1 Stockbook of odds , noted GB 1948 RSA £1 used pair with light parcel cancel, 1965 Parliament pres pack (cat £85), Ceylon GVI values to 2 Rupees mint, etc R300 T
2 SWA group of mainly 1980s covers in shoebox , includes postmarks from Omungwelume, Ekwafo,Opuwe, Uchab, Oshikati mobile No 1, Okaukuejo, Ongandjera, Uukwaluudhi, Ombalantu, Rehoboth Rail, Okakarara, Oshikango, Otjinene, Gibeon Rail, Grenslyn etc R300 T
3 Lesotho, 1980s issues in stockbook and loose pages, including 1982 WWF plus min sheet, 1991 Butterflies, Orchids etc R300 T
4 Great Britain FDCs in binder , noted 1964 Shakespeare with Shakespeare 400th spec cancel (£35), 1972 Scottish regionals John Knox commem., 1974 Cantat 2 , etc R100 T
5 Favourite Philatelic Album with GB , 1d black(creased), QV 6d on 6d, 1887 Jubilee to 1/-, EDW VII to 2/6d, 9d with Govt Parcels opt (£175), then Seahorses 2/6d (x8), 5/- ( x 4) and 10/- (x2), range of Commonwealth mint/used , most countries represented GVI/early QEII period with values to 1/-(or equivalent), plus Aden QEII used 20/-, Ascension GVI mint to 1/-(unchecked for perfs/varieties), Australian States, Hong Kong GVI mint to $1, 1937 Coronation mint, Montserrat GVI to 5/- mint, , Sarawak some decent early pickings, GVI plate singles 25c & 50c, St Helena GVI 1d green etc, Kenya QEII £1 & 20/- used, Ceylon used to 2 Rupees , etc etc R1000 T
6 RSA, Building definitives mass of used material crammed into excellent stockbook R250 T
7 RSA FDCs 2010-2015, 8th definitives, World post day, Quiz, COA, Wild cats, Satelite, Music, Forest Brds, Green, Springboks, Heritage, Airmail, Astronautical, Native, Pemba, Symbols, Plants, Astronomy, Venus, Baby Big 5, Sunbirds, Vredefort, FPU, Rescue, Gift of Givers, Water, Butterflies, Fish Eagle, Transplant games, PE(cat R570), Rocks, Union Bldg)cat R330), , PO, Rivonia, Design, Sewing, Naki,), World Post Day, Ceramics, 20 years of freedom, Zupta, 40 covers R1500 T
8 RSA , bulk lot of booklets , Rivonia trial x 5, Many Faces of Nelson Mandela x 5 and the difficult to find, They fought for freedom x 2 R800 T
9 Zimbabwe 2007 butterflies top of the sheet set of 6 in blocks of 30, cat at £14 per set of 6, total cat £420 R1000 T
10 Rhodesia box of odds, 2c postage due printed on the gummed side, Zimbabwe 2009 paintings min sheets , FDCs, Zimbabwe various blocks, 2006 Bridges min sheet, 2009 Big Five min sheet, 2013 Eradicating poverty in blocks, 2012 Sculptures min sheet, 2008 rats & mice min sheet, Valentine min sheet, 2007 SAPOA min sheet, cat £100++ R300 T
11 Commonwealth mint GeorgeVI sets in stock book catalogue value in excess R30 000. R4500 T
12 Holland small collection mainly used in stock book. R250 T
13 Storage Clearance box something of everything. R250 T
14 Autographs privately made cover signed by Natal Sharks 1998 (x15) signatures. R200 T
15 Bechuanaland : Stellaland 3d Orange SACC2 fine used pen cancelled 27/3/1885. Catalogue value R7500. R1200 T
16 Storage Clearance box something of everything. R250 T
17 Odds lot, Bermuda 22 stamps including one 1938 2/6 KGVI, 24 scarce Banknotes , Canada one file plus one stockbook 250+ stamps R150 T
18 Banknotes mixed selection in album mainly South Africa notes to R200 many uncirculated one should view. R350 T
19 Bophuthatswana variety 2c first definitive short base of 2 resulting in the full stop variety in 2x proving corner marginal blocks of (x4). R200 T
20 Bophuthatswana Bearer Development Bonds issued Ga-Rankuwa 16/3/1988. R20, R10 and R2 (x5) sequential. R350 T
21 Homelands in preprinted Lighthouse album R300 T
22 Nyasaland, selection of George VI postmarks (x 27) of particular interest is 4 SKELETON CANCELS, Kapeni 3/4/1951 and 27/11/51, , Mlanda 25/6/51 and 10/10/51, extremely clear postmarks most unusual for these type of cancels R2000 SV
23 Nyasaland, 1957 5/- Employment Stamp, marginal block of 6 , superb unmounted mint R500 T
24 Storage Clearance box something of everything. R250 T
25 Box of odds comprising Rhodesia/BSAC hich values £10 and £20 used as revenues, 1935 mint SJ issues of Northern Rhodesia, Basutoland, Bech Prot and Swaziland, GB & SA FDCs, RSA protea controls, packets of world mix, packet of mint QEII Canada, SA Union Kings Heads mint to 2/6d, 1925 Airmail set mint, Voortrekkers mint plus 11 schoolboy type albums/stockbooks , some with a better mix, ie GB Edward VII to 5/-, seahorses, GVI high values , etc R1000 T
26 Southern Rhodesia , 3d Independence overprint on cover from Highlands , 31/1/1966 to Zambia, where it was taxed on arrival in Ndola with strip of 3 x 2d Zambian postage dues(middle stamp has some surface abrasion affecting the number 2). Scarce example of the non recognition of UDI . R500 T
27 Rhodesia & Nyasaland, 1961 metallurgical imprint blocks of 4(cat R400), plus further unm mint blocks of 4 and used blocks of 4; 1962 Airmail service unm mint blocks of 4 plus 2/6d control block of 4 plus 6d & 1/3d imprints R300 T
28 Rhodesia & Nyasaland , 1963 Tobacco set in u/m mint blocks of 4 plus 3d corner block of 4 , one stamp with serif flaw, 1963 Red Cross control block of 4, 1963 Round Table u/m blocks of 4 plus control blocks of 4(R400) R300 T
29 Northern Rhodesia , Imperial Airways first Airmail between England & South Africa , dated 29/1/1932 from Broken Hill with 10d Northern Rhodesia GV defiinitive cat R1000 for stamp alone R300 T
30 Rhodesia/BSAC, selection of mint Double Heads,3d purple & yellow ochre(SACC 135,R1300) , 4d brown purple & orange, (SACC 139, R1500), 5d x 3 (min cat R2100), 5d lake brown & olive green very fine copy looks unmounted (SACC 143, cat R5000), 6d brown & mauve perf 15, very fine mint with some minor gum staining(SACC 176, R17000) and 8d grey purple & dull purple perf 13½, (SACC 185a, R7000),. R5000 SV
31 Southern Rhodesia odds, 1935 Silver Jubilee 1d imprint block of 4(u/m), 3d Victoria Falls with pre printing crease, 1937 Coronation FDC, 1940 Centenary with ½d & 1d imprint blocks plus top RH sheet number block , 1½d u/m mint pair one with ” extra lines of shading on collar”(R750), 1940 Centenary FDC(R500), R400 T
32 Rhodesia/BSAC , group of 8 postcards all posted in 1913 with pictures of Wanderer Mine, Selukwe, Salisbury memorial to the 1896/7 rebellion, Penhalonga, Salisbury Public gardens, Tebekwe Mine & Valley, Selukwe, Gwelo grown fruit, Manica Road, Salisbury and Boys High School, Salisbury(has suffered some damasge) , generally fine overall and some scarce mine postcards included. All have Double Heads usage (no postmarks of any interest unfortunately) R800 T
