***Kyalami Bonus Auction ***
Auction at 11.00am
12 October 2019.
Email bids in by 12th, latest 6h00 local time.
We gladly accept PayPal.
How to get there (From the N1):Take the R51 Allandale Road turn off and drive 4.5km along Allandale Road towards the Kyalami Race Track (west). At the Race Track turn right on the R55 Kyalami Main Road and drive 1.6km north to the M71 road to Bryanston. Turn left on to the M71 and drive 2km to Maple Road. Turn right into Maple Road and drive 1km to the
Kyalami Country Club entrance on the right. Viewing starts at 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of stamps and friends.
Due to postal issues all items local will be sent via The Courier Guy R100 for orders over R1000 cost R50.
Contact details:
Kenny Napier 083 444 0249, kenny.napier@mweb.co.za
Clinton Goslin 083 272 9367, atlasauctioneers@lantic.net

Key to lot type , SV(Special viewing, can be viewed at Auctioneers table) , T(Tables, can be viewed on the tables)
1 Zimbabwe 1985 definitives unmounted mint control blocks of 4 , full set cat £120+ R400
2 Great box of mainly off paper used stamps with strength in Southern and Central Africa , the vast majority pre QEII period with many better values noted. This is an unpicked selection straight from an estate, and will produce many pleasant surprises,. Many thousands R1000
3 RSA, 2013 Port Elizabeth centenary full sheets of 10 stamps , bulk lot x 5 sheets R1000
4 SWA, box of FDCs, mainly 1960s includes 1963 Hardop Dam, 15c block of 4, 1963 Hardop set of 2 on unofficial illustrated cover , 1964 Calvin pairs , 1964 3c Raadsaal 3c control block of 4 , etc , total of 27 covers R200
5 RSA, lot of 7th definitive control blocks; 5c x 4; 10c x 5; 20c x 13; 30c x 10; 40c x 9; 50c x 6; 60c x 12; 70c x 6; 90c x 5;R1 x 4; R2 x 5; R2.20 X 4; R3 x 3; R5 x 5; R20 x 1; B5 x 1; B4 x 1, plus standard postage blocks of 10 x 2 and B5 block of 10 R400
6 Old metal tin with Commonwealth in packets , many thousands R300
7 Red cross box of interesting items, stamps , postal history etc R200
8 South Africa Homelands, Transkei and Venda complete in hingeless Davo album R200
9 USA , mainly used lot in album, , few decent early issues noted, 1890 tp 30c , 1893 Columbian to 10c, 1894 to $1, 1898 Trans-Mississippi to 10c, , 1901 Pan American to 10c, etc R300
10 RSA, box of official postcards , FDCs R300
11 Southern Africa on pages in box, noted South Africa 1935 SJ 1d mint withcleft skull. 6d with falling ladder,1938 Voortrekkers, Hugeunots, 1½d mine dump with broken chimney, large & small wars mint & used, SWA , 1929 ½d & 1d pairs with misplaced overprint, large & small wars mint, etc R600
12 Box of odds, noted South Africa , 1927 London ptgs , 3d black and red superb used, 1930 Rotos mint, 1937 Coronation set of 5 all with ” black dot on Kings neck” variety, 1941 small mine dump, 1½d with ” gold blob on headgear”, small wars mint,Netherlands 1863 R300
13 South Africa, 7th definitives small bulk lot of control blocks of 6, R9 x 9 blocks ; R20 SACC 1314a, 2/10/2002, x 6 blocks; R14 x 2 blocks ; R16 x 2 blocks ; R12.60 x 7 blocks; R7 x 3 blocks R1000
14 Commonwealth in binder, Australia few pages only, Basutoland 1935 GV Silver Jubilee mint, GVI 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- mint, Bechuanaland from QV, 1897 set of 7 mint, GV 1914-24 mint & used values to 1/-, 1932 2/- mint, Canada few back of the book, Cape, nice range of seated Hopes, Ceylon GV to 1 Rupee, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia GV to 2/6d used, Nyasaland including GV 2/6d keyplate, , OFS, R1000
15 Storage box with clearance stock. R200
16 Stockbook with selection of pre Union, and Union , rather mixed but some decent noted R400
17 South Africa/SWA , nice range of meter label covers ( 30 x SA and 6 x SWA), with variety of values, and a few commercially used R400
18 South Africa box of aerogrammes/airletters mainly unused and duplicated R400
19 Nyasaland, QEII definitives booklet panes from 1954 booklet , cat £29 R200
20 RSA, box of hundreds of Official postcards mint and used R400
21 Storage box with clearance stock. R200
22 Box of odds R300
23 Southern Rhodesia Deed of Transfer complete document dated 12th August 1927, duty £30.5s. Of note scarce usage of £20 and £10 Admiral catalogue value R5000 plus for stamps still a premium for document. R3000
24 British South Africa Company quitrent receipt issued to Cecil John Rhodes for one year’s rent on the farm Engadame which was £12. The Quitrent duty of 7s6d is made up of (x1) 5s postal arms issue and (x1) 2s6d arms issue. Signed and dated 12 July 1895, John W Gould for Civil Commissioner. Fine scarce and unique. R4500
25 Southern Rhodesia, nice selection of 1951 postage dues, mint values ; ½d x 5, 1d x 3, 2d x 3, 3d x 2, 4d blue x 3, 4d grey-green mounted mint cat R5000, then used ½d x 3 (cat R250 each), 1d x 3, 2d x 5,3d x 2, 4d blue x 4, 1/- x 2. Also includes ½d block of 8 fine unmounted mint one stamp with variety” broken 2 in ½d (cat R800+) R1500
