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*** Dias 88 Collectable Auction ***
Boksburg – Sunward Park off Kingfisher Avenue
Auction at 11.00am
23 September 2017.
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How to get there :
When in Boksburg get onto Kingfisher Avenue it is the second Virgin Active on your right if you coming down from the top of Kingfisher Avenue, the venue Dias88 is next to the Virgin Active. The GPS coordinates -26.257234 28.278210. If you received this email just search Dias 88 on Facebook or just Google. Come have a Free Coffee from 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of collectables, stamps and friends.

Quality is not an accident it is the result of intellegent effort.

We are looking for Medals, Tokens, Banknotes, coins and
pre 1960 Passports for our Collectable auctions.

We are expanding our International markets and have a number of oversees clients and dealers who buy from us weekly. We aim to deliver quality products at market related prices, we are always on the hunt for unusual and unique items. If you buying or selling contact us for the best placement of your product and a fair price to buyer and seller.
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Clinton Goslin 083 272 9367,
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Lot No. DESCRIPTION Estimate
1 Charity Lot !!!! R100
2 Flat box stamps and covers. R100
3 Box of odd books. R100
4 Old stamp packets etc in box. R100
5 Old school boy type album. R75-125
6 South Africa Airways covers (x35) mixed lot not complete but SAA number 1 is included. R300-350
7 Civil Defence stickers (x3) triangular type stuck on certain vehicles during state of emergency to identify what the occupant of the vehicle could help with eg. Fire fighters,plumbers, electricians etc. R100
8 Kwa Zulu Natal Indaba Bill of rights booklet issued 1986. R100-120
9 Ciskei Department of State Security, Republic of Ciskei programme passing our parade Ikrele Lesizwe Squadron dated 6 December 1982. R125-150
10 Transkei brochure, picture of cabinet, graph of earnings in Transkei and National Anthem. R100-125
11 Ciskei Official letter 16 November 1988 from the Department of Foreign Affairs to Mr Beavitt for a special invitation to the wedding of Prince Maxhobayakhawuleza Sandile son of the late Paramount Chief Mxolisa Bazindlovu and Princess Nomusa daughter of late Cyprian Bhekizulu King of the Zulus on the 18th December 1988. R180-250
12 Ciskei Stationery Official Christmas card from The Republic of Ciskei Mr Justice Heath and Mrs W.H.Heath (undated). R100-125
13 Bophuthatswana Information Tour to The Republic of Bophuthatswana dated 27 April 1999 and signed by Dr WD Kotze (Ambassador). R100-125
14 Lighthouse Australia. R250
15 Box full kiloware world. R150
16 China in flat box. R200
17 Box full sheets SA. R300
18 Box post cards. R200
19 Typek box full of registered mail many Zimbabwe with sets on. R250
20 Box postage due items. (x150). R200
21 Box of pages world. R150
22 South Africa Registered envelopes mainly 1970’s-1980’s unchecked (x120) plus. R120-150
23 South Africa Registered envelopes mainly 1970’s-1980’s unchecked (x120) plus. R120-150
24 South Africa Registered envelopes mainly 1970’s-1980’s unchecked (x120) plus. R120-150
25 South Africa Registered envelopes mainly 1970’s-1980’s unchecked (x120) plus. R120-150
26 Flat Box mainly Union postmarks unsorted on and off paper. R120-150
27 Venda registered covers Vuwani 1990/3/16 and Vhufuli 1990/5/25 addressed to Johannesburg scarce. R125-150
28 South Africa EXPRESS covers 1960’s-80’s (x40) odd difficult to find. R300-350
29 Botswana SG372a fine used 7t variety bottom right catalogue value £20. (R340). R100-150
30 Lesotho marginal pair M2, SG412b white dot right of H. R50-75
31 Zimbabwe SG638 control block of (x4) showing small island off Africa, there is also SG828 51c Mushroom issue showing green dot above mushroom. Items were priced at R310. R100
32 Brazil banknotes (x10) sequential uncirculated 1 Cruzeiro notes. R35-45
33 Brazil banknotes (x10) sequential uncirculated 1 Cruzeiro notes. R35-45
34 Orange River Colony Postal order dated 1899, the postal order was for 1s6d the commission on the order was 1d. The order was purchased at Fouriesburg cost 1s7d. The postal order was presented for payment at the M.O.O (Money Order Office) Cape Town for payment on July 29 1899. Of note on the reverse is a 1d Cape stamp cancelled by the M.O.O. canceller to represent the 1d duty required when the postal order was cashed. Interesting item. R300-350
35 South Africa 1960s 1c definitive (x2) marginal blocks of (x20) showing extra perforations in top margin. R150-160
36 As above but block of (x30) showing black marks on stamps from ink not been cleaned when stamps were handled, the marks are oval in nature with a grid type appearance. R125-150
37 South Africa 2c Gold Pouring vertical strip of (x5) showing a ghost white mark effecting (x2) stamps. R125-150