33 Southern Rhodesia 1964 definitives 1/- LH marginal block of 4 with shift of green colour(medallion around Queens head), 1/- vertical pair with double green ptg, plus further block of 4 and 1/- strip of 3 with double green and diagonal line through Queens head.Also Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1/- 1959 pair with major downward shift of green colour(with normal for comparison) R800 T
34 Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1955 incoming cover addressed to Nkana from South Africa with 2d stamp hence taxed 2d in manuscript instyructional markings and duly collected by pair of 1d Southern Rhodesia postage dues cancelled at Kitwe 23/12/1955, attractive item. R1000 SV
35 Southern Rhodesia Independence overprints in full sheets of 60, values 6d, 9d and 1/- plus 4d in full sheet of 200 R800 T
36 BSAC/Rhodesia lot on pages, includes £1 large arms with Rhodesia opt x 6 fiscally used, £2 pair fiscal, , then small lot of mainly lower value used Double Heads with 2/- fine used, Admirals high values all fiscally used 2/- x 7, 2/6d, 5/- x 5, 10/- x 4 and £1 including 2 x pairs and 2 strips of 3 fiscals, then range of Southern Rhodesia Fieldmarshalls used including 2/6d and 5/- R800 T
37 British South Africa Company early collection of (x35) documents scarce combinations also includes mixed usages of Double Heads and South African Provincial stamps. A rare opportunity to acquire such a scarce range of items. Will benefit the specialist and BSAC collector alike, Unique items. R30000-35000 SV
38 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1960 Kariba full set SACC33-38 in full sheets odd pencil annotations in margins referring to positional varieties. R5000-7000 SV
39 BSAC/Rhodesia postmarks all relating to Lomagondi. Lo Magondi was listed by the PMG in Mar 1895 as a Postal Agency which ” received and despatched mails, but was supplied with no postal neccessities”. These arrived later including a single circle 25mm canceller inscribed Lo Mogondi, Mashonaland.This lot includes a rare strike from this canceller dated 29 MR 96(previously sold Sothebys, JHB, 1983)on a 2d small arms issue.The name was changed to Lomogundi, Rhodesia examples shown on 5/- and 10/- arms issue(both on small piece) and a pair of 4d large arms. Another change in spelling occured to Lomagundi, S.Rhodesia(DC 26:17 mm), of which three examples from 1905/06/07 all on 1d small arms are included.Finally the name was changed to Sinoia in 1909, of which 2 early examples complete this interesting lot. R3000 SV
40 BSAC/Rhodesia group of postmarks, on Falls issue , inc 2/6d value, Penhalonga, Gwelo & Bulawayo Station ; On small arms issues , NDANGA on piece, ; Bulawayo Station,Kopje, Kalanguishi, Nelly Mine x 2 , Victoria with sideways 8 for date (19)00 ; 4 x barred nemerals on large arms issues ; Admirals , TPO Down, Jumbo Mine, 1d strip of 4 with Army Post Office cancel, Penhalonga, Lusakas, 1d block of 4, very fine dated 14/1/23, Concession Rail on 1d pair R1000 T
41 BSAC/Rhodesia postmarks Gu Bulawayo small selection on 1892 issues , 2d & 3d dated 11/2/1895 & 8/2/1895 respectively showing traces of the removed Bechuanaland at the bottom of the 23mm single circle cancel, then 2d(20/8/9-) & 3d(SP 12 9-), plus nice 10/- pair with BONC 678 cancel. R1000 T
42 BSAC/Rhodesia few interesting postmarks , HARTLEY STATION part cancel on 1d Admiral dated 13/12/1916, a scarce postmark., then 3 reasonable strikes of the SALISBURY NATIVE DEPT on 1/- large arms, BONC 827 which was allocated to Salisbury showing contemporary usage on 1892 6d small arms plus usage on ½d & 1½d Southern Rhodesia Admirals( possibly used during a busy period?) R1500 T
43 Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1963 cover to South Africa with pair of 1d R & N definitives cancelled with scarce LUMBADZI postmark. R250 T
44 Rhodesia/BSAC , a unique assembly of the 25mm single circle with two dots cancel for INGWANIA comprising of 13 postmarks all used on piece on 1d small arms issue( unless stated) , arranged chronologically giving an extension of the known dates, 1) Almost full cancel on pair with manuscript date 6/10/1899 in the same hand as the item illustrated in Barry, 2) Virtually full cancel 18/11/99, 3) Pair with virtually full strike dated 18/11/1899, 4)small part cancel with manuscript 5/1/00 inserted upside down, 5)Part cancel date possibly 2 6 00, 6)part cancel also looks like 2 6 00 , 7)Full cancel manuscript 13 6 with no year but almost certainly 1900, 8)part cancel with full 13 7 00 manuscript date, 9)Part cancel -3/7/( )0 date, 10)Part cancel on 1/2d date unclear, 11)Part cancel with no part of the manuscript date visable, 12)part cancel but full Ingwania with slugs date Fe 9 , year not visable, 13) Part cancel OC 30 slug type date no year visable. A remarkable collection virtually inpossible to replicate R15000-R20000 SV
45 British South Africa Company Prospecting Licence £1 Double Head issued Salisbury 14 September 1911, signed Mining Commissioner. R2500-3500 SV
46 British South Africa Company Certificate of Registration for an Alluvial Claim 5/- duty stamp tied to document/receipt issued Bulawayo 10 August 1905. R4500-5500 SV
47 Rhodesia postal history 1965 to 1980 a selection of (x28) covers the highlight is 2x covers with tied Express labels to Germany with receiving cancellers 1967 and 1969 there are also (x8) postage due covers. R1700 T
49 Complete table includes Albums, stockbooks, literature & catalogues, thousands of covers and boxes of stamps from all over the world. Finds possible, at ridiculous R1 starting price! R1
50 Germany , 1924 5m green Speyer Cathedral , superb unmounted mint , cat 170 Euros R400 T
51 Germany 1934 Welfare Fund set of 9 , unmounted mint R1500 T
52 Germany 1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight 1m fine used on piece cat 500 Euros R1500 T
53 Germany 1928 2 mark blue to commemorate Zeppelin flight, fine used cat 65 euros R300 T
54 Germany 1938 Brown Ribbon unmounted mint cat 150 euros R300 T
55 Vatican , 1947 Airmails set of 7 , unmounted mint R100 T
56 Portugal, 1927 set of 15 , unmounted mint cat 160 Euros R400 T
57 Wurttemburg 1948 set of 14 with D.pf and D.M. currency, fine used R200 T
58 Netherlands 1957 Zomerzegels unaddressed FDC, cat 190 Euros R350 T
59 Netherlands FDCs 1953 Watersnood, 1954 Zomerzegels, 1959 Kinderzegels total cat 285 Euros R350 T