26 Southern Rhodesia interesting registered airmal from Fort Victoria to Trieste, dated 9 Dec 1933 with 2d and 3d small falls and 4d, 6d and 1/- Fieldmarshalls, all relevant transit backmarkings including Salisbury, Alexandria, Brindisi, Pescara to Milan TPO and Trieste arrival, R400
27 BSAC/Rhodesia, postmark of BSAP Camp dated Oc 20, 1902 on 4d small arms stamps R400
28 Rhodesia & Nyasaland , group of QEII registered covers(fronts only) 1950s/60s , postmarks nored Mindola, Dedza, Abercorn,Ncheu, Rumpi, Nchanga, Mlangeni, Dowa , total of 17 fronts R200
29 Nyasaland, 1d George V adhesive on acknowledgement postcard produced by Standard Bank of South Africa, sent 1927 to Johannesburg underpaid and taxed with 1d postage due and with relevant markings R300
30 Northern Rhodesia George VI mint set to 20s looks mainly unmounted mint SG25-45. R1200
31 Northern Rhodesia George VI half penny coil strip of (x20). R300
32 Northern Rhodesia George VI, 3/- pair unmounted mint showing printers mark, SG42. R250
33 Northern Rhodesia George VI unmounted mint 20 /- printers mark right portion of stamp. SG45 R400
34 Northern Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth 1d issue SG missing value in marginal pair, plus normal for comparison. R200
35 Rhodesia early Prospecting Notice and Registration Notice printed on cloth. Of note is that the Prospecting Notice would be posted (put on a post or wooden board) within the area described by a radius of 1000 feet. Due to the exposure of the elements the creative idea to print the prospecting notice on cloth allowed it to be exposed to water and sun. These are the first items I have handled of this nature. The bottom of the form stated printed by Art Printing Works Limited Salisbury. R450
36 Southern Rhodesia, /India/Great Britain, extremely interesting postal history item, large size cover posted from India 26th Jun 1937 to Shabani Mine, Southern Rhodesia then reposted with addition of 2d Southern Rhodesia 1937 Coronation stamp on 14 Jul 1937 to London, where the cover was again redirected on the reverse to Aberdeen. R500
37 Southern Rhodesia 1965 Independence overprints odd low values showing varieties of note 2d marginal block of (x18) showing shift in overprint. R250
38 Southern Rhodesia 1947 half penny Waterlow and Sons Specimen stamp small punch hole. R700
39 Southern Rhodesia 1947 one penny Waterlow and Sons Specimen stamp small punch hole. R700
40 Storage box with clearance stock. R200
41 Northern Rhodesia, GV issues ½d. 1d and 1½d , different shades identified, blocks including ½d block of 4 mint with sheet number, 1d two blocks of 4, one with sheet number, 1½d x 5 blocks of 6 , mint niv R400
42 Northern Rhodesia UPU 2d and 3d control blocks of 4 plus singles showing printers marks R200
43 Nyasaland small lot on page , 1935 Silver Jubilee set plus extras, 1/- Edwards x 3 used, 1 x mint, plus 1950 postage due set unmounted mint R500
44 Southern Rhodesia, GVI revenues , 3/- plate proof with security punchhole R300
45 Southern Rhodesia, GVI revenues , 10/- marginal plate proof with security punchhole R300
46 Southern Rhodesia, GVI revenues , £1 marginal plate proof with security punchhole R300
47 Empty 16 page stockbook R100
48 South Africa building definitives controls etc duplicated in stockbook R300
49 Box with 3 x stockbooks, binder etc R300
50 Croatia, 1943 miniature sheet for the Philatelic Exhibition , unmounted mint R200
51 Europe on pages, Austria, Czechoslovakia, France and Italy, plenty to sort through R800
52 Germany box of odds , packets , cards etc , some better items noted R500
53 France, nice lot of earlies on 4 pages R200
54 Netherlands on pages in box, mainly used including earlies and 2,50g on 10g surcharge 1920, some useful mint noted, ie 1924 set 35c, plus 60c with eliptical perfs, R1000
55 Germany box of odds with pages, stamps on cards. R600
56 Germany box of odds on pages R500
57 Switzerland , box of stamps on pages, mainly used includes min sheets 1937 Pro Juventute(65 euros), 1938 Aurau, 1943 Stamp Exhibition, 1943 100 years of Swiss stamps, etc R600
58 Netherlands range of FDCs , mainly 1960s but some earlier noted ie 1953 Zomerzegels, total of 33 covers R300
59 Germany on pages, noted Karl Marx DDR min sheet , plus some Belgium R500
60 Stockbook with some DDR , value of stockbook R300+ R300
61 Italy, 1890 parcel post stamps overprinted Valevole per le stampe, set of 6 with good clean gum(normally these are toned) , cat £180 R500
62 Belgium Railway Stamps, 1945 set of 24 , unmounted mint cat £26 R150
63 Germany, 1954-60 Heuss set of 20 unmounted mint R1000
64 Germany, 1942 Party Official stamps, set of 11 unmounted mint R150
65 Germany 1934 Nuremburg, set of 2 unmounted mint cat 85 euros R150
66 Israel in album , 1949-1963 R400
67 Hong Kong , mainly mounted mint lot of GVI , values to $10, includes 30c SG 151(cat £150), total cat in excess of £650 R2500
