimbabwe Govt Airport Departure Fee stamp on front. R200
130 A commemoration in gold , replica Of the first ZAR stamp in 18 carat gold. One of only 1000 produced in conjunction with the ZAR 100 National Expo of 1969, also includes letter from Jonas Michalson regarding sale of such items. R600
131 RSA , small lot of registered letters , 1970s and 80s , Kwa-Lugedlane, Molototsi, KwaXuma, Merafong, Kgubung, eMphumalanga (x2) , eMondlo, Nkaus, Reivilo, Neilersdrif, Bourkes Luck , Tweede-myn, Kwa-Mbonambi, Kwa Mashu, Namakgale, Nqutu, Malamilele, Voltargop, Van der Heeversrus, Mapumulo, total 21x covers. R250
132 RSA , small group of registered letters, Qualbert, Phuta-Ditjhaba, Ulundi, Letsitele, Lengau, Ga-Sekunelo, Zamdela, Saaiskag, Zuiping, Buxedini, Otinati, Valblum, West Porges, Wentworth, Vrijee, Sambo, Rietkuil, 17x covers in total. R200
133 Rhodesia , box of 1970s issues on paper. R100
134 Box of odds. R300
135 Great Britain , box of catalogues and literature includes specialised GB , SG x 4 volumes, Philatelic bulletins, Stoneham GB specialised etc. R200
136 Box of odds , old catalogues etc. R150
137 On paper mix in flat box. R100
138 World on pages in large box, great variety of countries. R400
139 Box of old albums , some water damage , may be able to salvage some. R400
140 The Official millenium postal cover collection, 2000, 24 covers with all time zones represented as the millenium dawned. R150
141 Postcards, 4 x books relating to collecting postcards , book 1894-1914 by Duval , 2 x SG postcard catalogues and small book , discovering postcards by Hill. R200
142 Box of odds, stamps in packets etc R200
143 Israel shoebox of post office publicity fliers plus nice range of stamps from 1950s to 1980s. R250
144 Box of odds, Southern African postcards etc R200
145 East Germany 1951 cover (not FDC) to South Africa with set of 3, Friendship with China, cat £100+. R300
146 South Africa 1960 Christmas booklet 10/- complete booklet. R300
147 Box of odds, noted South Africa postcards etc, good mix. R200
148 Bophuthatswana stationery 16c Flag type used Pankop, Wildebeesfontein, Settlers, Mogono and Mafeking. R160-180
149 An original framed Mafikeng Mail Special Siege Edition, Nov 15th 1899, Part of one of the articles says General Botha had been killed near Kimberley. Also included is an embossed envelope that has the lettering ‘Office of the War Cabinet’ on it and is signed by General Louis Botha, Also included is an early photographic postcard of him. R3000-4000
150 Egypt 1900s early perfume labels 2x different sizes attractive. R125-150
151 Egypt A5 1940s Advertising label rider on Camel scarce. R125-150
152 Mafeking Muncipality 1923 dog licence number 200, scarce. R125-150
153 Arandis Tin Mines Limited (100x) shares dated 30 August 1951, duty 1s6d (George vi) issue. R50
154 Licence granting the removal of Gunpowder, the document is a little tatty but is signed and dated by the Magistrate in Port Elizabeth 14 January 1867. R125-150
155 Small Note that reads Native Potshi alias Vellem Sipeng to pay tax first time 1907 signed bu Sub Commisioner also cancelled by oval Native Commisioners canceller dated 10 May 1907. R200-300
156 Transvaal Native Tax receipt for £2 (green type) for tax received Bezuidenhoutskraal Hamanskraal (x2) oval cancellers one dated 13 January 1911 and the other 18 December 1911. R450-600
157 Transvaal Native Tax receipt for £2 (light orange on white type) for tax received Hebron Hamanskraal (x2) oval cancellers one dated 23 July 1912 other one unclear. R400-600
158 Small Note that reads Leeukraal Commisioner Hamanskraal Special Pass for Bearer Amos Kuu to Pretoria Headman Sjambok Motsepe. The pass is also cancelled by oval canceller Headman Sjambok Motsepe 10 January 1912. The pass is also cancelled by the oval Sub Native Canceller Hamanskraal 10 January 1912. R250-300
159 Transvaal Native Tax receipt for £2 (off white) for tax received Hedrik Sometson tribe Chief Makena Hamanskraal (x2) oval cancellers one dated 23 June 1917 and the other 28 June 1918. R450-600
160 Great Britain. Queen Victoria SPECIMENS. 1 ½ d, 3d, 6d, 9d and 1s (Green). Mounted Mint. Slight chemical damage. Very rare. R1000
161 Great Britain. King George V Seahorses. 17 x 2s6p (5 Perforated) and 6 x 5s. High Catalogue value. Not checked for printings. R600
162 Great Britain. King George V Seahorses. 17 x 2s6p (5 Perforated) and 6 x 5s. High Catalogue value. Not checked for printings. R600