60 Estonia 1923 300 marka SG 43a , unmounted mint cat £120++ R250 T
61 Italian Colonies, Libya, 1927 25c, 30c parcel post pairs marginal block of 8 pairs, some minor perf splitting, 50c strip of 10 pairs with margins top & bottom (cat £1200) plus 4 Lira in same format. Unmounted mint with cat value in excess of £1300 R3000 T
62 Belgium , 1956 Mozart set of 2 unmounted mint R150 T
63 Italy on 2 pages , mainly 1940s and 50s issues noted 1950 provincial occupations mint set ( cat £300+ R500 T
64 St Helena, 1922 1½d rose-red with broken mainmast variety , cat £90 , mounted mint R600 T
65 Basutoland 1935 Silver Jubilee 2d with lightning conductor (diagonal line by turret)flaw mounted mint, cat £180 R600 T
66 Hong Kong , 1903 Edward VII $3, fine used cat £325 R1500 T
67 Cook Islands, 1892 set of 4, SG 1-4 fine mint cat £225 R600 T
68 Tristan da Cunha 3/6d Booklet Queen Elizabeth (SB3) catalogue value £30. R100 T
69 South West Africa Forerunners ; 29x Kingsheads used in South West including £1 and 2d coil, there is also x14 postage due stamps used South West including the Transvaal postage dues to 1s on piece used in SWA towns. A very rare grouping. R5000 SV
70 Commonwealth Victory 1946 Omnibus virtually complete mounted/unmounted collection in control blocks, arrow blocks includes Gold Coast scarce 2d SG 133 cat £104 ++, Northern Rhodesia 1 1/2d perf 14, super lot R1000 T
71 Anguilla, 1979 provisional overprint 14c on 4c with variety Surcharge Inverted , SG 346a , cat £35, plus St Vincent 1977 $2 Lady Baden Powell with error overprint dates ommitted, SG 539a, R200 T
72 South Africa , 1933 unscreened coil stamps perf 13.5 x 14 gutter pairs , SACC 56g, mounted mint cat R800 R250 T
73 South Africa , Union 1930 Roto 2/6d green & brown with upright watermark, mounted mint cat R2000 R500 T
74 South Africa , Union 1930 Roto 2/6d green & brown with inverted watermark with varieties line under O in South and spots, mounted mint, cat R3000 R800 T
75 South Africa variety R1 control block building issue showing perforation shift normal block included for comparison. R200 T
76 South Africa variety Nurse issue SACC249, twelve and a half cent marginal arrow block of (x6) showing blue colour extending into white portion of stamp. R200 T
77 Union Postage Due stamps 1950-1958 issue complete set in pairs SACC38-42 catalogue value R1300. The lot also includes a marginal block of (x18) showing Doctors Blade variety. R450 T
78 Union 3d Hyphenated Pictorials SACC116, Flying Saucer variety and dot above tree. This lot includes a vignette vertical pair probably SACC59a as a proof is mentioned. R1500 T
79 Union First Aerial flight postcard Kenilworth to Muizenberg franked 1d Transvaal Edward VII tied Special Kenilworth Aerial Post cachet 27 December 1911, with similarly dated Muizenberg cachet struck at left. Addressed to England. R2000-2500 SV
80 Union Kingsheads perfined with part word CANCELLED (x10) values. There is also (x20) stamps star punched large and small stars. R450 T
81 Union Kingsheads (x11) items overprinted SPECIMEN. R5500 SV
82 RSA , 2nd definitives , 3c completely imperf block of 35, the largest block known which was purchased at the time over the counter in Port Elizabeth. Bottom left hand corner crease( apparantly sold like that) which does not detract from a wonderful item. Cat R50000+ R20000 SV
83 South Africa , Union, 3/- booklet no 4 issued 1921,not complete but a useful spacefiller , cat R8000 for complete booklet R400 T
84 RSA , 1996 Readers Digest uncut se-tenant strips of 10 in full sheet (20 rows of 10), scarce R20000 SV
85 South Africa Union, 1d pairs Darmstadt trials mounted mint selection 1) English ink on esperato gummed paper with no watermark , 2) Samuel Jones paper with German inks, gummed paper with trefoil 4 columned watermark , 3) on Esperato paper, German ink and gummed. R1000 T
86 RSA Bulk lot of booklets , Rivonia Trial x 15, The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela x 38, and They Fought for Freedom x 4 R2500 T
88 South Africa variety 1c 1982, marginal strips of (x9) and (x10) showing additional perforation holes in top margin. R200 T
89 South Africa variety 1982, (x2) 4c marginal strips of (x30) showing missing 28 in margin. R200 T
90 Great Britain , QEII definitives , 2d red brown phosphor-graphite issue of 1959 with error of watermark. Good perfs and superb unmounted mint , SG 605a , cat £200 R600 T
91 Great Britain , booklets ,1980 Wedgewood, 1982 Gibbons, 1983 Mint, 1984 Christian Heritage, 1985 Times, 1986 Brit Rail, 1987 P & O, 1988 Fin Times, 1989, Scots ; 1990 London Life, 1991 Agatha Christie; 1992 ; Tolkein, Wales, 1993 Beatrix Potter;1994 N Ire, 1995 Nat Trust, 1996 Fooball, 1997 BBC,1998 Wildings, 2000 Trees, total cat £487 , face is £113 R1500 T
92 Great Britain booklet , Stamps for Cooks , 1969, 2 x booklets were issued one with staples(the scarce one , cat £400 ) and one with stitching. This lot has both R1000 T
93 Great Britain booklet, the Story of Wedgewood , £1 book of stamps including ½p side band with full perfs, cat £75 R250 T
94 Great Britain Greetings Booklets ,1991 (KX2), 1991(KX 3 x 2), 1992(KX4),1993(KX5),1994 (KX 6), 1995(KX7),1996 ( KX 8) , 1997,(KX 9) , Cat £100 R600 T
95 Great Britain First United Kingdom Aerial flight post, postcard illustrated type addressed Birmingham cancelled special canceller dated 13 September 1911 London. R250 T
96 Great Britain George V 1d SG357 imperforated overprinted specimen, ex Carpendale. R220 T
97 Southern Rhodesia postal stamps used for revenue (x29) ex Jardine. R200 T
98 Southern Rhodesia George VI 5s banknote creased folded etc issued 1st October 1945 R200 T
99 RSA, 1978 Andrew Murray 4c with major perforation shift , single stamp unmounted mint R300 T
100 Southern Africa in album, South Africa 1954 Animal defs in used pairs, 1961 decimal defs plus used pairs and singles, 1961 COA hinged in margins only plus used set; SWA 1954 used set plus dues to 6d; Basutoland 1961 overprints used(cat R995) plus R1 type iii (R700); Southern Rhodesia 1937 GVI set used QEII 1954 set used(R1000) including coils strip of 8 mint hinged top & bottom only and used strips(cat of these R1500+),1951 dues mint & used sets(no 4d green) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959 mtd mint & used to 5/-; Also some United Nations, GB inc 1939-48 high values with 10/- dark blue FU, QEII 1952& 1954 sets mtd/unm mint, graphites some useful early phosphor commemoratives etc R1000 T