38 South Africa 2c Gold Pouring vertical strip of (x10) showing thick yellow lines in margin. R125-150
39 South Africa 4c Sheep issue marginal block of (x20) with whine line running through (x9) stamps. R300-350
40 Great Britain incoming covers (x2) addressed to Alexandria Egypt. The covers were recovered from the crash site of the Imperial Airways “City of Khartoum” that crashed near Alexandria on the 31 December 1935. The (x2) incoming letters were stamped on the reverse by the receiving Alexandria canceller 2 January 1936. This pair was priced at £150-200. R1000-1200
41 Rhodesia and Nyasaland special DC8 cover Salisbury to Paris with special boxed canceller dated 16 September 1960. R100
42 Israel special flight Lod to Johannesburg, dated Lod 21 April 1955 with receiving Johannesburg canceller 24 April 1955. R100
43 KLM flights 1952 with South Africa van Riebeeck stamps and Holland van Riebeeck stamps for the return flight (x2) covers. R80
44 Box of odd files and loose documents etc price to sell mixed lot. R100
45 Box of odd files and loose documents etc price to sell mixed lot. R100
46 Box of odd files and loose documents etc price to sell mixed lot. R100
47 Box of odd files and loose documents etc price to sell mixed lot. R100
48 South Africa postcards / stationery as issued by the post office mixed selection 70’s-90’s mainly unused as issued, in small box. R100-120
49 Mandela special birthday postcard issued by Philatelic Services Pretoria unused (x5). R100
50 Ciskei early stationery card signed by L.L.Sebe (Later President) the card reads “I wish to thank you most sincerely for your congratulatory message on my election as Chief Minister of The Ciskei” signed and dated 25/11/1975. R160-180
51 South Africa Official stationery of CR Swart signed by him and addressed to a Mr van Rooyen including signed covers, the note also includes the address for Jim Fouche (ex president). R160-180
52 Transkei envelope with 15c Transkei stamp President Matanzima stuck down, below the stamp is the signature of President Matanzima dated 26/10/1976. R100-150
53 Korea (x2) banknotes uncirculated 100 and 1000 values issued 1992 and 2006. R35-45
54 Rand Daily Mail special beer mugs newspaper print (x4) three mugs in perfect condition one mug has a small chip. R80-120
55 Tristan da Cunha 1955 cover cancelled Gough Island 14 December 1955,12d rate registered to Stellenbosch South Africa. The reverse of the cover has the receiving Stellenbosch canceller dated 4 February 1956. R35-45
56 Vintage mechanical Olivetti “Dora” portable typewriter. R400-500
57 Box of odds as received, covers stamps etc. R100
58 Matjiesfontein hotel dinner menu 1960s or 1970s (dinner for 70c etc). R100
59 Small collection of rugby and football memorabilia. R150
60 Box of books. R50
61 Wotan Brand ‘electricity tokens’ (x6). R130
62 Melba Dairy plastic milk tokens – various colours (x4). R100
63 Box of documents old revenue receipts etc. R120
64 Old metal pot and old tins. R100
65 Langkloof metal cycle licences x 4. R450
66 Box of stamps and covers mixed lot. R100
67 Shipping subject related postcards (x100) plus. R380-450
68 Vintage South Africa co ‘blooing seeds’ cloth seed bag. R100
69 Cigarette cards and odd books in box. R100
70 Boy Scouts (Transvaal) ‘grand display’ 1910 – 2 x programmes. R200-250
71 Boy Scout Association 1949 1st Fairview Scout Master appointment certificate and an old Scout badge. R200-220
72 The United Arab Republic 1958-1961 small collection of (x8) items written up on (9) pages giving the history of The United Arab Republic 1958-1961, includes letters from Gamel Abdel Nasser and a stamp collector in Pretoria in the 1960’s, there is official stationed signed President Nasser (assume auto pen), stamps, business card and an official 1961 Christmas card. Short lived country scarce grouping. R700-1000
73 United States of America shipping disasters, (x2) fronts dated 20/6/1950. Of note is the label stuck down to the cover which reads United States Post Office Foreign Section Morgan Station : Delay and condition of article caused by collision of S/S Excalibur on June 27, 1950 in New York Harbour. The items were addressed to Alexandria Egypt. R300-350
74 South Africa postmarks (x2) vertical 2d Postage Due stamps and (x2) horizontal stamps cancelled Germiston Location, various dated for the year 1954. R150-200
75 South Africa Native Tax counterfoil for £1 cancelled Native Tax Commissioner Pretoria 3 October 1917, there is also a Native Tax receipt (green type) for £1 included. R300-350
76 South Africa Native Tax stationery department of Native Affairs Transvaal written in red pen and certifying that Native Mapolisa has payed Tax for 1906. The document is also cancelled by oval canceller Office of Sub Native Commissioner Hamanskraal 29 December 1906, Pretoria District. R500-600
77 Rhodesia signed photograph of Ian Smith plus (x4) incoming letters 1975 from Switzerland and Germany addressedto The Prime Minister The Hon Ian Smith Causeway address all items have the special checked G.P.S.O. canceller. R250-300