163 Great Britain. In cigar box. Majority Queen Victoria ½ pennies (SG164 (GBP12 each) and SG187 (GBP8 each).
Includes penny lilac officials. Some nice King Edward VII stamps, up to 10s. High Catalogue value. R600-800
164 Great Britain. Contains Queen Elizabeth higher value stamps. Contains 8x mint early Queen Elizabeth II castles. (7x Unmounted mint, 1x mounted mint). High Catalogue value. R250
165 Great Britain. Very nice black album filled with pre-decimal stamps; majority King George VI. Large selection is mint. R220
166 Box of odds. R100
167 Box of odds. R100
168 Box of 10x albums with stamps, mixed lot. R500
169 Mixed box of thematics, covers and stamps, some nice bird material. R250
170 Box of world wildlife fund material, good thematics. R300
171 Progressive proofs on pages, various. R300
172 Box of punch magazines, usually sell at R100 each, good content. R300
173 Ethopian first flight covers attractive lot. R300
174 Box of banknotes, coins, ration labels and medals. R300
175 Album containing good miniature sheets. R200
176 Large box of mixed material, finds there – R500
177 Box of mixed stamp material, mnh, mh, great value. R500
178 Box of aircraft/flight covers, a must for the aero collector. R400
179 Box of foreign postal history Box 1. R100
180 Box of foreign postal history Box 2. R100
181 Box of foreign postal history Box 3. R100
182 Box of foreign postal history Box 4. R100
183 Box of foreign postal history Box 5. R100
184 Box of foreign postal history Box 6. R100
185 Box of foreign postal history Box 7. R100
187 Box of foreign postal history Box 8. R100
188 Box of foreign postal history Box 9. R100
189 Box of aerogrammes, mint and used, South Africa, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Hong Kong etc. R150
190 Flat tray of odds with some better noted. R300
191 Union Kingsheads with large star punch on (x10) 2s6d stamps. R125-150
192 Research material postmarks cut and stuck down looks like original Putzel’s missing research lot. Some unique postmarks noted in box. Rare opportunity to acquire this type of material. R400-450
193 Postcard Transvaal Edward vii 1d rate cancelled Knights 22 June 1908. R75-125
194 Transkei mixed lot of scarce postmarks good grouping. R250-300
195 Union postal stationery 1d ship issue fine used Klapmuts 19 May 1938. R50-75
196 Tshiawelo (pink) Insurance labels(x10) sequential joined No 001022-001030 R100
197 Registration Label (x10) sequential joined No 01040-01031, no town name blank. R75-100
198 Registration Label (x10) sequential joined No 01055-01064, Orania. R50-75
199 New Discovery 7x documents stamped or printed EXEMPT FROM STAMP DUTY SEC.11/1959, these documents are from Charities and on the receipt portion the Exempt from Duty is rubber stamped or printed. R300-350
200 Union Passport issued 1949 to a schoolmaster from South Africa Mr Coldrey who was married to a Peggy Ethel from Southern Rhodesia, the passport includes VISA from Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal (all with Consular stamps), there is also an number of immigration entry and exit cancellers. R450-700
201 Union South Africa Bantam Cigarette Duty label 11 and a quarter pennies complete on State Express Cigarette Tin. (scarce) R160-250
202 Union South Africa Cigarette Duty label 1s3d complete on Westminster Cigarette box. R100-120
203 South Africa Prospecting Contract issued 1947 2’s rate George vi revenue stamp. This contract was issued for a Farm in the Windburg district. R125
204 South Africa, Union period on pages, varieties noted . R250
205 South Africa , postage dues mint and used on pages, includes blocks , varieties etc. R400
206 Great Britain , QEII SG album ” celebration collection ” , with pre decimal issues , includes some better phosphors. R300
207 Stanley Gibbons 2015 Commonwealth Catalogue, in excellent condition. R400
208 Handbook catalogue stamps of South Africa 1979 (2nd revised edition) J.Hagger and team, manuscript as new. R200