101 Southern Africa in album, 1961-63 Basutoland mtd mint & used decimal currency sets(R4200), plus various commemorative 1960s & 70s sets, Lesotho overprints 1966 mtd mint & used(2 sets) ; Northern Rhodesia 1963 defs mtd in margins only, Southern Rhodesia 1964 set mtd/unm(high values mtd in margin only), further Rhodesia comms, 1966 Independance set, Seychelles, SWA controls defs mtd in margins only noted 1½c , 2c, 5c no watermark, 3c, 50c & R1 COA, 1961 postage dues in blocks of 4 mtd margins only(note interesting Dr Blade flaw on 4c) etc R1000 T
102 Kenya George v 1s to £1 postal stamps used for revenue (x8) items ex Jardine. R200 T
103 Kenya Queen Elizabeth stamps used revenue by the bank in Kenya perfined SB SA. (Similar perfin seen used on Mauritius stamps of the period.) Stamps to £1 (x11) ex Jardine. R200 T
104 Rhodesia 3d Missing Branches variety (x2) plus normal stamp. R300 T
105 Rhodesia Independence overprint on 2x half penny blocks of (x12) and (x8). Showing the variety shifted overprint ex Jardine. R250 T
106 Rhodesia SACC276a Thomas Baines 14c issue showing black printing double in strip of (x3) a Publicity photograph of the time also included. R350 T
107 Homelands group of commercially used covers with nice ranges of stamps, mainly Bop and Transkei total of 30 covers R400 T
108 Venda registered covers from 1) Dzanani, 2) Shayandima, 3) Sibasa on Venda Sun stationary with 6 x 12c 1985 defs, and 4) Vhufuli , scarce lot R800 T
109 Transkei , interesting FDC for the 1980 15c Rotary issue, stamped with 3 x cachets and the corresponding signatures, namely President of Transkei, K.D.Matanzima, Governor of District 927, ? Janssen and President of the Rotary Club of Umtata, Jean ? . Scarce R500 T
110 Venda 1982 registered cover from SHAYA-NDIMA with History of Writing issue 20c x 2 and 8c x 1 , scarce commercial usage R300 T
111 Venda 2nd Definitives reptiles. Full set of 17 full sheets R300 T
112 United States page of Special Delivery issues, mainly used selection including 1888 , 10c blue inscribed ” at Special Delivery Office”, (cat £80), 1888 10c orange(cat £65), 1908 10c green(cat £55 ), etc , nice lot of these hard to find stamps R400 T
113 United States postage dues used selection on 2 sides,1879-1895 includes 1879 3c,10c & 30c brown, 1887-1889, values to 50c inc 50c(£250), 1891 Bright claret shade 5 values to 10c, 1894/95 lake shades to 30c(cat £80), 1895 deep claret to 10c , R600 T
114 United States , hingeless Lighthouse album , 1986-2000 arranged by themes , by no means complete but plenty to build on R600 T
115 United States , hingeless Lighthouse album , 2001-2009 arranged by themes , by no means complete but plenty to build on R600 T
116 United States , hingeless Lighthouse album , 2010 – 2013 arranged by themes , by no means complete but plenty to build on R300 T
117 United States , hingeless Lighthouse album , 1972- 1988 mint and used R300 T
118 United States local stamps – small batch of uncommon stamps (25 items) R450 T
119 United States Greeting telegrams – unusual. 7 Items R200 T
120 OFS , odds on pages ,1878 4d blue mint (R350), 1890 1d on 3d pair missing serif on one stamp, 1897 1/- mint (R400), Nice range of VRI overprints, noted 4d level stops mint, 4d on 6d with inverted 1 mint, ½d on 5/- mint (R350), Edward VII values mint to 6d, used to 5/-(R550), , interesting 1/- with clear Springfontein cancel of 29 Feb 1902 , although the stamp was only issued in 1903, etc R500 T
121 NO LOT
122 OFS,1d purple in block of 4 mounted mint, some perf splitting but overprinted TF the top pair in a different font from the bottom pair, SG T.33 R250 T
123 Bechuanaland Protectorate 1920 5/- seahorse Bradbury Wilkinson Ptg, SACC 85 , mounted mint cat R1800 R600 T
124 British Bechuanaland 1887 2/- unappropriated die in fine condition , mounted mint , SACC 16 , cat R1400 R600 T
125 Swaziland 1889 5/- Transvaal overprint , SACC 7 , mounted mint cat R3500 R1000 T
126 Swaziland selection of George VI postmarks on piece halfpenny to one shilling cancelled Hlatikulu 1 April 1938. R120 T
127 British Bechuanaland , 14/9/1893 cover with 2d overprinted GB Jubilee issue addressed to Burmeister with original letter inside. R200 T
128 Bechuanaland Protectorate 1960 75th anniv issue 1d bottom LH block of 12 stamps with white Dr Blade flaw through 2nd column. Attractive item R1000 T
129 Swaziland , George V kings head forerunners , 1½ d block of 4 with clear Mbabane cancels of 30 Jul 1923. R200 T
130 Swaziland, nice lot on album page, mint unless stated, 1889 Tvl overprints, ½d with red overprint, black overprint x 2 plus used copy(R400), 1d, 2d x 2(R500 each), 6d(R800),plus ½d with red overprint inverted(R8500) R3000 T
131 New Republic, 1887 1/- on yellow paper with no date, embossing inverted , very fine mint , SACC 66a, cat R1300 R600 T
132 OFS, Edward VII set fine used 9 values to 5/- cat R630 R150 T
133 OFS, Edward VII set fine mint 9 values to 5/- cat R3600 R900 T
134 Transvaal, 5d postage due block of 4 unm/mounted mint corner block of 4 one stamp with variety inverted p for d, cat R1800++ R400 T
135 Griqualand Cape stamps overprinted G different settings fine used 1d(x2), 4d(x5) and 1s (x1). Market value R3000. R500 T
136 Griqualand Queen Victoria revenue stamp fine used. Listed in Barefoot catalogue as number 68. R250 T
137 Transvaal, 1893 surcharges 2/1 2 error misplaced slash, mounted mint cat R850 R400 T
138 Transvaal , VRI overprints , unmounted mint blocks of 4 to 2/6d R300 T
139 New Republic , SACC 3 , 2d on yellow paper dated 24 May 86, mounted mint cat R1400 R600 T
140 South Africa Ocean Letter produced by the British Wireless Marine Service , used Cape Town 1930 with contents in form of a pre-printed Seasons Greetings telegram sent from the Carnaerven Castle 20/12/1930; then further 5d rated Ocean letter ex Durban to Jo’burg R400 T
141 Swaziland postage due sheets 1c (x2) and 2c sheet printed Harrison and Sons (x300) stamps the 1c sheet shows extra perforations in the left margin. R250 T
142 Union Animal series marginal pairs to 10/- in special postmaster’s presentation folder. The lot includes 2x compliment slips English one side Afrikaans reverse side. The one item is signed LC Burke. R1200 T
143 Union Animal series publicity type page stuck on back of old Government ledger type cover. R120 T