78 Book – Rudyard Kipling by Martin Fido. R150-180
79 Pear shaped brass tea pot stand. R40-50
80 Vintage ladies make up face powder dish and mirror. R150-200
81 Brook Bond trade card album – ‘wonders of wildlife’– complete set in album. R80
82 Box of old books. R50
83 Vintage Batmobile diecast car – condition very poor. R100-150
84 Vintage Pretoria Tram Company 1/2 penny tokens (x2). R250
85 Union Official stamps mainly mint in book as received pairs odd blocks. R800-1000
86 Large box covers world (odd Britian). R200
87 Box world pages. R250
88 Flat box covers and postcards in box. R50
89 Large box of covers, good thematic content worldwide. R120
90 Packet odd coins. R40
91 2x packets copper 1d coins. R50
92 Mint packs without R1..68 70 71 72 73 74. R50-100
93 Proof 1967 A mint pack. R150-200
94 Proof 1968 (red) no gold. R120-150
95 Proof 1973 (red) no gold. R120-150
96 Proof 1983 (red) no gold. R120-150
97 Proof 1990 short set. R180
98 1989 short proof set. R180
99 1988 short proof set. R250-450
100 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
101 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
102 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
103 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
104 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
105 Stamps and covers in flat box. R100
106 Box of odds. R100
107 1935 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
108 1938 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
109 1938 Booklet 2s6d complete. R250-300
110 1939 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
111 1939 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
112 1940 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
113 1942 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
114 1942 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
115 1943 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
116 1943 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
117 1944 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
118 1945 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
119 1945 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
120 1945 Booklet 3s complete. R400-500
121 1946 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
122 1946 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
123 1946 Booklet 2s complete. R250-300
124 1947 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
125 1947 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
126 1948 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
127 1949 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
128 1949 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
129 1950 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
130 1950 Booklet 2s6d complete. R250-300
131 1951 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
132 1951 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
133 1952 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
134 1952 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
135 1952 Booklet 2s6d complete. R250-300
136 1952 Booklet 5s complete. R700-800
137 1953 Booklet 6d complete. R60-70
138 1953 Booklet 1s complete. R120-150
139 South Africa small selection of postage due scarce 4c issues noted fine used. R150
140 Album odd Union blocks plus odds 1960’s period useful lot. R150
141 Swaziland mint and used sets and part sets, good value. R150
142 Botswana sets and part sets values to R2 noted, mainly used. R150
143 South West Africa 1972 SPCA “B” control blocks (x2) showing dot above cross (top left hand stamp). R50-60
144 South Africa National Park issue 3c stamp showing colour variety, 20c showing a burning bush variety (x4) positional items. R125-150
145 South Africa Thomas Baines cover 2.6 with miniature sheet tied to cover. R100
146 South Africa Union Castle 1976 cover 2.18 with green bag in cargo net variety, normal cover included for comparison. R100
147 South Africa 1976 Polo cover with canceller totally left missing stamp completely normal cover included for comparison. R100-125
148 South Africa 1977 Wine Symposium, missing DIE on cover, normal cover included for comparison. R125-150
149 Transvaal PFSA certificate number 14374, £5 reprint unused. R100
150 Transvaal PFSA certificate number 14375, £5 reprint unused. R100
151 Transvaal PFSA certificate number 14377, £5 reprint unused. R100
152 Transvaal PFSA certificate number 14378, £5 reprint unused. R100
153 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
154 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
155 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
156 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
157 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
158 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
159 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
160 Clearance Lot !!!!!!!!! R100
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