68 Canada, nice ranges mainly used on pages starting with QV 1870-82 issue to 6c with shades, 1892-98 8c x 2, Jubilee to 5c used , 1897-99 with maple leaves to 5c, plus 2c on 3c surcharge, 1898-1902 without maple leafs values to 20c used, Edward VII to 10c, George V 1912 to 50c, 1922-25 to $1, 1927 Confederation set, 1930-31 pictorials set to $1, various Airmails, 1935 to $1, 1938 to $1, 1942-43 War Effort set complete, etc R800
69 Ascension George VI mint imprint pairs half penny, 6d, 2s6d and 10s. The lot also includes 4x 10s stamps showing shift in vignette of kings head in right corner. Catalogue value in excess of R9000 cheapest perforations. R2500
70 Kenya George VI 20c marginal copies SG139a (x2) perf 14. Catalogue value R2000. R200
71 Commonwealth on stockcards, Sierra Leone 1971 definitive set, Canada 1928 set mint, cat £440 , but some faults, 1949 Cook Islands set (£30), KUT RSW £1 mtd mint, Canada 1942 set mounted mint , cat £120, Cook Islands 1892 1d mint ( £29), Canada 1897 Jubilee 50c used with roller cancel(£120), Ascension GVI 2/6d mint R500
72 China in stockbook ,includes used 1913 Junks to $1, 1932 Airmail, 1947 to $5m, Manchuria overprints, regional post war issues, Peoples Republic 1950 Postal Conference $400 mint, 1951 Lu Hsun $400 mint, 1952 Tibet $800 mint, 1952 Emblems $400 &$800 mint, through to 1980s includes 1982 Federation min sheet mint also some Taiwan R800
73 Commonwealth odds on page R100
74 St Lucia odds on page R100
75 India, small lot of GV on page , used , noted 1925-33 25 Rupee postally used(£60) R300
76 Falkland Islands, Queen Victoria , 1898 5/- red , fine mint , cat £250 R1500
77 Sudan, 20 piastres 2 x imperf proofs , gummed R400
78 South Africa 1925 Airmails , control blocks of 4 , superb unmounted mint , cat R13500 R6000
79 RSA, 1988 Succulents 25c strip of 3 with major perforation shift on top stamp , stunning variety R2500
80 RSA, box of odds noted controls , plenty of standard postage etc R300
81 RSA, hingless Davo Album 1961-2002 looks virtually complete, high face R800
82 RSA, 7th definitives, imperfs, R2 strip of 3, plus strip of 4 and pair.R20 control block of 4, R10 pair and R5 pair R1500
83 RSA Building definitives, R2 imperf pair R800
84 South Africa, Union, 1930-45 Rotos , 4d brown pair one stamp with Spear Flaw, SDG 46abw, mounted mint, hinge remains R300
85 South Africa, 1948 postage dues, 3d dark blue & blue , SACC 36, unmounted mint block of 18, cat R5400 R600
86 South Africa, postage due odds on page, 1948 set of 5 mounted mint(cat R1120), 1948-49 3d dark blue & blue fine used in a block of 4(R1200), 1922-26 6d black & slate with significant downwards shift of black(value), 1950-58 2d block of 8, 4 of the stamps have the thick D variety, etc R500
87 South Africa , 1927-28 2d black & mauve postage due with complete offset on reverse, stunning variety R400
88 South Africa , postage dues 1950-58 unmounted mint block of 4 , 3d deep blue and blue , one stamp with variety ” split D “, variety catalogued at R2600 R800
89 South Africa, 1927 London Printings , 3d red and black, SACC 34, bottom right hand marginal block of 4 and imprint block of 4 , both unmounted mint, cat R2900 R800
90 South Africa, Union , extremely scarce use of a Inland Parcel Post label on an envelope with correct 6d Kings Head rate, stamp tied nicely with Cape Town cancel( indistinct cancel , but year 1917) to the label and then registered.Sent to Mafeking, highly attractive item R1500
91 South Africa , 1930-1945 Rotos issues, with mint varieties, in pairs unless stated ; 2d slate-grey & purple” white leaf in corner”, issue no 3, SG 44 var ; 3d blue with ” blob at top right”, SG45cw, var; 3d blue inverted watermark, with ” broken R “, SG 45cw var; 3d blue arrow block of 4 without the shuttered window variety from later printing,retail valUe R1000 R300
92 South Africa, 1930-45 Roto issues , ½d Springbok with varieties three blocks of 4, mtd mint , all having one stamp with ” cobweb variety”, pair unm mint watermark inverted with ” dollar sign”; plus block of 4 unm mint one stamp with ” dollar sign”; retail value R1500 R500
93 Great Britain page of 1883-84 issues includes lilac & greens decent 5d, and VFU 3d , also high value sound used to 10/- R300
94 Great Britain, selection on album pages, few surface printed issues , ie 1880 1/- fine used , , 5d indigo, 1883 high values to 5/-, , 1887 Jubilee complete used, including 9d VFU, Edward VII parcel cancels on high values to 10/-, GV Seahorses to 10/-, Wembleys both 1924 & 1925 used, 1934 re-engraved Seahorses set of 3, 1948 RSW £1 mint etc R500
95 Great Britain castle issue mint marginal items SG536-539 catalogue value R3700 plus. R250
96 Great Britain , small lot of 1970s to 1990s booklets x 20 , face approx £!00 offered at less than half face R800
97 Great Britain , nice range of Officials, used includes Govt Parcels QV 1;- green (SG 068, £275), also SG 063,66,69,70 & 76) and small lot of IR mint and used , total catalogue £700+ R500