144 South West Africa 1937 Coronation George VI special Postmasters presentation booklet with complete set in folder. These were prepared for the International Communications in Cairo 1938. Fine and scarce. R1700 T
145 Cape of Good Hope 6d Edward , mint copy with NGR (Natal Govt Railway) perfin, not seen before R500 T
146 Bechuanaland , lot of Rhodesia Railway parcel stamps mint decimal issues overprinted MAG station code, values to R2 R300 T
147 British Central Africa £1 Arms , SG 51 used for revenue purposes R100 T
148 Union postmark on court letter. The canceller is Waterpoort 6 April 1939 (complete canceller). R100 T
149 Natal postcard posted Durban 21 March 1904, addressed to Sheba Gold Mining Company Eureka City, received with proving Eureka postmark dated 24 March 1904. R120 T
150 Union postmark , Kalabaskraal Rail on postcard , halfpenny rate, with 17/3/1917 cancel R150 T
151 Transvaal postmarks in album in mixed condition, selection of numerals , then later issues inclding Begin der Lyn(x3), Amsterdam, Boskop, Bosmansfontein(x3), Bremersdorp (Swaziland x 3), Darkton x 3 , Llanwarne, Molsgat, Ottoshoop, Witkop etc. Please ignore owners comments re scarcity. R100 T
152 SWA odds , 2 x parcel receipts with 10/- and 1/- pictorials addressed to Hudsons Bay Company, London; SWA postcard with ½d Springbok and no stop after A variety, Silver Jubilee 1935 unm mint corner blocks of 4 R250 T
153 Cape of Good Hope , railway postmark on 1891 postcard with 2 strikes of Aberdeen Road cancel and red Midland TPO on reverse, card fold does not detract from scarce cancels R250 T
154 Anglo Boer War Military Railways cover addressed to England with Transvaal 1d VRI overprint stamp cancelled by Army Post Office , T.P.O. East No 1 dated 14/6/1901. Scarce Travelling Post Office cover with fold in the middle not detracting. R200 T
155 SWA 1989 Sand dunes gutter pairs from proofs ex Archives R250 T
156 SWA, 1931 3d Airs unmounted mint corner marginal block of 4, cat R1600 R500 T
157 SWA, Extended control blocks of 10 from various ptgs of the First Definitive issue, 1c first printing of COA wmk(SACC 200-1), also 2nd ptg(213-11), 12½c COA(209-1) , 15c COA (210-1, XAT R850++), 2½c no wmk (203a), 3c COA(204-1), all unm mint R500 T
158 SWA, Extended control blocks of 10 from various ptgs of the First Definitive issue, 50c COA, 5c no wmk (206a1, cat R430++), 10c COA (208-1), and 3½c 2 x extended control blocks of 15 (205b-1, cat R550 + each) R600 T
159 SWA , GSWA , 3pf with lozenges watermark complete sheet of 100 unm mint (SACC 26) in very fine condition cat R6500++ R2000 T
160 SWA, 1980 Whales miniature sheet perforated proof ex Archives. R5000 SV
161 South West Africa postage dues mint gutter block of (x8) SACC13. R300 T
162 South West Africa Airmail issue 4d 3x mint stamps one showing the variety inverted overprint SACC99g catalogued at R4000. R700 T
163 SWA 1919 3 Mark blackish violet yacht with lozenges watermark , unmounted mint marginal, cat R1900 R600 T
164 SWA 1927 £1 Kings Head Type Via, SACC 63, handstamped Specimen, mounted mint , only exists in singles , cat R4000 R1300 T
165 Great Britain on paper lot of high values , 2/6d Seahorses x 47 copies , 5/- x 3, 1951 Festival 10/- x 31, £1 x 7 etc , plus large size brown envelope with 2 x 5/- seahorses addressed to Australia. R500 T
166 Namibia bulk lot of FDCs, 1998 Shells x 4, Environment Day x 3, 1999 Fun stamps x 3, Windhuk Ship x 4, Gliding x 4, Falcons x 8,Orchids x 2, plus min sheets x 3, Gertze x 2, Sunset x 2, 2000 Ducks x 4, Namib x 4, Trees x 4, 2002 Eco Tourism x 2, 2004 Honeybee x 5, 2004 Education x 2 , total of 55 covers. R400 T
167 RSA First definitives in stockbook, nice selection of arrow blocks and strips R300 T
168 Storage Clearance box something of everything. R250 T
169 Mixed lot comprising Great Britain stockbook with 500+ stamps, 750+ World stamps in stockbook , Australia and New Zealand 1150+ stamps in Stockbook R150 T
170 RSA and World FDCs in two books R150 T
171 Mystery box plus Out of Africa, 320+ stamps in stockbook, Zimbabwe 600+ stamps in stockbook R150 T
172 RSA 1977 wine issue. Full sheet mint with missing “DIE”, plus full sheet CTO with missing “DIE”” R350 T
173 RSA , 6th series (108 FDC’’s) catalogue R2,265 and stamps (controls Full sheets of 10 and miniature sheets) mainly standardised Post face value R 1,598 R1250-R1500 T
174 Small Norfolk Island collection catalogue value R900 plus. R250 T
175 Chinese Government large illustrated Share Certificate £20 (x2 pages) Gold Loan 1913 certificate odd revenue embossed cancellations noted the second page has a selection of coupons 1939-1960. R2500 T
176 Chinese Government large illustrated Share Certificate £20 (x2 pages) Gold Loan 1913 certificate odd revenue embossed cancellations noted the second page has a selection of coupons 1939-1960. R2500 T
177 Chinese Government large illustrated Share Certificate £100 (x2 pages) Gold Loan 1913 certificate odd revenue embossed cancellations noted the second page has a selection of coupons 1939-1960. R3500 T
178 Document : China No 2 (1888) Return of Clauses in treaties between Great Britain and China relating to the treatment of Immigrants. Presented to the House of Lords by Command of Her Majesty June 1888. Rubber stamps on document ex Johannesburg Library. And last provenance Findlay collection. R850 T
179 RSA , 7th definitives R10 control block of 6 stamps dated 2/10/2002, cat R800 R400 T
180 South Africa great commercial Airmail cover from Johannesburg to New York and then redirected to Cleveland with scarce usage of 1935 Silver Jubilee ½d and 6d horizontal pairs plus single 3d and vertical 1d pair as well as 1/- single Roto. R500 T
181 South Africa Union, 2d Kings Head control block of 4 (No 2), mtd/unm mint , 2d Rotos unm mint pair with arrow protruding into perfs, plus vertical strip of 3 with paper join (cat R5000), large wars etc R1500 T
182 South Africa extremely scarce tied label on 1939 cover depicting Dick King, Historical museum, First one seen on cover R1000 T
183 South Africa bulk lot of 1938 Voortrekker covers , Bulhoek x 4, Potchefstroom, Cape Town x 5, Commissioner St, Jhb, Graaf Reinet, Slagters Nek, Bloemfontein, Voortrekker monument , orange VIP folder plus a further example of the folder, but unused, 1949 Voortrekker monument usage R800 T
184 Bechuanaland Protectorate small lot of mainly QEII(few GVI) postage stamps used fiscally ( x 18), values to 2/6d, R200 T
185 OFS, 1d brown pair with TF inverted overprint , cat £70 for normal (SG T.15), mounted mint R1000 T