209 Small reference book of Cape Triangular stamps issues/Eric Rosenthal and Eliezer Blum 1957 printing attractive colour reproductions. R150
210 Union “ The Penny Ship” compilation by Gordon Ward in depth philatelic study useful publication. R150
211 Union Pictorial Definitive series labelled “A key compiled by Alwyn Burger (2000) compiled in detail colour document of half penny to 1’s issues. A valuable acquisition for the enthusiastic philatelist. R300
212 Egypt Consular document 1950’s with (x2) 200MILLS revenue stamps. R100
213 Swedish Matches (x12) boxes commemorating various inventions recognised since 1850’s. R125
214 1935 1’s booklet complete booklet and 1938 2s6d booklet R180-250
215 1945 1’s and 3’s booklets complete. R300-350
216 1946 6d and 2’s booklets complete. R200-250
217 1947 6d and 1’s booklets complete. R150-180
218 1948 2s6d booklet complete. R160-180
219 1949 6d booklet, 1950 6d booklet and 1951 1’s booklet. R150-160
220 1950 6d,2s6d and 5’s booklet complete. R180-250
221 1958 1s,2s6d,5’s and 10’s complete. R350-400
222 1964 50c complete booklet, scarce. R160-180
223 South West Africa Kingsheads Forerunners on piece used Swakopmund and Windhuk 1s,5s (x2) and 10s (x4). R180-250
224 South West Africa 1923 overprints singles on piece 5s,10s and £1. R160-180
225 South West Africa 1923 overprint £5 (English on piece). R150-160
226 South West Africa 1923 overprint 6d pair. R75-100
227 South West Africa 1923 overprint 2s6d pair on piece. R160-180
228 South West Africa 1923 overprint 2s6d pair S of South sliced. R180-250
229 South West Africa 1928 overprint SWA 2s6d pair on piece. R125-150
230 South West Africa 1928 overprint SWA 1’s on part document postally cancelled Tsumeb 12 May 1931, scarce. R180-250
231 South West Africa George vi £2 (Barefoot 64 catalogue value £25) on piece plus 1’s definitive overprint scarce. R200-350
232 South West Africa 1’s single on piece language error Barefoot 39a Catalogue value £20. R150-160
233 South West Africa Promissory note for £300 dated 1 December 1931, stamps 2s6d pair Barefoot 33 and (x2) 1s stamps attractive item. R160-250
234 Selections of revenue stamps on card 1930’s period mainly vertical pairs to 5s with odd receipts postal stamps used revenue (x30) stamps. R150-200
235 Selections of revenue stamps on card 1930’s period mainly vertical pairs to 2s6d (horizontal pair). R100-125
236 WW II K.U.T. censored cover: “Deputy Chief Field Officer July 15, 1944” cachet, censor No. 102, cancelled “E.A. APO 2, 15.7.44”, franked 4sh40c, to Saxonwold JHB. R250
237 1931 Victory Stamp Album, well stocked with SA Provinces, Union [King’s Head 2/6, 1 1/2d tete-beche pair, 1926 6d horizontal pair, customs duty etc.], Commonwealth, Germany etc. R400
238 2005 Yvert & Tellier catalogue, Monaco, Andorra and French overseas territories. R150
239 Grey album of early SWA FDCs from President Swart [2.1.1968] – official No. 1 – No. 28 whales 25.3.80 R100
240 Competition mail: thousands of SA covers sent to a competition, in large black refuse bag. R100
241 2nd bag of Competition mail: thousands more SA covers. R100
242 Mystery Box !!!!!! R150
243 Egypt early Newspaper Wrappers unused (x3). R100
244 Potchefstroom Athletic Sports day brochure 18th September 1924. R100
245 Selection of British South Africa postal stamps used for revenue values up to £1. Mixed lot (x13) stamps. R180-250
246 Southern Rhodesia selection of postal and revenue stamps used for revenue purposes, mixed lot. R100
247 Rhodesia selection of registered covers 1980 period Avondale, Bindura, Umtali, West End Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Que-Que, Mzilikazi and Essexvale. R100
248 Items grouped together priced to clear. R100
249 Items grouped together priced to clear. R100
250 Items grouped together priced to clear. R100

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