98 RSA, cover 24/8/1998 addressed to the South African Post Office, House of Questa Phosphor Tagging, with 60c wild dog definitive which was produced to test the density on automatic cancelling machines with result(12.6) R300
99 RSA, cover 6/5/1998 addressed to the South African Post Office, House of Questa Phosphor Tagging, with R1 which was produced to test the density on automatic cancelling machines with result(9.6) R300
100 RSA, cover 24/8/1998 addressed to the South African Post Office, House of Questa Phosphor Tagging, with Air mail label which was produced to test the density on automatic cancelling machines with result(6.6) R300
101 RSA, cover 24/8/1998 addressed to the South African Post Office, House of Questa Phosphor Tagging, with Imperf Blue Train standard postage which was produced to test the density on automatic cancelling machines with result(12.6) R1000
102 RSA, 1996, FDC of Nobel Laureates signed by ex Pres F.W. de Klerk R400
103 South Africa official cover no 17 (x3) no air mail tag. Catalogue value R7500. R1200
104 RSA, computerised proof from sixth definitives block of 4 of the 55c value which was apparantly proposed to be overprinted to 85c , genuine with Frescuras signature on reverse R500
105 RSA , 1982 buildings definitives 1c imperf pair R600
106 South Africa ITU 1965 two and a half cent stamp showing major perforation shift. Marginal strip of (x3) and block of (x4). R450
107 South Africa ITU 1965 two and a half cent stamp showing major perforation shift. Pair and marginal vertical strip of (x5). R400
108 South Africa , Union / RSA, box of FDCs, includes 1954 OFS 100 years with Parliament d/s, 1965 Eeufess registered cover, 1968 Fouche with one stop, SAA No 9 x 2 (unaddressed), 1976 Bowls x 12 signed covers , 1976 Sports all 4 FDCs with min sheet cancelled on First Day, R200
109 RSA , 1987 Bible stamp 40c , unmounted mint marginal pair, cat R32000+ R15000
110 South Africa, RSA bulk lot of modern full sheets, 7th definitives B5 value x 3, 7th defs B4 value x 5, Lore & Legends x 3, Alexandra x 4, African Union Summit x 11, Hello in SA language x 3, Landscapes x 2, Wild cats x 2, Indigineous animals x 3, Union Buildings x 4, Racism conference x 5, Marine Life x 6. R800
111 RSA, Easipost Lion booklet with 5 x airmail postcard rate stamps with missing red colour on back cover R400
112 South Africa, Union , 1938 Voortrekker cover with 3 rivets variety on the 1d R300
113 South Africa, Union 1938 Voortrekker Monument and Trek cover , proofs in orange with stamp description in English & Afrikaans R500
114 South Africa, Union 1938 Voortrekker Monument and Trek cover , proofs in silver with stamp description in English & Afrikaans, signed R500
115 South Africa, Officials , 5/- , issued 1951 with Afrikaans on the left , top left hand corner block of 4, unmounted mint, SACC 33 , cat R2600++ R500
116 No lot
117 No lot
118 No lot
119 No lot
120 Bechuanaland ,1888 2/- unappropriated dies, very fine used with near Serowe cancel , good colour , cat £60 R300
121 Mafeking , 1/- on 4d COGH, very fine used with variety no comma with certificate , SG 5 , cat £425+ R3000
122 Swaziland tray of on page material R500
123 Bechuanaland, 1935 George V Silver Jubilee , 2d with variety “extra flagstaff”, SACC 107a, cat R4000 R1000
124 British Bechuanaland, QV 1888 £5 unappropriated die fiscally used R300
125 Swaziland 1933 King GV set , mounted mint cat R3600 R1000
126 Swaziland Transvaal overprint 2/6d fine mint , cat R6500 R2000
127 Basutoland 1961 QEII surcharges, 10c Type 11 mounted mint , cat R4000 R700
128 Bechuanaland , QV unappropriated die, 5/- superb mint, cat R2500 R1000
129 no lot
130 no lot
131 no lot
132 no lot
133 no lot
134 USA , 1930 Graf Zeppelin 65c green , some gum aging, cat £300 R800
135 USA, nice range of Air Post stamps on page , noted 1918 6c orange mint (£70), 24 cents used(£35), 1923, set of 3 mint cat £240, plus few later issues R900
136 USA, nice selection of used earlies 1870/71 issue without grill set to 90c ( no 7c), sound to fine used and 1873 issue with secret marks from the Continental Bank Note Company full set to 90c, few faults R1000
137 no lot
138 no lot
139 no lot
140 South West Africa , 1961 first definitives, nice range of extended control blocks, 9c block of 15 (SACC 219-1), 1c Harrison tete-beche block of 15, 6c block of 15 (218-11), 10c Harrison tete-beche block of 15 (208d-1), plus few other blocks total cat R4000+ R800
141 South West Africa, nice bundle of postal history mainly 1930s and 40s , including WW2 economy usage of envelopes, 1939 First Flight by West Coast Outjo to Jo’burg, censor covers WW2, 4 covers with Swakopmund Bathing resort cancel, total of 19 covers R250
142 South West Africa Biblia twelve and a half cent marginal copies (x5) SACC239a showing variety shaved S in SWA. Catalogue value R1100. R250
143 South West Africa, 1948 Officials set of 5 , mounted mint, cat R15400 R2400