186 Southern Rhodesia Indigenous Native Tax receipt dated 11/9/1948 for £8 being the tax on 7 males. R200 T
187 Union Label : Belgian Widows and Orphans Fund, inscribed Cape Town 1914. R300 T
188 Union Label : Governor Generals Fund 1d (x2) and a 3d label. The one 1d item is cancelled Germiston 3 December 1917. R250 T
189 Union Label : British Empire Exhibition label Leaping Springbok Purchased and Issued by Vavoline Oil Company Johannesburg and Durban. R300 T
190 Union Label : Natal discount stamp galloping Wildebeest (red in colour). No value indicated, scarce. R200 T
191 Union Label : 6d Trading stamps (x3). There are 2x items Gavshon and the third label not sure as the name has shifted across the label. R200 T
192 Union Label : 6d Trading stamps (x3). Green type 6d The Trading Stamp Company South Africa. R250 T
193 Transvaal imperforated £5 issue of 1877 overprinted VR TRANSVAAL mint. Small hole in stamp ex Carpendale only mint stamp I have seen to date. R500 T
194 Transvaal revenue stamps on stock cards mainly used and a few mint to £10 noted, (x16) stamps. R250 T
195 Orange River Colony interesting grouping of mainly used Telegraph stamps ex Carpendale great lot to expand on (x49) items market value R3000 plus. R700 T
196 Orange River Colony revenue stamps to £5 VRI and normal of note a £3 pair, (x20) stamps ex Jardine collection. R450 T
197 Orange River Colony Hyphen variety on £4 and £5 revenue stamp fine used. Scarce R400 T
198 Natal, Edward 4d overprinted Customs Duty on small piece with oblong circular Bookpost cancel R500 T
199 South Africa 1961 special booklet of 10 x 1c labels in support of Republic Day R200 T
200 Rhodesia 1976 petrol ration coupons strip of 3 for I unit each unused and issued Nov 1976. R200 T
201 South Africa group of revenue documents 1980s/90s mainly relating to mortage bonds including one item with 9 different values(from 30c to R100) ,total of 7 docs , plus an early grouping of KGV notarial bonds (x 4), then 3 x GV period Ante Nuptials plus 2 1910 Transvaal documents with 2/6d and 5/- Edward VII stamps R400 T
202 South Africa group of revenue documents, Notorial Deed of Cession, GV period ( x 5), Certificates of Consolidated Title( x 3, of which 2 are modern), Certificate of Participation title(x 2, one of which has 15/- QEII usage) R400 T
203 Rhodesia & Nyasaland QEII 2½d definitive with UM (Umtali Municipality) perfin , Perfins on Rhodesia stamps are scarce. R200 T
204 Interesting WW2 cover with 1½d pair of Large Wars and Economy label produced by the SPCA War Animals Funds, plus interesting tied cinderella with picture of a horse and SPCA Support Animals on Active Service. First one seen, scarce. R600 T
205 Folder with South Africa revenues. KGV 1913 to £25,Some on piece, official perforated, Penalty R300 T
206 Union 1946 Deed of transfer document Matatiele with 15s, £5 and £25 Bantam revenues (scarce on document) (BF 61,64,66) R600 T
207 Folder with documents x 8: Union 1953 9d Bantam revenue , Union 15 x 1955 5/- Arms revenues , SWA 1966 R1.50,20c,R2 Gemsbok revenues , RSA 2003 11 x R1,R5, R20, R50, R100 ,Union 1953 embossed 2/- revenue pair with language error on both, Southern Life insurance policy with QV 2/6d revenue, Southern Life 1900 insurance policy with QV 2/6d revenue R400 T
208 RSA binder of FDCs includes 1971 10th Anniv of Republic missing Airmail tag, , water missing tag etc R600 T
209 Box of odds, Southern Africa on pages etc R300 T
210 South Africa/RSA 1980s to 2000s mass of used commemoratives R400 T
211 South Africa Union mass of used material 160 x first Union stamp, small wars, 1950s/60s commems etc R500 T
212 Zimbabwe unmounted mint sets , 2004 Commemoratives, Muzenda, 2005 Aids, Heritage, 2006 Water Conservation, African Dishes, Trees, Bridges, Huts, Commemorations, Cat £80 + R400 T
213 Zimbabwe unmounted mint sets , 2001 Dialogue, 2002 Technology mint & used, 2003 Woman, Herbs, 2004 Medals, Environment, Aloes , 2005 Snakes, 2006 Bridges used, 2008 Commemorations R450 T
214 Tray of odds R150 T
215 RSA Easipost booklets 1993 Aeroplanes issue , approx 100 booklets R300 T
216 Box of stockbooks , some literature R300 T
217 Rhodesia varieties 2s6d Marginal block of (x4) showing shift in lettering. There is also a shift of colour on the tiger fish giving a striking double effect (x1) item. The last item is a 2s6d showing a larger shift in the lettering of RHODESIA fine used one item. Ex Jardine R300 T
218 Rhodesia Independence overprints offset on reverse 1s (x2) blocks of 4 and 2s (x2) blocks of 4. R200 T
219 Rhodesia variety 4d Emerald issue (x1) showing shift in green attractive plus normal stamps for comparison. R100 T
220 Rhodesia banknotes (Rhodes watermark) Queen Elizabeth type 10s, £1 and £5 circulated £1 very good condition. R1600 T
221 Rhodesia 10s and $1 banknotes Queen Elizabeth and coat of arms type, circulated. Ex Jardine. R200 T
222 Rhodesia $1, $2, $5 and $10 circulated and uncirculated banknotes all Rhodes watermark except $10 National Bird emblem. Ex Jardine R400 T
223 Rhodesia $5 and $10 circulated banknotes all Rhodes watermark. Ex Jardine R300 T
224 Rhodesia $5 uncirculated banknote watermark National Bird emblem. Ex Jardine R300 T
225 Zambia K50 sequential uncirculated banknotes (x10). R150 T
226 Zimbabwe banknotes in file 1c to 100 Trillion Dollars (x3) most items uncirculated odd Travellers Cheques also noted (x68) notes, Ex Jardine. R1500 T
227 Box of odds R200 T
228 Southern Rhodesia, GV 1d Admiral unm mint pair imperf gutter margin cat R1350 R300 T
229 South Africa stockcard of labels/stickers ( x 10), noted Adventist Welfare Services Old Age Home, SA Legion Rememberance Day, Olympic Games Fund etc R300 T
230 Rhodesia interesting deed of transfer document with various ammendments throughout the years resulting in an unusual combination of revenues , namely 2 x £1 Admirals, 10/- small arms and finally almost 50 years later the $1 decimal revenue R600 T
231 Zimbabwe scarce postmark on cover, Salisbury with format of month/date/year used 19/9/1980. This was an experimental canceller which was only in use for 11 days R400 T
232 Northern Rhodesia George VI mint set to 20/- SACC25-45 catalogue value R5800. R700 T
233 Northern Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth mint set to 20/- SACC75-88. The lot also includes 1d value omitted. R400 T
234 Italy, 1889 set of 5 fine used cat 600 euros includes scarce 5 lira genuinely used R1000 T
235 South African Railways and Harbours , 25c sick fund label , postally used on small Klerksdorp envelope of 21/4/1966, Unusual , first one seen that went through the post R200 T
236 Album page with South Africa Cinderella stamps and labels x40 R200 T
237 Belgium 1930 Air part set of 4, values to 5 Fr , mounted mint cat £44 R100 T
238 Netherlands 1864, 20c orange perfed fine used cat 120 euros R200 T
239 Netherlands 1852 , 20c orange IMPERF fine used 4 margined copy cat 150 euros R300 T
240 South Africa , Apartheid, special pass issued to Johannes who was permitted to return by 11.55 on Sunday 25/4/1954 and signed by his employer R.Clark of Waterkloof in Pretoria. Only a handful can have survived. R200 T
241 RSA set of 8 postcards of enemy equipment captured by the SADF during Operation Protea in Aug 1981. R100 T
242 South Africa small lot of postcards, Cape Town 1910 Union Orange Free State Arch, Natal 1d , overprinted Cape with ORC 1d ( x 2), OFS ½d,VRI 1d on 1d brown, 1d on 1d orange, ½d on ½d green , ½d on ½d red, plus 1918 view of Church Sq Pretoria. R120 T
243 South Africa underground mining postcards 11 different in full colour Sallo Epstein R400 T
244 South Africa 1937 Coronation , large mint and used blocks x10 values to 1/- , ideal for study R200 T
245 South Africa 2d 1930 Roto pair , SACC 44a, with great Dr Blade flaw on one stamp, mounted mint. R400 T
246 Nyasaland QEII set 1963, unmounted mint cat £16 R100 T
247 Malawi 1966 definitives set fine used to £2, cat £50 R200 T
248 Rhodesia & Nyasaland , 1959 QEII set fine used cat R1600 R300 T
249 Falkland Islands,GVI 6d slate-black and deep brown , imprint block of 6, unmounted mint cat £66 + R250 T
250 Ascension , 1924 ½d grey-black and black , fine mint with variety Broken Mainmast , cat £130 R600 T
251 Canada : On June 7, 1940 the British turbo-electric powered ship ‘Eros’ was severely damaged by a torpedo fired from a German submarine U-48, under the command of Captain Rösling. This act of war occurred not far from Donegal coast of Ireland and the crew of 62 managed to beach the Eros on the Irish coast without loss of life. The Eros was eight days out of Montreal bound for Liverpool with a cargo of copper, ferro-chrome, small arms, and general cargo, including several hundred bags of mail. This mail, addressed mostly to Britain had been mailed in Canada between May 21-29. In addition, bags of mail from Japan bound for Britain, that had come through Canada, were also on board. The ship was refloated and taken to Belfast under tow. Most of the mail was recovered, opened, dried and handstruck with the marking “SALVED FROM THE SEA”. Many of the surviving covers are water stained with the stamps floated off.The item on auction was sent from J.G. Whyte and Sons Ltd Stationers in Ottawa to F.R.Whyte in Johannesburg. The letter was cancelled Ottawa 28 May 1940. The stamp has shifted slightly due to water exposure. The reverse of the cover has a SALVED FROM SEA cachet and a part official resealing post office tape. The front of the cover also has the SALVED FROM SEA cachet. R1200 T
252 South Africa cover with 1d ship coils, and Thanksgiving Cavalcade 1/8/1944 cancel , this particular cavalcade was held in Durban from 29 July to 7 Aug 1944 R200 T
253 South Africa Border War , Literature; The Postal History and markings of the war in Angola, and along the Namibian Border by George Van Den Hurk plus some notes on same by the author R400 T
254 South Africa Border War, Cuban mail from a Cuban doctor , unfranked Cuban airmail envelope franked by the Cuban Embassy in Luanda with Pitney Bowes meter franking machine. The impression is fine and clear unlike most of the examples seen. The mail took 34 days to arrive in Cuba. R300 T
255 Netherlands letter sent 9/5/1940 from Durban to Holland and opened by the South African Civil Censor.The letter was returned to sender with postal censorship slip U.C.12 and in addition the cover was marked with the cachet ” Mail Service Suspended, Posdiens Gestrak” R300 T
256 Netherlands interesting lot from 1940 Wilhelmina issue the 5c,10c, 12½c and 15c all in imperf pairs. These sheets were removed by the Germans fron the Government printer and were not officially issued, plus a 1942 philatelic cover from Amsterdam to Hamburg with one of each value of single imperfs R400 T
257 South Africa WW2 Cavalcade , Speed the Victory Fair held in Johannesburg 25/11 to 2/12/1944, special skeleton cancel on cover on block of 6 x 1d small Wars cancelled on last day of fair R250 T
258 Swaziland 2004 First SAPOA min sheet R100 T
259 Germany 1951 Welfare Fund set of 4 , unmounted mint cat 170 Euros R300 T
260 SWA gutter pairs proofs from archives, 1988 Landmarks, Postal Services, and Birds, three complete sets R800 T
261 Rhodesia, small lot of booklets, 1968 5/- ( cat R400), 1970 46c booklets , A Pane(cat R350), B pane and D pane with red print on cover , then 2 x 1/- 1967 booklets. R250 T
262 South Africa Union Officials, 1929-31 , 1/- brown & deep blue block of 4 with type O2 overprint(narrow setting). SG O10. Superb unmounted mint. R400 T
263 Box of odds including 2x old albums with remainder French items. R350 T
264 Stock cards mint Vatican. R100 T
265 Southern Rhodesia 1964 definitive set mint half penny to one pound. R200 T
266 Mandela Happy 90th Birthday covers x2 plus old R2 notes x2. R120 T
267 Mauritius 100x fish and bird stamps, mint and used 1960’s. R100 T
268 Namibia and SWA around 20x first day covers and postcards. Nice items. R130 T
269 2 Folders with SWA and Namibia FDCs R100-R120 T
270 Cape of Good Hope 1898 Standing Hope £20 green & red revenue, used, (BF 143 , CV £250) R1200 T
271 BSAC 1896 Perkins Bacon £100 vermilion & violet revenue (Perf 12½), used (short corner) (BF 9, CV £250 R1000 T
272 Basutoland 1933 KG V £1 black Crocodile Revenue, used, (BF 70, CV £200) R1000 T
273 BSAC 1907 £20 yellow brown revenue overprinted REVENUE in green (BF 23 CV £200 R1000 T
274 Bechuanaland Military Telegraph stamps 6d normal plus overprint shift and 1s plus overprint shift. Total of (x4) stamps. Listed in Gibbons as MT9 and MT10. R700 T
275 Union Cigarette duties complete 2d and 10d also 5x Bantam items complete including 10d and 11 and a quarter overprints. R700 T
276 Zambia revenue collection mainly used values to £1 and K100 (x64), ex Jardine. R400 T
277 Transvaal Native Tax receipt dated 1911 for the sum of £2 issued in the district of Hammanskraal R300 T