144 South West Africa, 1927 ½d with overprint in the centre, not bottom , mint block of 30 with sheet number , nice multiple R500
145 South West Africa, GV 2d pictorials overprinted Cigarette Tax, top right hand marginal corner block of 4, unmounted mint R2000
146 Namibia, 1991 definitives strips of 5 interspersed with gutter from archival proofs R400
147 Namibia 1991 mountains, corner proof pieces from archives R300
148 South West Africa , Water 1970 imperforate pairs R400
149 Namibia various sets from 2012 to 2015,16 full sets plus 12 min sheets R250
150 South Africa , Game Licence issued by the Inland Revenue at Griquatown preprinted 10/- rate cancelled with Griquatown postmark of 21/5/1919, which allowed the holder to ” Kill game at lawful places during the seasons duly fixed and prescribed for each district in the province”. Folded as to be expected but in remarkable shape for a hundred year old document which was carried around on the body of the person. Extremely scarce R1200
151 Nyasaland, Licence to purchase ammunition dated at Blantyre Sep 20th 1904 , licence number 5158 issued by the Chief Controller a Mr R.A McRae for 100 x .303 Cartridges and duty collected by means of a 2/6d Edward VII BCA postage stamp. Folded but in extremely good condition considering and rare. R1500
152 Page of South African labels, 5 x ” Cape Triangles”, issued for the 1910 Cape Town Union pageant all unused with gum , includes strip of 3; Jacaranda Time , Pretoria block of 8 full colour labels (views of Union Buildings and Jacaranadas) , superb unmounted mint; further strip of 4 Jacaranda Time labels(this one flower of the Jacaranda only), plus 2 x singles; 1917 South African War market 1d label(poor condition); Kimberley War Market 1918 1d labels, 4 x examples including a pair all with no gum, The West is Safe label, 1915 Roll up Springboks motto , with gum but damaged . R500
153 Orange Free State small lot of Edward VII revenues , 5/- x 3, and scarce £10 used interprovincially in Pretoria 1911 R200
154 Griqualand West, QV £4 revenue 1874 issue Cape overprint in red , scarce, one perf missing at bottom R300
155 South Africa, Small booklet to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the Afrikaans Bible, 1933-1958 , with 8 x 3d and 1 x 6d labels , in superb condition R400
156 South Africa, 1948 National Veldtrust 1/- booklet complete with 12 x labels , scarce early booklet R500
157 South Africa, label to raise funds for the Kimberley War Market held on 17th & 18th April 1918 as part of the Governer Generals Fund. 1d value in red & blue with stunning variety where the blue centre is totally misplaced to the left.Thin where the stamp has been removed from backing paper. R1000
158 South Africa , GV Excise overprints on half revenue stamps, 3d x 3, 1/- x 3 and 2/6d x 1 R800
159 Stellaland, £5 revenue with inverted monogram, (Bf 18a), lightly mounted with full gum R1000
160 Stellaland, revenues 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- , Barefoot 4,6 & 7, lightly mounted mint with full gum R1000
161 Stellaland revenues, 1/6d, 2/- & 5/- with monograms, Barefoot 12,13 & 15, lightly mounted with full gum R700
162 South Africa 1947 Veld Trust Booklet (x10) stamps missing 2x stamps, fine and scarce. R200
163 South Africa 1954 Red Cross Booklet (x24) stamps complete, fine and scarce. R450
164 South Africa Lease of Warehouse dated 20 January 1969, the item has (x10) R10 PENALTY stamps. R500
165 Holland , nice group of Red Cross covers sent from various places in Holland to the South African Red Cross Society in Lisbon. All the covers have cachet of the Red Cross and eight covers have German censor tape and markings, whilst sixteen covers have s both German and South African censor tape. R500
166 Boer War, 3 x pro Boer produced cards by Nels of Belgium , 1) Arrive de Prisonniers a Pretoria, used Switzerlans , 2) Une assemblee de Boers/Eene versamling der Boers, unused and 3) Un Long Tom de 155mm transversant une riviere, used Switzerland R300
167 South Africa Red Cross Society of SWA , official stationary cancelled Rehoboth 1942 with additional Dept of Defence Official Free cachet, neat clean cover. R250
168 South Africa Red Cross Society of South Africa , 1941 censored cover to Windhoek redirected to Rehoboth with red cachet of Dept of Defence SA Red Cross Society official free, Johannesburg R200
169 South Africa , wartime labels produced by the South African Red Cross , Gift and Comforts fund, 4d value with picture of wounded soldier and friend with large red cross, unmounted mint block of 6, few minor gum creases, plus different design , of nurse holding Red Cross flag also 4d value block of 6 , unmounted mint R400
170 Set of 10 German produced Red Cross cards could be 1920s as 1926 envelope is included in the lot R200
171 South African label , printed bilingually front and back , picture of a Springbok head and inscribed ” Our Boys at the front, Christmas gifts” R200
172 Orange Free State group of 5 revenues 1878-82 issue 10/- , £3, and £4, plus VRI overprints £2 on £2 and £5 on £5 R200