278 Natal £20 Edward VII postal stamp used for revenue perfined RD and cancelled 8 January 1908. R700 T
279 Storage Clearance box something of everything. R250 T
280 Lesotho box of odds includes first decimal mounted mint & used plus some FDCs R250 T
281 Commonwealth in blue 16 page album, M/H R300 T
282 Box with assortment of covers and post cards. Noted Thornville Junction, Threesisters Rail ,Union, SWA, Homelands. R200 T
283 Southern Rhodesia in 16 page album used and M/H , 1937 GVI Def set (M/H), Coronation sets (M/H) ext. R300 T
284 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe fine used and mint with some varieties in 32p stockbook cat.value R8000+, assortment of FDC’s, Guide to Postage Stamps of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and supplement to Rhodesia Postal History by RC Smith. R600 T
285 South Africacover postmarked date 28 Oct 1928 with Triangle R60-R100 T
286 Space Envelope USA Taken by Challenger 30 Aug 1983 returned 5 Sep 1983 R120-R150 T
287 Box Africa Kiloware Duplication in Rhodesia & Zambia R80-R100 T
288 Box Mixed Rhodesia, Transkei Flies Ciskei Orchids – Duplicates R100-R120 T
289 RSA Set of 5 Booklets 12 Nov 1993 Lioness Plett Bay Table Mount etc R120-R200 T
290 Cape Railway Service 1882 parcels stamps 1/2d (used),1,d,4d and 5d (M/H) on card R1000 T
291 Rhodesia Railways parcels stamps in B4 X 19 on page, various station codes R1300 T
292 South African Railways 1946 waybill from Bredasdorp to Rietpoel with 1/- and 4d bantam parcel stamps (BDD) plus 1947 from Caledon to Rietpoel with 5d & 6d bantams R400 T
293 SWA collection on stockcard, from Kings Heads through to 1930 Roto issue, pairs mint & used up to the 10/- incl some very nice perf and ovpt shifts. R600 T
294 Lesotho 1980-1 Surcharges, M2 on R2, MAJOR VARIETY ovpt shift sideways to right and diagonally on top marginal interpanneau strip of 10, similar second strip but additionally has offset on back. Superb UM R500 T
295 Accessories large lot of Hawid, Davo strips unused R600 T
296 Australia and New South Wales – collection of used OS stamps perfinned R400 T
297 Netherlands collection of UM stamps for period 1978 – 1996 on Davo preprinted hingeless pages R300 T
298 Rhodesia BSAC Admirals 1/- to £1 (4) all fiscally cancelled. 12 Items in total R600 T
299 Rhodesia BSAC Admirals £1 two singles and pair fiscally cancelled. One may be unused (mint no gum R500 T
300 Transvaal Penny Postage bottom double strip of 12 showing cracked plate variety. R600 T
301 Southern Rhodesia 1935 Victoria Falls issue PLATE PROOFS ex the Waterlow Archive, pairs on gummed paper comprising 2d value frame only, vignette only, complete stamp imperf and perfed, 3d value complete stamp imperf and perfed, all with the security puncture. R3000 SV
302 Collection of Belgium – railway stamps and early imperf classics in stockbook. R450 T
303 Collection of Belgium from early to modern mint & used in large Lighthouse stockbook. R500 T
304 Collection of France incl earlies in 2 large Lighthouse stockbooks (48-side) R600 T
305 Collection of Germany – Reich period 1872-1936 heavily duplicated. Huge value R1600 T
306 Netherlands ECU letters with coins or telephone cards – 11 items R150 T
307 Collection of Denmark used with good early section in large Lighthouse s/book (48-side) R450 T
308 Collection of Sweden used in large Lighthouse stockbook (48-side) R450 T
309 Collection of Norway used in large Lighthouse stockbook (48-side) R400 T
310 Indo-China – collection mint & used in Kabe stockbook. 1892 Issue through Japanese Occup and a section of Chinese PO’s. Approx 300 stamps very clean & neatly displayed lot. R750 T
311 Swaziland postage due complete sheets 1c and 2c , Catalogue R 2,000 plus R150 T
312 53 x mixed year packs RSA, SWA & Homelands R250 T
313 Box with RSA commemorative bundles of 100 stamps R100 T
314 Box with RSA, SWA & Namibia FDC’S R150 T
315 Box with RSA FDC’S R50 T
316 Clearing box R200 T
317 Handbook of Special Commemorative Postmarks 1982-1975 by Hasso O Reisener. R100 T
318 1977 The Queens Silver Jubilee stamp album with 30 pages of stamps plus many loose miniature sheets R150 T
319 SWA album with complete set of FDCs & foundation covers R350 T
320 SA Catalogues, Handbooks and Study Guides. A wealth of information for study, R400 T
321 Hawid stamp mounts, cutters, Prinz guillotine, tweezers (in 1940’s SA Greetings tin), magnifiers, perf. gauges and other philatelic accessories. R500 T
322 6 Albums with clean new pages and an assortment of loose clean pages, in 2 boxes R250 T
323 Philatelic accessories – phosphor lamps, file fasteners, Letra sets, country labels, etc.plus 2 neck ties R250 T
324 British Commonwealth Revenues 1990 edition, Guide to Postage Stamps of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland, Scott 2003 Catalogue vol. 5 (P-SL) and various other useful catalogues and philatelic literature. R250 T
325 Box of odds R250 T
326 RSA unserviced FDC envelopes R100 T
327 SWA, Union and RSA FDC’s in album, many better items noted, cat. Value R3000+ R300 T
328 RSA commemoratives control blocks and miniature sheets( 100’s sorted into envelopes), unchecked, lots of duplication in 2 nice wooden boxes. R500 T
329 Assortment of small empty stockbooks and cover albums R100 T
330 Israel – Assortment of covers, control blocks, Tribal issue part sheets,no-denomination stamps for postal stationery, and collection of mint and usedstamps R350 T
331 RSA Cinderellas- large collection of Christmas and Easter stamps, complete and part sheets, booklets and stockbook with singles R500 T
332 Cinderellas – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other unusual items , large collection of complete and part sheets, and singles in 2 stockbooks. R500 T
333 SWA lot of 1931 Pictorials up to the 5/- in pairs, Silver Jubilee sets and 1935 Voortrekker set in pairs with a number of ovpt varieties. R500 T
334 SWA small collection mint & used stamps in stockbook. R250 T
335 SA Union postage dues collection with lots of varieties R800 T
336 GB PUC £1 parcel cancellation R1200 T
337 South Korea – fine lot of 34 Miniature sheets UM 1965 onwards R600 T
338 South Africa postage dues 1948-9 3d and 6d blocks used with CAPE TOWN parcel cancel, unusual and seldom used on postage dues. R300 T
339 GB Q Victoria and KEVII high values good – fine used. Cat value approx £1200 R750 T
340 Hong Kong Jubilee issue 2c superb used. R800 T