173 RSA, 12½c pair plus single with misaligned perfs(some toning), then further unmounted copy with misperf into stamp creating imperf top margin R300
174 Ceylon , GV 10 rupee used on registered cover 28 March 1938 , R2500
175 South Africa , 5 x covers all with War Train skeleton cancels , used on first tour 27 April 1941, Kimberley , 16th April, Mossel Bay ; 24 April, Stellenbosch; 11th April, East London ; and 2nd May, Klerksdorp. Unfortunately all 5 covers have been roughly opened, but nevertheless an interesting and great variety of usages R1500
176 South Africa , 1923 cover franked with 1/2d Kings Head , cancelled Cape Town 5/10/1923 with bilingual handstamp”Communication of the nature of a letter — to pay” and 3d receipted with postage due stamp for double deficiency of 3d cancelled Malmesbury 6/10/23.Manuscript “Tax not paid” and “refused” and letter returned to sender with additional 2 x 1 1/2d postage due(roulette type) added. Extremely interesting double use of postge dues R1000
177 Swaziland 1969 3c SG176 marginal corner block of (x8) showing full offset of design on reverse side of stamps. R400
178 Swaziland 1969 3c SG176 marginal corner block of (x4) showing full offset of design on reverse side of stamps. R200
179 Swaziland 1969 3c SG176 marginal strip of (x3) showing damaged ZILA of Swaziland. There are 3x proving strips showing this variety. R150
180 Swaziland 1969 3c SG176 marginal corner block of (x15) showing perforation shift. R200
181 Swaziland 1969 12 and a half cent marginal blocks and pair showing apostrophe flaw between L and A of Swaziland the other items show dot next to A variety. R100
182 Swaziland Court document to certify that an attorney Errol Healey Chilton Vickers can practice law in Swaziland. The duty of £5 is made up of the £1 postal issue of the time, the document was prepared stamped and signed Mbabane 16/11/1960. R450
183 Transvaal, 3 x telegraph stamps , 6d overprinted Transvaal Telegraphs x 2 copies plus 1/- on 2/- overprinted Tvl Telegraphs R300
184 Transvaal, Zuid -Afrik.Republiek Briefkaart, 1d red & green with misplaced VRI overprint, interesting item, unused R200
185 Orange Free State, 1902 registered cover on Official Stationary with Bloemfontein relief type date stampbearing 6d VRI overprint and two P.B.C. cachets. Few spots of foxing do not detracy from a lovely cover R400
186 Transvaal stamps & stationary in album, very mixed condition but some varieties noted ie 2½d VRI overprint inverted, no stops after V etc R400
187 Natal nice selection of Queen Victoria on pages R400
188 Transvaal , Edward VII issues overprinted CSAR ½d green & black in bottom left hand control block of 4,unmounted mint , some creases , but nevertheless scarce, also 1d red & black unmounted mint block of 4 , one stamp creased. Both blocks have one stamp with the variety comma for stop after R. R800
189 Bophuthatswana 50c revenue stamp on document showing large shift of coat of arms. R200
190 Ciskei 1983 FDC of Educational Institutions, with special cachet , Office of the Rector, Univ of Fort Hare and signed by the rector/Vice Chancellor R100
191 British South Africa Company Muncipality of Gatooma official receipt for rates £1.10s. Dated 2nd February 1923, receipted by 1d postal Admiral used for the revenue duty required. R160
192 Southern Rhodesia Department of Lands 2x receipts 2s6d Duty for the receipt of Quit rent payments on farms received. Items dated 1926. R700
193 Southern Rhodesia Power of Attorney 1s rate with 10s embossed revenue duty Ireland, fine and scarce dated 13 March 1927. R300
194 Southern Rhodesia Death Certificate dated 25th September 1929. The duty of 5s is made up by a postal Admiral issue used fiscally. R400
195 Southern Rhodesia Norton and Lydiate Road Council receipt dated 18 June 1931. Payment of £11.5s2d for rates in respect of a farm for 1932, receipted by 1d postal Field Marshall for the stamp duty required. R160
196 Southern Rhodesia Rusapi Area Road Council receipt dated 23rd November 1932. Payment of £2 for rates in respect of a farm for 1932, receipted by 1d postal Admiral for the stamp duty required. R160
197 Southern Rhodesia Bindura and District Road Council receipt dated 6th January 1933. Payment of £11.8s for Assessment for 1933, receipted by 1d postal Field Marshall for the stamp duty required. R160
198 Southern Rhodesia Power of Attorney to make transfer 1s rate cancelled Civil Commissioner 25th June 1937 of note 9s6d Consular stamps added to the document cancelled and signed British Vice Consulate Elisabethville 19 June 1937. R400
199 Southern Rhodesia Affidavit done at Marandellas cancelled oval canceller Native Commissioner 18 September 1953. A 1s Queen Elizabeth stamp has been used for the revenue duty required fine and scarce. R400
200 Homelands bulk lot of controls mint and CTO , many thousands R300
201 Great Britain, 1995-2009 in a decent stockbook R300
202 USA , box of covers/FDCs R200
203 Union Castle tray of postcards , few hundreds in mixed condition R800
204 Transkei 1976-1983 in binder includes full sheets R300
205 SWA, Davo hingeless album , sparse mainly later issues includes some Namibia R300
206 Homelands, Boputhatswana and Ciskei complete in hingless Davo album R300
207 South Africa bulk lot of 1970s issues, plenty of duplication , full sheets , controls etc R300
208 Great Britain large box of postal stationary , R300
209 Storage box with clearance stock. R200
210 Four x boxes of FDCs , binders etc R500
211 SWA , bulk lot of 1970s/80s issues , controls etc , heavily duplicated ideal for study R300
212 Box of odds R100
213 South Africa box of modern mint and used, plenty of face R200
214 Rhodesia/BSAC ,large arms, 1896-97 issue 4d, 6d, 1/-, 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- mint, cat R7000 R1500
215 SWA, box of FDCs , better noted R300
216 Box of odds R300
217 Box of odds R500
218 Kiloware and odds in box, mixed lot. R300
219 Storage box with clearance stock. R200
220 Union revenue document complete front page of Deed of transfer, duty £376.2s6d. Of note usage of (x15) £25 George vi revenue stamps. The document is dated 11 October 1950. R750
221 Union revenue document complete front page of Mortgage Bond, duty £175. Of note usage of (x7) £25 George vi (1947) revenue stamps. The document is dated 12 March 1951. R450
222 Union revenue document complete front page of Deed of transfer, duty £194.14s. Of note is the usage of (x16) £10 George vi stamps (x5) horizontal pairs. The document is dated 6 March 1952. R1800
223 Union revenue document complete front page of Surety Bond, duty £233.5s. Of note usage of (x9) £25 George vi (1951) revenue stamps. The document is dated 30 June 1953. R450
224 Union revenue small piece with (x22) £1 Queen Elizabeth revenue stamps and (x1) 1s revenue stamp. The catalogue value of this possibly the largest multiple of this duty is R13860. Fine used Surveyor General 20 January 1955. R2800
225 Union revenue document complete front page of Mortgage Bond, duty £300.15s. Of note is the usage of (x12) £25 Coat of Arms revenue stamp. The document is dated 30 July 1957. R600
226 Union revenue document complete front page of Deed of Transfer, duty £750.15s. Of note is the usage of (x7) £100 Coat of Arms revenue stamps. The document is dated 6 August 1956. R1500
227 Union Handbook 1952 edition useful. R100
228 Union Handbook 1979 edition useful. R100
229 Union Handbook 1910-1961 large format printed 1986. R250
230 Penny Black plates by Edward Proud, 1985 edition R200
231 South Africa Border War, Literature; The Postal History and markings of the war in Angola, and along the Namibian Border by George Van Den Hurk plus some notes on same by the author. Also includes follow up books More Border War and Final Border War R600
232 The Cancellations and Postal markings of Basutoland and Lesotho, by A.H.Scott R200
233 Postmarks of SWA under South African Administration by Ralph Putzel R200
234 History of the Australian Military Services, 1914-50 by Proud R150
235 Scott catalogue on set of 6 x CDs 2007 edition R300
236 Various books on GB philately, ie on GB post marks – postal rates – Maltese Cross – postal trains – postal shipping – Postal News – postal emphoria – and the such like – all in fairly good condition, many of these now out of print. R200
237 Box of philatelic accessories, – Hangers – exhibition display covers – albums – empty files. R50
238 Stanley Gibbons catalogue Australia. 7th edition useful catalogue. R100
239 Stanley Gibbons catalogue Southern and Central Africa. 1st edition. R50
240 Stanley Gibbons catalogue Southern and Central Africa. 2nd edition useful catalogue 2012 issue. R100
241 Cape of Good Hope Deed of Transfer one page prepared Cape Town 6th November 1896, the duty was £33. Of note is the usage of 3x Queen Victoria £10 revenue stamps. R600
242 Cape of Good Hope Deed of Transfer dated 29th of January 1908 Duty £47 of note usage of (x2) £20 Standing Hope revenue stamps (top of document toned) but very scarce. Barefoot lists the £20 at £250 pounds each. R2500
243 Union revenue document complete front page of Mortgage Bond, duty £77.17s6d. Of note is the late usage of (x3) George v £25 stamps catalogue value R1890. The document is dated 26 October 1943. R600
244 Union revenue document complete front page of Mortgage Bond, duty £135.22s6d. Of note is the usage of (x5) George vi £10 Bantam pairs. Catalogue value of these 5 pairs R3600. The document also includes (1x) £25 Bantam stamp. The document is dated 21 June 1945. R1200
245 Union revenue document complete Mortgage Bond, duty £75.15s. Of note is the usage of (x3) George vi £25 Bantam stamps in a strip. The document is dated 21 October 1946. R600
246 Southern Rhodesia Certificate of Registration for a Trade mark “DONNY” registered by OK Bazaars on the 21st of October 1948. Trade Mark expired 1962. The document duty was £1. R300
247 Southern Rhodesia Certificate of Registration for a Trade mark according to the Trade Mark Act of 1950 “ a picture of a Polar Bear” registered by OK Bazaars on the 9 December 1955. The document duty was £2. R300
248 Southern Rhodesia Certificate of Registration for a Trade mark according to the Trade Mark Act of 1950 “ LENSTAN” registered by OK Bazaars on the 9 December 1955. The document duty was £2. R300
249 No lot
250 No lot
251 Natal , early postmarks mainly on Queen Vic stamps , mainly POA numbers, few hundred R200
252 Natal, postmarks and perfins related to the Natal Govt Railway, NGR perfins x 5, transposed perfins x 9, inverted x 2, ORC stamps with NGR perfin c 2, Transvaal x 1, , postmarks include Balgowan Rail, Dargle Rail, De Jagersdrift Sta, Duffs Road Station, Glencoe Junction, Howick Rail, Ingogo Rail, Kloof Rail, Richmond Rail, R300
253 Natal postmarks 1910 onwards, nicely laid out A to Z R200
254 1907 postcard with scarce Eensgevonden postmark of 7 Sep 1907 R150
255 Transvaal on stockcard, including 4d Edward with clear Mbabane 10/6/1909 cancel, 4 x 1/- with large part Mbabane cancels, also noted Zuurfontein, Brakpan Telegraphs, Kinross CSAR, ,etc total of 24 postmarks R250
256 South Africa Union issues with small lot of skeleton cancels, Joubertina, Wupperthal, Breyton, Vanderbijlpark etc, total of 10 R150
257 Transvaal , incoming postcard from Cape cancelled with De Langesdrift cancel of 27 Dec 1909, scarce R200
258 Interprovincial postcard used with ORC stamp and cancelled at Robben Eiland , 23 Dec 2010 R200
259 no lot
260 Assortment of catalogues incl, Union of SA Handbook vol. 1&2, SG Southern & Central Africa 1st edition 2011, Netherlands Geuzendam’s Catalogue of Postal Stationery, OFS Postal Offices and their Markings 1868 – 1910, and other odds. R300
261 Homelands assortment of First Day Covers, First Day Sheets, maxicards, postcards and control blocks in apple box. R300
262 SWA/Namibia First Day Covers and Maxicards in shoebox. R200
263 Zimbabwe First Day Covers and Maxicards in tray. R60
264 Box of 1970s and 1980s South African brown Official envelopes plus some other military related items, Transvaal Scottish etc, some WW2 items R200
265 RSA First Day Covers in tomato box. R200
266 RSA Date Stamp Cards 500+ in tray. R150
267 RSA maxicards, postcards,and S.African and world mixture of picture postcards. R150
268 RSA miniature sheets and control blocks in small box (much duplication). R150
269 Israel First Day Covers ±60. R100
270 Odd lots ±20 mainly RSA, Union, BSA Co., Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Great Britain in red plastic stacking box (many finds possible, high catalogue value, bargain at price). R1500
271 Accumulation of RSA, Union, SWA, homelands and other odds, mainly complete sheets, in yellow plastic stacking box. R750
272 Thematics – Art in small black stockbook. R100
273 Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 12p stockbook. R150
274 Thematics – various in 16p black stockbook. R150
275 Great Britain and royal wedding stamps in 12p stockbook. R150
276 Homelands singles and control blocks in 32p black stockbook, cat. value R3000+. R200
277 World mixture off paper in ice cream tub. R100
278 Great Britain, Isle of Man and Guernsey maxicards. R150
279 Strip of 5 blank virtual stamps RSA 2004. R200
280 Strip of 10 blank virtual stamps RSA 2004. R350
281 Box empty FDC folders. R150
282 Clearing box. R200
283 Clearing box. R200
284 RSA full sheet “wine missing Die”and normal sheet. R150
285 Stock book with Berlin stamps high catalogue value. R1000-1200
286 Complete FDC’s of SWA in album cat.R2,500+. R500
287 Box with used RSA postcards many sets. R200
288 World postcards used and unused 200+. R150
289 Flat box world stamps off paper. R150
290 Flat box world stamps on paper. R100
291 Romania in green album. R120
292 Colour variations & shifts of RSA/Homeland envelope covers. R300
293 Canada in Brown stock book. R100
294 Hungary in green stock book. R90
295 Mixed Lot. R120
296 Israel miniature sheets & odds. R90
297 British Commonwealth Revenue catalogue 2012 edition. R300
298 Stanley Gibbons specialised catalogue Edward vii to George vi. 13th edition useful catalogue. R200
299 Sotheby’s Robert M.Gibbs 1910-1913 Double Heads auction catalogue, hardcover 1987. Useful R100
300 Sotheby’s Robert M.Gibbs 1913-1924 Admirals auction catalogue, hardcover 1988. Useful R100
301 The Overprinted stamps of South West Africa to 1930. R100
302 St Helena Postal History and stamps, Edward Hibbert. R100
303 Postmarks of The Cape of Good Hope, Robert Goldblatt. R100
304 Postmarks of Natal, tatty by useful, Hart and Kantey R50
305 The Postmarks of South Africa Vol 6. Ralph Putzel. R80
306 Rhodesia Postal History and stamps by R.C.Smith. R100
307 Stanley Gibbons catalogue Commonwealth 1840-1970 2013 Edition. R100
308 Stanley Gibbons catalogue Commonwealth 1840-1970 2015 Edition. R200
309 Stanley Gibbons book of stamps and stamp collecting, hardcover. R50